Climate Change – Fake Science

Part 1 of a discussion about science, plasma physics and climate change

Part 2

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One Response to Climate Change – Fake Science

  1. Don Kress says:

    As seen in the :
    HELD ON OCTOBER 28th, I908, AT
    F. W. LEVANDER, F.R.A.S., President in the Chair, delivered his address in which it is quoted:

    “The physical structure of the universe has for ages exercised the reasoning faculty of man, resulting in the introduction of various systems, each generally exhibiting some distinct advance on its predecessors. At the close of the eighteenth century these culminated in the presentation to the world of Laplace’s celebrated ” Nebular Hypothesis,” which for many years held undisputed
    sway. But, as its author himself said, it was published “with the distrust which should be inspired by everything that is not the result of observation or calculation.”

    Laplace had the integrity to state that data and observations must drive science. The nebular hypothesis is today revered as ‘written in stone’ and an ultimate truth. However, such a statement was made by Laplace in the belief that the data and observations were sacrosanct. He could not have imagined the chicanery and goings-on of the present day.

    What are we to do when today’s establishments of science are forging the data by trickery such as ‘normalizations’, ‘adjustments’ and other such nonsense? Climate ‘science’ is just such an example of trickery and deceit.


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