Primary Water, Abiotic Oil and Conspiracy

There is a minority belief that the ruling elite are purposely maintaining the theories of fossil fuels and the hydrological cycle to manipulate and control us, according to one author Jonathan Bensen of the Investment Watchdog internet site.

No, not really. The beliefs are mainstream because they are compatible with the modern Judeo-Christian worldview of divine creation at the time of the Big Bang, and the belief that life is a minor additional epiphenomenon of an inanimate Universe.  It is the way we have been trained to think that is the cause of these beliefs in fossil fuels and recycled water described by the hydrological cycle.

If Abiotic oil theory is correct, which it is, and water is a primary mantle product, which it also is, then these facts would of necessity contradict the mainstream beliefs, which if we thought scientifically, we would thus reject. But we don’t because we are too cocooned in our religious and political beliefs and a reality without a divine factor would delegitimise political power.

Except most of us don’t know how to think, let alone why but do excel at knowing what to think, for that is the way most of us have been trained at school and university.  Oh there are some original thinkers but those novelties are restricted to the boundaries of our worldview that is based on the belief in some original divine creating agent and an inanimate lifeless Universe.

I can’t imagine devout American or European religious scientists believing in a godless science, and many American geologists are also devout believers in the short-earth chronology.  Amazingly the secular ones also generally accept the astronomical Big Bang Theory as well, though how they manage to explain this belief in the light of its absurdity never ceases to amaze me. On one hand the religious believe in creatio-ex-nihilo, while the secular believe in the primordial infinite massive singularity that exploded. Creationism-ex-nihilo can be dismissed because its physically impossible. Putting all the mass of the Universe into a original point is equally absurd since a point isn’t a physical thing in the first place, but a location in some coordinate system, so the secular belief in the Big Bang Theory is just as nonsensical as creatio-ex-nihilo.  Let’s not forget that it was the devout Methodist Charles Lyell who first shifted biblical creation back in time and subsequently championed by the catholic Huxley clan who also championed Darwin’s theory. Short creation of 6000 years or expanded creation over 14 billions of years remain artefacts and not physical facts.The the Jesuit physicist Georges Lemaitre conceived his primeval egg theory that even amazed Albert Einstein who subsequently accepted it.

It’s simpler assuming what the Indian physicist Amit Goswami proposed – that the Universe is being continually formed by consciousness, with no start and no end but constantly moving in cycles, a view point that informs the theories of Martin Armstrong with his computer modelling of human activity over time. It’s the oriental world view that is older than the occidental one.

So the mainstream beliefs in fossil fuels and non-primary water are the logical outcomes of religious cultures.  It’s not the science so much as its underpinning cultural system that is the problem, and the direct consequence of the ability of humans to think while not understanding why they think or how they think. We just do and assume it as an unquestionable axiom. It’s not that we think that is the problem, but our refusal to change our minds when the facts change that is, and if we have been inculcated with religious beliefs, then believing in something that also contradicts one’s core beliefs would be a belief change too many. Just imagine convincing 2.5 billion Christians, 1.6 billion Muslims and 16 million Jews there may not be a God. Think you would succeed? No, of course not, so why even bother.

More about primary water here.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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6 Responses to Primary Water, Abiotic Oil and Conspiracy

  1. thx1138 says:

    I’m glad you reminded me of abiotic oil and primary water. I remember when I was investigating this primary water earlier that I was surprised that Pal Pauer used dowsing in order to find these sources of water. When I had first started college I had come home to find that my father insisted that he had found water beneath his new property using an apple branch. He insisted that I try it even though I was extremely skeptical. Well that apple branch twisted so hard in my hands it caused my palms to be red. Indeed we found fresh spring water 19 feet below the ground surface. I can’t explain it but I observed it with my own eyes in my own hands.


    • The explanation is simple, actually. It’s the Lorentz force. The mechanism is that you have to be moving to effectively water dowse. It is the basic principle of moving an electric conductor through a magnetic field.

      Standing still will not cause the dowsing effect to operate, you have to be moving.

      The magnetic field is produced by moving ground water that is from infra red radiation proton depleted and thus negatively electrically charged. EZ water in other words. Gerry Pollack would described it as interstitial water.

      Water dowsing does not work with motionless
      bulk water either. You need to be able to walk on water in order to 1allow the Lorentz force to manifest. The last person who did that was crucified for his work. And matters have not changed either to this day – being right when the mob is wrong remains a dangerous state to be in.


  2. thx1138 says:

    Science has indeed become a religion. Not just geological science but medical science, physics, biology really any science you can imagine has become a religion. They even use terms such as heretic and dogma in order to describe people and events in their scientific community. Non members of the scientific community are even called lay people.


  3. Uniformitarianism, the intellectual condition of cerebral fossilisation where any motion is only perceived at millions of year rates, if at that.


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