Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) Crisis ?

There’s a new paper out in the EU journal “Room – The Space Journal” titled “Our changing world and the mounting risk of a calamitous solar storm”, by Joseph N. Pelton of the IAASS, subscription only. (I’m no longer linking to EU sites in light of their proposal to tax linked url’s, so it’s up to the reader to chase up the citation for extra information).

The reason for this fear of a CME collision is based on the observation that the geomagnetic field’s ‘poles’ are shifting and from computer modelling anticipated to weaken significantly, reducing the protection the geomagnetic field gives us from CME’s like the Carrington Event of 1859. Apparently fear of a bolide collision also exists, and external instrumentation (satellites) are in place to detect any cosmic bolide’s possible collision with the Earth, based on the belief that a large cosmic bolide impact caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 millions of years ago.

A direct CME hit would probably overwhelm the Earth’s geomagnetic field but what was the geomagnetic field doing during 1859? Is there any data for that period of time?

The theory has a problem, however: the actual mechanism of the generation of the geomagnetic field. Is it internally produced by a yet to be observed dynamo mechanism, or is it produced externally by the co-rotating Van Allen belts?

In anycase moving poles does not necessarily mean weakening of the field. Except that this weakening is projected from the computer modelling that is based on the dynamo model.

But there seems another game in play – manufacturing an impending disaster that requires massive expenditures to mitigate the impending global catastrophe with an enormous space-engineering project to protect the Earth. The proposal includes the following goals:

  • Create an artificial Van Allen ‘electro- magnetic shield’ that could protect Earth against a major solar coronal mass ejection that could otherwise have a crippling impact on the global economy and risk injury, illness or death to perhaps millions of people.
  • Create a modulation system for solar radiation that could help slow or reduce climate change due to the source of energy that heats our planet and controls our climate.
  • In creating a large magnetic shield system, we could also design-in solar power satellites that could beam back clean energy to Earth that could assist with the financing of the solar shield system.
  • Finally, the structure that is designed could also be multi-functional in concept and become an effective way-station for efficient transportation to other points in the Solar System such as the Moon, Mars, or asteroids. The advantage of such a way-station is that the low gravitational pull at L-1 is such that highly efficient electrical propulsion systems could be used for travel from L-1 to any point in the Solar System.

The problem is based on our understanding of the geomagnetic field, but if the geomagnetic field is actually formed by the Van Allen Belts, as a solenoid type of mechanism that is easily reproduced in the laboratory, then our fear might be misplaced.

What is not fully understood is why the geomagnetic flips over, north replacing south and vice versa.

If the geomagnetic field is driven by electric currents then the electric sun model might be a useful starting point.


This model is proposed by Prof. Don Scott to explain the changing polarity of sun-spots, and the crucial fact is that waxing and waning polar Birkeland currents, increase and decrease in strength, causing sympathetic changes in the secondary (and tertiary) currents that systematically reverse polarity.  This model could also be applied to the Earth.

Another fact that needs to be kept in mind is ‘scale’. Hannes Alfven estimated that plasma phenomena can be scaled upwards to perhaps 10^14 ? perhaps even more. So on our earthly scale a diurnal electric current that fluctuates with the Earth’s rotation can be considered an alternating current (AC). But if we scale up to say a solar system dimension, and its rotation is measured in 100,000 year periods, with corresponding AC electric currents, then in our observational life span we will only be measuring parts of one cycle and conclude that it is a direct current (DC) and not an AC current.

Further insights to this problem can be gained from Dr. Michael Clarage’s presentations at the various conferences, (again easy to locate on the internet).

But should we be fearful of another global catastrophe as envisaged by the Room paper? And where does this fear originate in the first place? Until science starts to accept our catastrophic history as related by our ancestors, which then leads to a reappraisal of geo and astrophysics via the theories of plasma physics and electrical engineeering, we will continue to waste massive amounts of money on hare-brained schemes such as climate change mitigation, and the ideas floated in the Room paper examined here.

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