1st Millennium Summary Of Chronology

Gunnar Heinsohn (GH) prepared a recorded video lecture for the Celestial Crisis Conference held in Toronro, 2016 :

Essentially 1st Millennium chronology has been inadvertently expanded by some 700 years by interpreting one global catastrophe as three separate events. This historical revision demolishes any retro-calculation of celestial motions and for that matter other dating techniques. In addition geology has also been subjected to the same fate of being racked or stretched beyond reasonableness by Lyell, Darwin and their supporters.

GH makes an interesting observation of the “Revelations of John”, one version published here.  Given that all ideas are essentially recollections of memories and thus intrinsically of the past makes John’s Revelation a potential eye-witness account of the 1st Millennium Crisis GH identified rather than a future forecast or prediction though it was probably edited to resemble a prophesy rather than an actual account.

GH has removed 700 years from the 1st Millennium and also shortened antiquity significantly as well, and the trick is to figure out how geology relates to this historical revisionism.  Suffice it to say that the Alpide/Pleistocene event terminated the Roman period as well as the Maya and other circum-Pacific civilisations. This is based on the stratigraphic evidence in the brown coal mining pits near Cologne, Germany described elsewhere.

This extreme shortening of geological chronology should not be taken as support for intelligent design or short biblical chronology let alone Lyellian long chronology deemed acceptable by the liberal creationists who prefer Darwinism and a Big Bang 14 billions of years ago.  The underlying assumption I take is monistic idealism, that the Universe and Life are inseparable and simply exist, have always existed, and will always exist.  Our historical perspectives are thus artefacts or interpretations.

So study GH’s lecture and realise then the origin(s) of our present day manic meme of CO2 induced climate catastrophism.  It’s the political left, those who only see what they believe, who have consistently fabricated physical reality as fake history then as they do now.  It is the mind set that believes its imaginations are real and physical reality a malleable individual narrative with no objective existence.  They are literally out of their minds.

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Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers. Chief Editor, New Concepts of Global Tectonics Journal. Research Director, International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Centre (WWW.ievpc.org)
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3 Responses to 1st Millennium Summary Of Chronology

  1. Edward says:


    It looks like the dating shake-up you have been wanting to see is already underway. Oxford University got it’s start about 100 years after a massive cosmogenic C14/10Be isotope spike event in 994 A.D. Now they are leading a revision effort. These events coincide with periods of extremely low solar activity, climate mayhem, famine, meteor strikes, asteroid observances (yes you read that correctly), earthquakes, major volcanic eruptions and last but certainly not least electric discharge related art including rock art depictions of Tony Peratt’s Squatterman. My guess is that it’s an electrical event in the solar system that I refer to as “The Big Zap” (upcoming).

    In case you missed the article it follows much of what Gunnar Heinsohn was discussing.

    “Tree-rings reveal secret clocks that could reset key dates across the ancient world”

    ​”Trees which grew during intense radiation bursts in the past have ‘time-markers’ in their tree-rings that could help archaeologists date events from thousands of years ago

    Oxford University researchers say that trees which grew during intense radiation bursts in the past have ‘time-markers’ in their tree-rings that could help archaeologists date events from thousands of years ago. In a new paper, the authors explain how harvesting such data could revolutionize the study of ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian and Mayan worlds. Until now scholars have had only vague evidence for dating when events happened during the earliest periods of civilization, with estimates being within hundreds of years. However, the unusually high levels of the radioactive isotope carbon-14 found in tree-rings laid down during the radiation bursts could help reliably pinpoint dates. The distinct spikes act as time-markers like secret clocks contained in timber, papyri, baskets made from living plants or other organic materials, says the paper published in the Royal Society Journal Proceedings A.

    Scholars believe that intense solar storms caused major bursts of radiation to strike the Earth in 775 and 994AD, which resulted in distinct spikes in the concentration of radiocarbon in trees growing at that time. The events are precisely datable because the tree-rings belong to archives in which the growth year of each tree-ring is exactly known. In the new research, the authors outline how they could detect similar spikes elsewhere within the thousands of years of available tree-ring material from across the world. They say even a handful of these time-markers could allow them to piece together a reliable dating framework for important civilizations.

    Lead author Dr Michael Dee, from the School of Archaeology at the University of Oxford, said: ‘Variations in atmospheric radiocarbon concentration are largely the result of carbon dioxide emissions from activity from volcanoes and the ocean, but they are also influenced by changes in solar activity. The spikes in 775 and 994AD were almost vertical and of comparable magnitude all around the Earth.”


    Please note the massive 10Be spike in @1460. There is quite a bit of excellent art shortly after this period depicting meteorite falls in Europe and around the world around 1490. “The Big Zap” (for lack of better words) will seek to explain this phenomenon.


    Also note that a 20 km wide impact crater may have occurred during this period.

    “Mahuika crater is a submarine feature that is hypothesized to be an extraterrestrial impact(?) crater. It is about 20 ± 2 km (12.4 ± 1.2 mi) wide and over 153 meters (502 ft) deep and lies on the New Zealand continental shelf at 48.3 South and 166.4 East.”

    “It is argued that the impact which created the Mahuika crater occurred around 1443 AD,[3] but other sources have placed the date as 13 February 1491 AD.[4]”



  2. Edward says:

    As an afterthought…

    I think it is fair to say that if Oxford says that the current dating of past events are off by hundreds of years you can safely bet that in reality it is a multiple of that number… perhaps thousands. People simply do not like to admit their mistakes and that is certainly no exception in acedemia. Still this is an excellent start, although I would love them to set the record straight since they are using dendrochronology, by clearly stating that tree ring width variation is a record growing conditions (rainfall etc) NOT temperature as Michael Mann and the warmists profess.

    The Greenland and and Antarctic Ice Core records also have their problems. Many are simply irreconcilable like the major discrepancies witnessed between the GRIP and GISP2 cores in central Greenland that are only 30km apart. Radioisotope analysis conducted in ice cores include 10Be, C14 and 18O and to a lesser extent 26AL and 36Cl. Additionally sodium deposition records in mountain glacier cores are often a good predictive indicator of wind direction. All these records possess problems however in being able to accurately determine past dates due to things such as single large snowfall events being counted as a year, strong winds leading to redeposition of snow from other areas into drifts once again counted as years and even scouring from those same winds leading to loss of years in the count. To top that all off major assumptions must be made applying ‘steady state’ assumptions where variables are often ignored. problems with 18O the primary isotope used as a temperature proxy comes to mind since increases in 18O deposition are known to correspond to changing wind direction… zonal vs. meridional air flows from the south (evaportive source of precip is low latitude not local) which leads to a false indications of local temperature. Still there is quite a bit of useful information in these cores and it will be interesting to see how the tree and ice radioisotope records end up lining up.


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