Asthmatic Thunderclouds

I didn’t really believe the news reported by the Australian ABC about some people dying from asthma due to a thunderstorms in Victoria, but as the item was being persistently repeated, thought it wise to query the internet and yes, it’s true, with 8,500 people being affected.

But on reading the ABC report you get the impression that we don’t know what causes it.  This is not surprising since mainstream science is not too aware that we live in an electric universe in which the dominant force is electricity.  The article images show a typical dark grey thundercloud and a clue to what happened was described by a Melbourne man David McGann who described the condition as feeling “like and elephant had his foot on my chest”.  This is similar to diving in the ocean to great depths where the water pressure limits one’s ability breath, but in the case here we would be dealing with high atmospheric pressure.

I’ve experienced this myself from time to time and realised that high atmospheric pressures could be caused by an abnormal quantity of positive electric charge overhead. Blood pressure should also be observed to increase as the heart would be trying to compensate for the higher atmospheric pressure.

High pressure atmospheric cells are, in the EU model, caused by a localised increase in positive electric charge that is attracted to the Earth’s surface negative electric charge.  Thunderstorm clouds are simply proton saturated water vapour, and it is this large overhead electric charge that increases the atmospheric pressure, and hence causing breathing difficulties in sensitive people. Such clouds are also lightning prone and as well as having breathing difficulties one might have the misfortune of also being terminated by a lightning bolt; shit happens, you know.

The standard explanation is that the heavy rain caused rye grass pollen to flower creating smaller particles that are believed to become trapped in our lungs causing the asthma. Maybe. I would merely note that Spaceweather reported a weak CME and coronal hole at the time, so I would suspect that the bout of asthma attacks might have been triggered by that event which would have caused a surge in solar protons through the earth system, causing the formation of abnormal high pressure cells over dense human populations. Similar cells out in the boondocks would not be noticed in the urban areas.

Update 4 Dec 2016: So last night there was another “asthma thunderstorm  “ warning and apparently restricted to Melbourne. There is also an association with airborne rye pollen. There’s more to this phenomenon than meets the eye.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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