Losers ?

So Jay Michaelson, writing in the Jewish publication “Forward” on Donald Trump’s attitude to ‘Losers’ concludes:

Judaism is proudly the religion of losers. It is a faith, and now a culture, of people who remind themselves every year — every day, even — that they were slaves, that might doesn’t make right, and that while it is human nature for the weak to bully the weaker, it is our divine nature to rise above it.

(H/T Gilad Atzmon)

So the Judaians are divine and losers? And were slaves, already?

Fact is they still remain slaves, shackled to their religion based on the fear of Jaweh or Jehova, then a Velikovskian externality but now a theological abstraction submerged in a suppressed collective memory that periodically resurfaces, in predictable lefty fashion, as always being the victim, never considering the possiblity that maybe, just maybe their historical and present-day plight might have something to with their attitude and behaviour to the rest of humanity, than to some one elses behaviour being the cause of their self-inflicted misery.

Of course any survivors of any natural global catastrophe would finally conclude that they survived because they were ‘chosen’; but so too the survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs – those survivors too came to realise that they must have been chosen to survive, rather than being the recipients of pure luck.

But to assert Jews are divine? Implying the rest of us are not?

Tel Aviv, (Houston), we have a problem.

As the latest Star Wars movie suggested, with an awakening of the force, so too perhaps an awakening is also occurring among the goyim, and this is being observed in the Donald’s growing support among the ‘white, undereducated men who have been left behind by technology, globalisation and the attendant erosion of America’s manufacturing base’.

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Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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