Iron Age Madness

Gilad Atzmon pointed to an interesting bedtime story written for him by a reader, one Taxi, of his writings. It was written in response to the wondering where ‘choseness’ and a ‘vengeful god’ came from.  This story inadvertently focuses on paganism and its cultural excesses, but the story does not involve explaining why the various pagan tribes behaved so differently.  Velikovsky did, however, so assuming his scenario is reasonable, we could offer an explanation for why humans were so aberrant in behaviour during the Bronze and Iron Ages, and dare I say it, Middle Ages of our Era.

Humanity everywhere recalls a period of bliss, of a lost paradise the longing for which has not dissipated over time. This old garden of eden meme probably was based on an Earth orbiting a different sun, Saturn is the Thunderbolt Group’s guess, in which a proliferation of life existed compatible with the climatic and environmental conditions. Humans were one of many species, and presumably then did not think but acted spontaneously to instinct.  Sexual promiscuity would not have existed as humans, then, would have engaged in the sex act only triggered by natural urges, similar to what all other species to this day do.  Then something happened and my guess is that a plasma system instability occurred that forever changed things. Then the Earth might have been the companion of a dwarf star which, because of the ever-changing physical environment of the universe, started to change its behaviour for whatever reason.

For the Earth’s biosphere things changed drastically.  It might be useful to assume that before the Saturnian Event, the earth was a tropical paradise in which all the species lived in symbiotic relationships, with an abundance of food. Utopia in other words. This Utopia was party crashed probably by plasma interactions between the Earth and some errant cosmic interloper or as the break-up of the Saturnian configuration as proposed by Talbot and others of the group. The net effect for humans experiencing this event would involve them suddenly being cast into a wilderness without food and water and faced with the struggle to survive – the beginning of the stone age which also saw the slow development of human thought.  In this scenario the brain action of thinking is assumed to be a peculiar attribute of humanoids, and which the very act of recollecting past memories of traumas caused them to temporarily isolate themselves from the awfulness of physical existence by escaping into their newly discovered imaginal world of the mind.

In order to survive humans then gathered around in small tribal family groups and probably as described by Taxi linked above. The pagan sexual excesses could be interpreted as a species hell bent on ensuring enough people were procreated to survive the next catastrophe that they themselves had survived. Purely animalistic misbehaviour driven by over-excited brains solely focussed on survival.  No longer having abundant food resources, humans started to plunder and pillage their fellow tribal groups, while other tribal groups might have started growing crops etc. It is also plausible that the survivors of the initial global catastrophe that wrecked the Biological Utopia were few in number as scattered remnants of humanity. Given the gradual appearance of the thinking process, these post-utopian humans would have explained their survival as the result of being chosen by whatever the prodigy in the heavens was, and which in the following pagan times, the planetary gods.

Julian Jaynes writing in his only book “The Origin Of Consciousness In The Break Down Of The Bicameral Mind” suggests that humans only became ‘conscious’ when the duality of the observer and the observed occurred some 3000 years in the standard chronology. Consciousness as we think we understand it is essentially the operation of the brain’s memory process and the development of the Ego via which we self-identify as the I, Ego, Observer, as more thoroughly treated by the Krishnamurtis, J and U.G, (no family relationship), so I won’t go into it here except to suggest that with the appearance of the ego, or the Id, the me, that the abstract concept of God also appeared as described by Taxi.

Cutting to the chase, it seems that Choseness is a normal reaction of those who survived some monumental geological catastrophe, and that the invention of the abstraction God was linked to the development of the Ego.

It is crucial one understands that God only exists when the Ego, the I, exists, creating the duality of me and an other. So when the brain stops thinking, which it does when one is sound asleep, then God ceases to exist as well, as God only exists while I the observer exists.

It also seems plausible that the development of abstract thought, as proposed by Jaynes, coincided with the tail end of the planetary wars proposed by Velikovsky, the last of which was during approx. 700 BC after which the solar system seemed to have settled down in its present state. This seems to have allowed the global development of not only the Greek and Roman civilisations, but also the other human civilisations in the Americas and Pacific Rim, until another global catastrophe occurred that caused the collapse of the Roman Empire, Pre-Columbian civilisation in the Americas etc., out of which both Islam and Christianity appeared.

The global urge to implement global socialism is merely the reaction of psychologically damaged humans who, in the thrall of their own imagined gods, believe that the reconstruction of an ecological utopian bliss of pre-Saturnian times will solve our present-day problems.

What they don’t understand is that the biological utopia then involved nonthinking humanoids, the modern equivalent of having now a human society totally comprised of robots. Robots don’t think, of course, but sadly, we have learnt to think so a return to the unthinking state is no longer possible. Nor is the return to the idyllic utopia of pre-Saturn times.  The liberals and progressives simply don’t understand that the genie is out of the bottle, and there is nothing they can do about it.

It’s those who believe they have been chosen, or saved, to implement a new utopia on earth who are the problem of our present day political travails.  They are the problem because they have removed themselves from the physical reality that were actually live in to the imaginal world of their religion(s).

Velikovsky averred that originally the Arabs and Jews were Venus worshippers.  One interpretation might be that Venus appeared briefly as the Comet of Justinian during the Middle Ages and delivered a final blow to the Earth before settling into its present day orbit.  It is pertinent that we recognise both Christianity and Islam appeared as institutionalised religions during this time. (And remember that religion is, after all, one method of people management, with different faiths offering different carrots to attract worshippers).

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Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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