Einstein’s Disunified Field Problem

Albert Einstein was alleged to have spent his last days trying to establish a unified field theorem incorporating electromagnetics and gravity.  He failed, and no one else will succeed either because of one problem.

The difference in magnitude between the gravitational force and the electrical force is some 10^39, gravity being the weaker force. Numerically this may be expressed as:


where the integer portion is the electrical force and the decimal part, 38 zeros followed by 1, the gravitational. Fluctuations in the gravity component will not be discernible as motion by an apparatus designed to measure the electrical component.

It is generally accepted that 99.997% of the visible universe is comprised of matter in the plasma state.  This means that 0.003% of the visible universe is comprised of electrically neutral matter that obeys, so it is believed, Newton’s law of gravity.

Astute readers might note a slight issue with this situation.

We also know that the gravitational force acts instantaneously at all dimensions: which means it is not observable, and hence not measureable, in the time domain.  This means that gravity waves are not observable in time.

Pregnant Pause.

Modeling of the 3 body problem using computer programs cannot describe Newtonian gravitational motion because computer software operates strictly in the time domain in a strictly linear fashion. Computer software involves lines of code executed sequentially.

Another Pregnant Pause.

If gravity is instantaneous, then there cannot be any motion as each and very object in the universe will be acted on at the same time by every other object following Newton’s laws of motion.  Motion occurs in the time domain and indeed only perceptible in the time domain. Hence in a purely gravitational universe there will be no motion observed.

Which means that Newton’s insight that a body attracts another body is simply the logical fallacy of arguing the consequent.

It is significant that Coulomb’s law is identical in form to Newton’s gravitational equation.

Gravity : F = Gxm1xm2/d^2 – decimal portion of above number

Coulomb : F = Qxq1xq2/d^2 – integer portion of above number

We know Newton’s Law of gravity and motion works within our solar system.

We do not know, however, whether it works beyond the solar system empirically.

And we also know from AJ Peratt’s work using PIC simulation of EM that spiral galaxies are explained using plasma physics incorporating Maxwell’s equations etc..; gravity was ignored.

As Einstein was a mathematician, all of his efforts were spent working out the physics of his imaginative universe. It certainly was not of the real physical universe  he lived in.

We also know that the planets of our solar system do not obey the Faraday motor principle operating in the Peratt models.

This is probably because our own solar system may have only arrived at its present topology some 1000 or so years ago, during the Middle Dark Ages, and is presently in the throes of dynamically re-equilibrating the various orbits to the final Faraday motor geometry from the existing, temporary, Newtonian geometry.

There is a unified field theorem and it doesn’t include gravity because the objects on which this theory are based, the planets of our solar system, are not in dynamical equilibrium. It’s why big gee,G, is not a constant as noted by Rupert Sheldrake.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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