Climate Capers

One of the problems with climate science is thhe ignorance of plasma physics.  For example geologist David Archibald recently posted an essay on the Watts Up With That site; he wrote this sentence

We know what causes individual sunspots – something to do with magnetic flux tubes rising to the solar surface due to bouyancy.

Magnetic flux tues? Rising from the Sun’s interior to ‘bubble’ up at the photosphere? And these sunspots are also restricted to the solar equator, give or take and few latitude limits.

The problem climate science has is that it doesn’t understand solar physics, and believes that the TSI or solar brightness is the principal physical engine driving the energy flux into the Earth.  It’s like thinking that an automobile’s speedo is the principal driver of the energy, an analog of TSI, brighter it gets more power, dimmer, less power. They don’t know that the brightness variation is caused  by the modulation of the galactic electric currents powering the sun, and indirectly, the Earth. As for the term ‘magnetic flux tube’, a field aligned electric current in space plasma (the Sun is all plasma) appears to have a skinny tube of a magnetic field along it, but that field is caused by the twisting and rotating electric currents; the problem is that climate science doesn’t think of electric currents being the primary energy driver in the Sun or Earth.

So when sunspot activity is high, as Meton discovered, the weather tends to be wetter and rainer.

So here’s my explanation – surges in solar protons along the Solar electrical circuit, as evidenced by sunspots which are electric discharges, will cause surges in protons entering the Earth system.

I suspect that rain is over protonised water and the means by which protons get to the Earth’s surface from the Ionosphere. Rainwater has low pH or excess protons, not due to dissolved CO2, for which there is no chemical support, (at least in the various CSIRO chemical analyses of Australian rainwater), so rains are showers of protons impacting onto the phjysical Earth.

And the more protons that arrive at the Earth would cause water to assume higher energy states, or ‘order’, and metamorphose into ice. Which implies that ice ages are caused by massive surges in the solar electric circuit.

Climate is controlled by the Sun, just not by its radiation which is sort of like an ammeter gauge where the primitives think that its the moving needle (varying TSI) that’s causing the change, when in fact its the ‘hidden’ massive electric currents actually causing the change in the weather.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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