Atomic Bomb Conundrums

The Daily Bell has been publishing some thoughtful opinions on the WWII Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs dropped on the Japanese by the US. Visit the Dail Bell for further links.

The gist of the argument is that the atomic weapons may not have been deployed and that instead the target areas were firebombed in order to make it look like the atomic weapons worked.

Another puzzle is why so many experiments and detonations of nuclear weapons occurred after wards, weapon tests conducted by the US, British, French and the USSR, until the ban came into effect. In particular the French atomic tests at the Moruroa Atoll site are interesting because a New Zealand commercial airplane pilot, one Bruce Cathie, published some controversial books, Harmonic 33 etc, in which he developed his theory that the atomic detonations could only occur at specific times of the day, related to the alignment of the sun and moon etc. He also associated UFO activity with his theory.

The problem was that Cathie’s theory, while a little numerlogical and eccentric, did manage to predict the probable dates and times when a nuclear device could be detonated.

I never really understood how he achieved this, his maths being dense to start with, and I had to wait until 1989 when the proceedings of a conference were published, and which I came across at Curtin University in the early 1990’s. One of the papers presented at the conference described the experimental work of the measured alpha particle emission of plutonium 239 over a period of months; the radioactivity of the Pu-239 followed a lunar cycle, peaking when the moon was just under the horizon.  The authors attributed the variable radioactivity to gravitational effects. The fluctuations in alpha emission are called the Schnoll Effect.

The upshot of this research was that it linked to Cathie’s work, in that atomic weapons could only be detonated when, for example, the radiogenic emission peaked.  The location at which this detonation could occur also had to be calculated, a lengthy process at the time, and probably still today since we learn the US still uses 8 inch floppy disks and the associated computers to guide the silo missiles.

The observed variable radiogenic emission is more likely affected by the strength of the earth’s electric field, rather than gravity, (the implication being that gravity might also be electrical in nature), and hence powerful computer modelling is required to calculate when and where an atomic bomb could be detonated. And this is so for strategic weapons.  Tactical nuclear weapons, used solely on an ad hoc basis, could not really work, and it is probably these facts which prompted the secrecy around atomic weapons.

In short the things cannot be detonated on an ad hoc basis and are thus practically useless as a weapon since one’s opponents would also know when and where such a device could be used against them.  I suspect the weapons work in the virtual reality models the miltary invent, as well as in the theologically inspired utopias created by the various major religious faiths. But in real life? There’s a reason atomic weapons have never been used since – they cannot be used as a weapon of surprise, and that renders them totally useless.

And as the Daily Bell muses, what other game is in play? Tin foil hat time perhaps.

More importantly one must factor in the delusion factor, when belief is so strong that believers actually believe something happened, or may be foretold to happen. The Second Coming, the imminent arrival of the Mahdi, or the Messiah are examples of these delusions, and the lengths the devout will go to, to ensure that these prophecies will be fullfilled, may know no limit, especially when they also believe in a utopian spiritual after-life, where the short stay in the physical world ends up being of little consequence for those saved or chosen to live forever in a spiritual heaven or paradise.

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6 Responses to Atomic Bomb Conundrums

  1. PeterMG says:

    Now this IS interesting. The atomic raids were not when all is said and done that destructive. The fire raids were very destructive, and Curtis LeMay learnt that from Hamburg. I’m going to have to look into this.


    • The late Ralph Juergens published a paper on the Polonium dispute raised by Gentry, and as an aside discussed the role of the ambient electric field might have in nuclear stability. I was in a usenet group a decade ago and one poster there who lived in Carolina,US, mentioned that the US Navy experimental reactor experienced inexplicable power surges; my guess is severe electric field fluctuations, CME maybe?


  2. THX1138 says:

    Wow, I have been unsuccessfully trying to get people to look at this for a long time. It’s very interesting that if you want to witness an atomic bomb in person, you must either turn your back, close your eyes or wear extremely dark protective glasses equivalent to a welder’s lens, which would disqualify any witness I know of in a court of law. All of the photographic evidence of “atomic explosions”, including the one at Hiroshima, show clear evidence of fakery, and no two explosions appear the same. No additional cancer cases were ever proven beyond what cancer occurs in normal war victims caused by extreme stress and starvation in either Hiroshima or Nagasaki. “Practice” bombs consisting of huge piles of TNT were present at the initial “A-bomb” tests.

    In war, the perception of power is just as good as actual power itself, and if you can convince people that you have godlike powers, you have won the “hearts and minds” of your enemy. Nuclear bombs are a hoax, and there is a long road of evidence that supports this claim.


    • waal, the atmospheric plasma effects during the Bimini Tests by the US suggests otherwise – but explosions in the plasma domain are actually double layer collapses. Radioactive elements suddenly releasing all the unstable nucleons at once, requires an intense electric field, I suspect. And an exploding Z-pinch – which I suppose is a DL explosion? But we don’t have the energy resources to make such weapons.

      How much of it is pandering to the gullibles is another matter as well.


  3. PeterMG says:

    Just how much money are we wasting on a hoax, and what are Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Iran doing, not to mention Israel. If it were all hoax wouldn’t someone say something or do you think they don’t want to be seen to be not able to match one and other?

    It could on the other hand explain why the US is so cavalier at present with the world, and would explain why its almost impossible to science to see sense over physics. I just attempted to watch Horizon on the BBC about the discovery of a new partial at CERN. Had to switch it off as it was not informative but more about scientist salivating over the LHC and developing new theories to accommodate the new particle, quite pathetic really. .


    • I’m beginning to view it as an entrenched belief system that’s been set like concrete. I don’t think it’s a cover up either, otherwise someone would have blabbed by now. No, it’s like gravity – it is thoroughly fused into many physicists brains and an axiom and thus unchallengeable. It’s basically religion when all is said and done – the deference to authority come what may, and when such minds are in charge of science, then it’s no longer science but a paradigm that has to be maintained. And I would not ignore the role of stupidity in all this either – watch the movie “The Big Short” – remember science is now government controlled, and those who can’t hack the real world end up in government.

      Reading a lot of the nuclear accidents etc, I note there is a serious lack of understanding of what light-water reactors are where water is the moderator, and such machines can’t produce weapons grade waste. However the military reactors using graphite as a moderator, and when they fail, you get a Chernobyl. Most people seem to think nuclear reactors are all the same, but they are not. When a light water reactor goes critical and boils all its water, it loses the moderator, and the fission stops. What is left is the remnant core heat which lasts for a while.

      Just read what the media prints about climate change and nuclear topics – they seem to be clueless, as are their sources. I had to deal with young Australian academics in the m mining industry when I edited AIG News, and that’s when I realised that these people actually believe all this climate claptrap.The sincerity is palpable, and which caused me to realise it wasn’t a big con game, but simply scientific ignorance. They simply do not understand how, let alone why, they think. And that’s the problem.

      Which is why I am now not writing a book or paper for publication anymore – the world changes, and one has to change with it. Remember that all scientific theories are intrinsically false since they are framed by the process of incomplete knowledge. When the religious involve themselves in science they unfortunately bring along their thinking habits and tend to then apply those thinking patterns to the science turning Newton’s Law of gravitation into an axiom.

      The LHC at CERN is simply technically sophisticated religion at work.

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