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I had not known the Jewish religion rejects the process of cremation. This is not unusual but for adherents of a religious faith that bans cremation, I would not expect, Jews in this case, to be wise in the ways of crematoria procedures; cremation is, I have discovered, a fairly technical process requiring constant observation of the crematory machines.  Like all thermal devices designed to operate at high temperatures, ceramic linings need to be replaced at specified intervals, and thermal ignition and disposal of the “charge” takes some time.  It helps comprehension that the human body is principally water (~90%wt).  In short, cremation is not an ad hoc process but quite a feat of engineering.  It is no different to other engineering problems involving large numbers of commodity and efficient and safe operation.

So I would expect illiterate country folk ignorant of the workings of crematoria not to understand the workings of such places; (most urbanised peoples don’t either I have subsequently discovered).  And I would fully expect old-wives tales and folklore to supply a ready number of incredible stories involving immolation of humans etc..

But more interesting is where this proscription of cremation first originated. Hell is, after all, the immolation of sinful humans.

Youtube occasionally publishes pertinent views and one which struck me was the personal account of a Pakistani man, a Muslim, who went through a near death experience. The man died in hospital but was recovered. What he saw was that he was in a literal hell. The rest of the video goes into Christian imagery that is neither here nor there.  But what I find interesting in the Velikovskian sense is that this Muslim man seems to have tapped into a racial memory of humanity, of a time when humans were literally burned in a hell fire.


That hellfire had to be a physical fact and a coronal mass ejection (CME) of even greater size than the 1856 CE Carrington event, perhaps in conjunction with the comet of Justinian, could have supplied that fire. It is noteworthy that many European towns and villages contain “Dark Earth” produced by intense fires.  Often these dark earth layers directly overlie Roman settlements, including roman coins. These dark earths are early medieval or dark Middle Age.

And globally we have the large areas of chernozems and dark earth strata, indicative of a fiery origin leaving behind soils or deposits rich in organic matter and carbon. Some of those dark earth’s are attributed to the Younger Dryas event, but I would put that event as post Roman, or middle age.

Remember that Islam appeared out of the mists of the middle Dark Age of the 1st millennium during which Gunnar Heinsohn has identified some 700 years of phantom history.  What seems likely is that the earth experienced a global climatic catastrophe caused by a massive CME, the memory of which we have, as a species, tried to suppress but which occasionally surfaces like the interesting experience of the Pakistani muslim related above.

It may also be this memory of a hellish burning from the impact of a CME or similar mediated by a comet that resulted in the jewish people rejecting cremation.

I have friends who also had unusual hallucinations or memories, and we must understand that ultimately all thoughts are ultimately derived from real physical memories. Providing no drugs were used to generate those memories, perhaps what our ancestors related in their ancient texts actually happened. That people were indeed burnt as related in the Old Testament and other 3rd world country aboriginal tales can now be explained. Even the Australian Aboriginals relate a time when the Borealis Australis killed all their peoples; I suggested this event occurred during the Roman Termination Event, the Comet of Justinian.

The widespread occurrence of Dark Earth, vitrified rocks and artefacts suggest that not so long ago the Earth experienced a monstrous global firestorm, a literal hell, that terminated the Roman period, and led to the Dark Middle Ages from which we are still recovering from.

The belief in a hell and heaven has to have real physical antecedents. Whether these past calamities might be repeated is unknown, but it was Velokovsky’s insight as a psychoanalyst that what he feared most was humankind not coming to grips with its horrific, hellish past as alluded above. And as he recognised in his medical practice, victims of trauma tend to re-enact their traumas in order to understand it. In the case here it seems humanity is, in a collective sense, re-enacting those times.

But we must also remember that religion does not change under the light of new data or insights.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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