Hissink’s Universe

Some decades ago I had a couple of letters or essays published in the Australian Geological Society’s magazine The Australian Geologist (TAG), on some opinions on classical Euhemerism and Velikovsky, (I think), which ended badly as I unwittingly wandered into the Velikovsky Affair, a topic which still produces intemperate apoplexy among the Lyellian Faithful.

In one of the contributions I brought up the idea of a holographic universe theory after reading the late Michael Talbolt’s book, The Holographic Universe. One of the key concepts was non-local connection, or that at the Quantum level there are no dimensions and everything is unity so that communication between one standing on the Earth and someone standing on a distant star would be able to communicate instantly, and be aware of each other instantly.  Gravity operates at this level since in Newton’s famous equation time is not specified at all.  This is illogical in the scientific materialist world view most of us assume as an axiom.

I explained the phenomenon by resorting to computerised virtual reality in which two individuals were logged into a super computer, each with a terminal and keyboard. The software was such that individual A could see B in his monitor, and vice versa, as well as being able to see one’s limbs and body, but not the head.

The background was blackness and the coordinate system local since computer imagery has to be defined in terms of XY coordinates. Depth perception was achieved by sizing, the further one was away from the other, the smaller the other would appear.

Since both of us were standing suspended in space, a flat plane was created for us to stand on. Black sky and the question of how large is the universe becomes an interesting question. The flat plane extended to infinity and that wasn’t helpful either, so the 2D plane was replaced by a 3D sphere. We could now walk somewhere and theoretically arrive back at where we started, having eliminated infinity.  Still, standing on the 3D planet, there still remained the ‘how large is the universe’ problem since the sky was black.

Given I was A, then B walked to the antipodes of our 3D sphere,  but our communication remained instantaneous because we were physically still working from the unified origin of our software code.


Physically you could imagine that the bottom circle is the underlying unified whatever it is we are connected to; Amit Goswami would call it consciousness with a capital C; Other’s G-d, God, or whatever the term is. G is David Bohm’s implicate order, and explicates itself as the 3D reality in which we exist, the blobs labelled IND, individual, from which we create by the process of thought the ID, the Observer, the I, the Me, the thinking, wilful individual. What connects me to G and everyone else to G is mysterious, but its called the spirit, but at the level of G, we are all one, interconnected whole, best explained by the fractal phenomenon.

Individuals only exist in the 3D level, and do not exist in G. Each individual, from thinking, or not, creates a virtual reality which frequently becomes blue pilled and ends being our personal reality formed by our belief system(s). Think of us being connected to G via an electronic transceiver, a 2-way radio, in which the blue-pillers no longer hear the message from G but instead think the messages from VR are reality. In other words the noise made by VR drowns out the message from G. The return messages, IND to G, still continue of course.

The religious ‘fall-of-man’ idea could be explained by the Velikovsky model when an earlier earth, smaller, covered by deeply chemically altered regolith, rainforests and shallow seas, along with human types who did not think but acted purely on their instincts as an animal, were suddenly confronted with a global catastrophe that wrecked their environment, etc., forming mountains, excavating oceans and creating hell. The survivors would have been severely traumatised, and it is probably then that the process of thinking started that effectively isolated the human brain from the awfulness of the catastrophe. This might have been when the radio-transceiver system was overwhelmed with noise, the newly acquired habit of thinking, which entrapped humanity ever since in its religions and ideologies, planet worship.

To escape the violence and pain for the catastrophe humans only found respite by escaping into their mindscapes or VR worlds, while the unthinking animal kingdom quickly forgot and returned back to eking a living.

Humanity, having previously lived in a paradise, now found itself out of paradise and in urgent need for food and water. So banditry started and the strong overwhelmed the weak leading to our present day societies. The animal instinct, however, remained and as is commonly observed with some biological species, frequent population culling by natural catastrophe triggers a response by increased breeding to ensure that next time sufficient members of the species will survive to restart life once the environment settles down. As for humanity, this species level survival instinct, the sex drive, manifests itself as over population and homosexuality; so strong is the fear of impending doom that collectively humanity enters into indiscriminate sexual activity that the social orders proscribe, mainly out of ignorance. It is well known that male suicide is accompanied by penile erection, the animal in us trying to survive by procreation which it cannot, of course.

While secular humanists might view their religious brethren as ‘far-right’ or bigoted, they themselves are no different with their equivalent psychotic fear of CO2 climate change, a fear that can be certainly traced to the Velikovsky event associated with the Jewish Exodus but equally with our present day obsessions of catastrophe that have a more recent origin, that of the global catastrophe that terminated the Roman Period and most civilisations on the planet.

It’s that 1st millennium denial that is driving the madness that is happening today and what the religious fervently believe to be the ending times when the messiah is expected. In addition the religious and devout have been trying to reconnect with God, etc, not realising that its their very incessant thinking that is keeping them from what they want to reconnect to. No need to reconnect, for we are already connected, it’s just the loud noise of our thinking processes that is drowning out the signals from our spiritual being.

It’s what the Indian sage Jiddu Krishnamurti taught – allow your mind to be quiet and goodness knows what you might discover. But quieting your mind by ritual or drugs won’t achieve that reconnection – for those means are simply variants of thinking, thought itself. Not trying to be free of thought, but being free.  The chains are the past, the memories that enslave us.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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3 Responses to Hissink’s Universe

  1. johnm33 says:

    Louis, Here are a couple of links that use the ancient ‘science’ of India, using siddhis to explore ‘reality’ The first, in my veiw, sets the stage for a holographic universe, the second, an examination and study of the insights gained [and then some], by a trained physicist with an open mind. The Koilon being the substance that carries at infinite speed all information everywhere, the ‘bubbles’ being the holographic units each containing all the information in the Koilon. Leadbetter and Besant took J.K. under there wing so to speak when he was young. http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/oc/koilon.htm http://www.smphillips.mysite.com/


    • John,

      Thanks for the refereces, J.K. managed to disconnect himself from Besant and Leadbetter at a later stage. Did you know that Besant and her theosophist crowd actually had an outside auditorium built opposite the entrance of Sydney Harbour (NSW) at Balmoral Beach to await the moment when J.K. would walk through the harbour’s heads (outlet to the Pacific Ocean). Another group of well meaning utopians.

      The problem for the physical materialist world view is making sense of the boundary of the Universe, or the physical outer limit. The problem is that physics has been jargonised by the use of mathematics that is only capable of description, and not explanation.

      Bill Gaede’s “Rope Hyppothesis” and Thread Theory seems a useful approach. After all if you cannot tell your granny what you do in plain english, then you actually don’t know yourself.


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