South Australia Blackout

So on Wednesday 28th of September, 2016 South Australia experienced a violent electrical and rain storm that basically turned the State’s power off.  Who to blame? What to blame?

Climate sceptics fire salvos at their bete-noires while the Climateers blamed global warming, or climate change. Reports of transmission cables distorted into twisted licorice shapes was explained by high velocity winds, while blogger Don Aitkin reported horizontally driven rain, among other observations.

ABC News reported that two tornados destroyed three elements of the critical infrastructure causing the system to closing down to protect itself.

Was it predictable? A mid latitude cyclone was forecast and expected to reach landfall about midday, though its severity was recognised. Essentially it was one of the biggest low pressure systems BoM forecaster Mark Analak had ever seen.

So what caused it? The weather event that is.

As far as the Australian Climate Change Authorty was concerned it was a preview of climate change,

It was a “disturbing preview of what’s likely to come if Australia fails to act on climate change”, council member Will Steffen claimed” Source


Instead SpaceWeatherLive predicted a massive CME, or enhanced solar wind, event could arrive approximately 3 days at the Earth and had the potential to affect communications and even electricity supplies. This warning was made on the 26th September, 2016, some 3 days before the SA event mentioned above.

For those of us who use the physics of the plasma and electric universe theory, weather is the physical behaviour of the Earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere to variations in the Sun’s electrical output as exemplied by the solar wind, and coronal mass ejections, the latest of which caused the massive storms affecting South Australia.

Climate change has simply nothing to do with it.

Update: And there’s also a hurricane forming off the US Coast – related you think?

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Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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