Electrons are Vortices in the Aether ?

One of the mysteries of the solar wind is how protons AND electrons travel in the same direction in the electric field.

In the model of the atom we have a nucleus, the proton, and a cloud (how one electron can form a cloud is mysterious) of electron(s).

In an electric field protons go to the cathode, and electrons to the anode. In the laboratory cathode ray tube model.

In space this does not happen.

So maybe we assume the aether and as protons spin, could it be that electrons are actually vortices formed by the proton spinning in the aether?

Then protons whizzing out of the Sun would be dragging their associated electrons with them.


Apologies if I think too much.

Update: Nothing new under the sun – it’s called the wave theory of matter.

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7 Responses to Electrons are Vortices in the Aether ?

  1. thx1138 says:

    According to Milo Wolff and the Wave Structure of Matter:

    There are no particles in the sense of a discrete something at their center analogous to a grain of sand nor is there any point particle concept. However, there are electrons, protons and neutrons. These are made up of concentric spherical waves. A spherical in-wave moves inward toward the center, undergoes spherical rotation and then moves outward from the center as a spherical out-wave. Combined, their amplitudes add up to a spherical standing wave. It is impossible to say where the electron starts and ends since it is made up of only these waves and these waves potentially propagate endlessly. Also, a portion of the out-wave of one electron is a portion of the in-wave of another electron, so even the boundary between electrons is hard to define.

    The terms wave-center and spherical resonance are more suited to the WSM model than particle as wave-center refers to the location where the in-wave undergoes spherical rotation to become the out-wave. It is also this wave-center that moves, that gives the appearance of mass in the influence of gravity, has momentum, … The term particle can be used to mean this wave-center as long as it is understood that there are no discrete particles.

    The wave structure of matter (WSM) model looks at the universe using only waves. As any useful model must, it explains many things that previously were puzzles or considered just weird such as the question of are they waves or are they particles, how particles attract and repel each other…


    What is the Wave Structure of Matter? It is very simple: It is a description of how waves in quantum space form all the matter of the Universe. Space and its two properties are the origin of everything in the Universe – matter – energy – life. How does this happen? It is because space is the single entity that is fundamental to the Universe. It has not been recognized until recently because space is a quantum space. Before then philosophers and scientists mistakenly sought fundamental entities as a zoo of material particles. These were not only wrong they were not simple. When you replace the notion of discrete material particles with wave structures in space the simplicity appears. In short, there are no particles – only waves


    • Thanks for that. Very difficult being knowledgeable about things that only exist in the imagination but which one cannot actually see as a discrete ‘object’.

      So there is nothing new under the sun.


    • There is another way of looking at it. Looking at an incandescent electric light bulb switched on results in a coherent glowing filament of metal. Except this apparent coherent image is actually, in Australia, switching on and off 50 times a second. This is called the critical fusion frequency of vision. So if our fusion frequency was, say, 500 MHz, then nothing would appear solid and our consciousness, whatever it is, would be hanging in ‘space’.

      So when we see the coherent lighted filament we see an object, and when it is off, the object disappears, assuming we are in total darkness.

      just saying.


    • Got it, but reading his articles etc I notice the lack of any link to plasma theory despite citing Eric Lerner’s 1992 seminal book. Probably because of mathematitus syndrome.

      Back to more earthly issues.


  2. Don Kress says:

    For a model of matter that was developed by two Monsanto chemists and actually predicted reactions that were patented and profitably commercially exploited by Monsanto:
    The two chemists have passed but one son, Pete Schumacher responded to some of my questions I posed.
    Spoiler alert: The Bohr model is said to be wrong and they assume the electron is stationary at positions around the nucleus that satisfy geometric symmetry.
    (I assume when you said ‘wave theory’ you are not referring to the same theory as I am here)



  3. “So maybe we assume the aether and as protons spin, could it be that electrons are actually vortices formed by the proton spinning in the aether?”

    I’ve heard worse suggestions.


    • The problem is explaining how protons and electrons travel in the same direction in the solar electric field. This should not be possible but it is observed. So I was thinking maybe electron waves are interference patterns caused by spinning protons? Much “fun” can be had describing things no one can see, especially if they are thought of being objective things, or extending our objective 3D world view to the atomic domain.


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