Geological Chronology and Time

I keep forgetting that mainstream science is divided by chronological disputation into two major camps – short and long chronologists. 

The short-chronologists are the religious fundamentalists who assume their holy authority is perfect and that therefore what is written in the Old Testament or holy book(s) is literally true.

The long-chronologists are secular fundamentalists, or liberal theologists, who reject the idea that the Old Testament and Talmud etc are authentic codes and instead are interpreted as variants of literature and allegories.

Both camps have a profound belief in Creation, a process by which via some or other miracle something (our universe) was formed from nothing either a short time ago if one is a biblical literalist, or a long time ago if one is a biblical liberalist.

I identify with neither camp but assume the universe has always existed, thus rejecting creationism in its entirety.  I lean towards the scientific exegesis involving the principles of the Plasma Universe and Electric Universe model.

I do not confuse the ego that is created by the process of thought with consciousness on which it is constructed by the brain.

Life has always existed.

I therefore do not have the difficult task of explaining how life appeared from inanimate matter, itself the result of a previous miracle.

In a philosophical sense I reject the ideas that the means determine the ends, or the ends, the means; rather the means are the ends.

This is described as linear thinking and a peculiar occidental characteristic. The alternative oriental approach is cyclical in which physical reality is interpreted as the process of perpetual wheels in wheels in wheels in which life is continuously forming and reforming with no start and no end.

In this world-view there is no beginning nor no end, just life recycling itself into different and new forms dependent on the particular physical environment.

Observation of active geological processes, such as the rapid formation of boulders and beach sands on the recently formed volcanic island of Surtsey off Iceland, exploding volcanoes, etc., might lend support of the short chronologists, but that would be a mistake, and comes about from forcing the scientific method to be compatible with pre-existing religious beliefs.

Obviously I am irreligious and unsupportive of both long and short chronologies.

I’m a liberal Velikovskian in the sense that his ideas, at the time, based on the the information of that time, were technically correct but that with the discovery of new facts and data over time, some of his theories were falsified while others verified. Such is the nature of science that is always a corpus of provisional rules and theories compatible with existing knowledge. All scientific theories become modified when new data contradict existing theory, and the scientists then change their minds; the religious and dogmatists/ideologues don’t and instead find themselves stalled in intellectual culture-de-sacs of their own making.  Cul-de-sac’king becomes easier when physical experience no longer becomes a requisite for experiment, and one becomes proficient in thought-experimentation.

Geological Uniformitarianism is thus the explanation of the formation of geological structures over infinite time, and biological evolution is simply creation stretched beyond reasonableness.


The sense of time I use is simple, and putting it into the psychological sense of yesterday, today and tomorrow, the following relationship is assumed:

NO DATA —> The Present and all that matters —> NO DATA, where the arrows represent the direction of time.

This is in complete contrast with the existing world-view that assumes:

Creation from nihilo —> appearance of matter —> short time or long time —> the present —> heaven, paradise, utopia, the future.

(NO DATA does not mean nothing.)

It is important to realise that the process of thinking involves memorising sounds that represent words which are then concatenated via rules into ideas.  Thoughts are always memories and the future is simply the extension of the past into the future. The mind cannot conceive of the future since its tool, the process of thinking, is always comprised of the past, or memories.

Decades ago I found myself in yet another mining exploration industry bust period when, like many of my peers, I had to resort to other means by which to put food on the table. Fresh with the discoveries of diamond indicator minerals at Kununurra in the West Australian Kimberley, as well as anachronistic anthropological data of tribal aborigines having knowledge of Proterozoic (1,100 Ma) geology,  I wondered whether I might find funds to continue the research. Megan Clarke, then senior research geologist for WMC limited, my former employer, averred that they were not allowed to think as I did, and hence could not support me.

The long time chronologists are right that the short term chronologists have no scientific basis for their ideas, but that’s only because both camps use a limited set of tools. Those of us who have wandered into the electric plasma paddock have an extra tool, gemagnetohydrodynamics, or the physics of electrified plasma in a geological sense. Conventional geology limits itself to radioactivity as the source of energy, and water and wind to explain the rest. In the geoplasma field, we add geomagnetohydrodynamics. With this additional tool much becomes explicable.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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7 Responses to Geological Chronology and Time

  1. Don Kress says:

    Geomagnetohydrodynamics. Interesting….

    You might enjoy this:
    In an article in the Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal they call this graphite deposit a ‘freak of nature’ and claim it was caused by volcanism.
    “a billion years ago, there was a rifting environment here. We are on a major suture or fault zone that was part of the mid-continent rifting and that conduit tapped the mantle. The carbon came up in the form of CO2 and CH4 and crystallized into what it is today: pure crystalline fine grained carbon” according to Dr. Conly of Lakehead University.

    The deposit is on a major fault zone; just where one might expect an electrical event to occur. I can send you a photo of the article if you wish. Looks to me like a bit more energy input and that Birkeland current might have produced a diamond deposit rather than graphite. Would you agree?

    Living in Sudbury, on the edge of one of the largest Ni Cu PGM sulphide deposits in the world, I have often wondered if application of EU principles as another tool in the toolbox might improve the chance of success with exploration targets. I have been told by knowledgeable people that some of the ore bodies being found in existing mines containing platinum group metals, they are finding by accident. Their models are not predictive of where the ore bodies ought to be.
    The Sudbury Irruptive Complex is a distorted ovoid shaped structure that seemingly defies explanation. At least hundreds of papers and studies have been written and conducted trying to nail down the origin of the SIC and how the ore bodies formed. At first it was volcanic, then in the 1960s shatter cones were discovered and the meteoric impact origin hypothesis seemed to gain the upper hand and is now favoured as ‘concensus’ opinion. Lately some researchers from the local university waded in and said it was a ‘comet’. The bolide hypothesis rules for now but cannot fully explain all observations. The volcano camp points out observations that ought to falsify the meteor hypothesis but more and more complexity and series of events are simply scaffolded onto the idea in an attempt to explain the falsifying observations. This tug of war has been going on for more than a century.
    The SIC is smack on the border between the Superior Province and the Southern Province. The latter seems squeezed between the Grenville and Superior.
    Various bolide origin proponents do not seem to pay much attention to this “coincidence”. The Temagami magnetic anomaly, which is an ovoid, is also on the edge of the Superior Province as is Lake Wanapitae. The two latter mentioned features are also supposed to be meteor impacts that are not related to the SIC.
    The SIC shows magnetic anomalies as does the Temagami. I wonder if they are related. The Temagami anomaly is largely unexplored and undeveloped. Plenty of mining claims though.
    I have seen surface features on Google Earth such as the San Rafael Swell (a feature in Utah with two ovoids) which remind me of the SIC and Temagami. They could be cousins as Michael Steinbacher (R.I.P.) of EU Geology would have said.
    Sudbury Canada


    • The intriguing fact is the invocation of CO2 and CH4 from the mantle 1 billion years ago – flatly contradicting the mainstream model of biotic carbon. CH4 is especially a red-herring.

      I’ll have a closer look later on but these notes are great!

      Thank you!


      • Don Kress says:

        here is the article

        On Mar 27, 2017 10:05 PM, “Louis Hissink’s Crazy World” wrote:

        > Louis Hissink commented: “The intriguing fact is the invocation of CO2 and > CH4 from the mantle 1 billion years ago – flatly contradicting the > mainstream model of biotic carbon. CH4 is especially a red-herring. I’ll > have a closer look later on but these notes are great! Thank you” >


    • Incidentally I spent quite a few of my early professional career at the Kambada nickel mines near Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Sudbury was then as now one peculiar deposit.


      • Don Kress says:


        As coincidence would have it I was just posting a comment to Peter Mungo Jupp Mungo flicks website regarding features on the floor of Hudson Bay. I thought that he might be interested for an upcoming video. if you Google the following

        Imaging pockmarks and ring like features in Hudson Bay from multibeam bathymetry data

        the first hit is the PDF from the Geological Survey of Canada. It appears to me that there is definitely something electrical that occurred in Hudson Bay and probably the entire Canadian Shield Don

        On Mar 27, 2017 10:12 PM, “Louis Hissink’s Crazy World” wrote:

        > Louis Hissink commented: “Incidentally I spent quite a few of my early > professional career at the Kambada nickel mines near Kalgoorlie, Western > Australia. Sudbury was then as now one peculiar deposit.” >


      • Peter is hard to contact at present – not sure where he is as well. He occasionally comments on Malaga Bay blog.


      • Sudbury would probably be an old discharge site now partially eroded though I would first of all check the local aboriginal stories about it.


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