Coriolis Conundrums

One of the problems thinking with one or two ideas, or just one idea, in the physical sciences, that of the omnipotentence of gravity, is that a rather limited number of explanations become possible and which can then be miltiplied by ad hoc application of spurious principles to accomodate observations. One of the more delusional ad hoceries is the Coriolis Force, or more accurately the Coriolis Effect.

The effect occurs when an observer located on a rotating reference frame, here the Earth, observes a moving object in another reference frame. The apparent circular motion of the observed object is an illusion and no force is imparted to that object by the rotating other object on which an observer may be located on. But somehow science has managed the impossible and converted an effect to a force in order to explain rotational features observed on the Earth’s surface.

Put bluntly, there is no Coriolis Force. Two objects moving independently of each other, everything else being equal, cannot directly affect each other, although one suspects that gravitational factors might be invoked as a last resort.  The Coriolis Effect forcing principle is simply the reification of a delusion into physical reality.

This is not to deny that rotating and, historically, rotated features exist since they do, but that their rotation had nothing at all to do with the Earth’s rotation. It is possible to fabricate a numerical model to simulate a vortex in the Earth’s atmosphere using a ‘Coriolis Force’, but that means nothing since the Earth and its atmosphere are not separate Newtonian bodies but parts of the some object.  The delusion that they are comes about from departing physical reality into the self-enclosed virtual world of mathematics.

The various rotational phenomena are caused by field-aligned electric currents (Birkeland). Rotated fragments of the earth’s crust, whether discerned from palaeomagnetics or other tectonic features, are not caused a Coriolis anything but from the torques derived from incident Birkeland currents generated by plasma instabilities in the ionosphere over geological time and in the present.

Update: It’s worth emphasising that the Earth itself and its atmosphere are the one and same Newtonian object and are both in the same rotating reference frame. Hence cyclones, hurricanes and vortices in general cannot be explained by a Coriolis Effect because the essential prerequisite of two independent objects is missing.

Update 1: Thinking about it, our tendency to rely on mathematics to describe scientific observations isn’t so much a matter of being ‘precise’ as being adept at fabricating mathematically consistent solutions to physically intractable problems like gravity, which no one has still been able to explain, or aberrant galaxy motions to which mathematical artifices are created to remove observational inconsistencies.

Psychologically the most intense thinkers identified as ‘geniuses’ are better described as psychotics fleeing from physical reality into their totally abstract world of equations and numbers.  The intensely religious could also fall into that box since an abundance of faith is nothing other than an overworked imagination.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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One Response to Coriolis Conundrums

  1. thx1138 says:

    Ad hocery is a mockery of genuine science and discovery.

    You can fashion a lie using mathematics as easily as you can using any other language.


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