The Fourth State Of Matter, Matters A Great Deal

Plasma physics is based on the fact that there are four states of physical matter, solid, liquid, gas and plasma, the last being ionised versions of the first three.

Gerry Pollack has identified a fourth phase of water, EZ water that is characterised by being electrically negative, and proton deficient, hence high pH values.  EZ water is formed by incident EM radiation at physical interfaces such as atmosphere-ocean, water-rock, etc.

No one thinks of this EZ water being plasma, which it surely is. Nor does anyone recognise the presence of atmospheric protons emitted by bulk water at the beginning of the day when sunlight impacts the Earth’s surface, energising the oceans by causing charge separation and the formation of massive horizontal electric fields that power the surface winds. Study the following presentation by Pollack.

Pollack has not factored in the possibility that the inrushing polar Birkeland currents are the primary drivers of the earth’s rotation, in conjunction with his EZ water mechanism.

If this weak water plasma is a normal state for the earth’s surface, then periodic surges in electric charge from external factors would cause more violent atmospheric disturbances and destruction.

Given the catastrophic nature of the Earth’s geological past, during which the major topographies were formed by the erosion effect of electric-arcs, that process would generate vast quantities of lithic plasma that would be swept over the Earth’s surface, including water whose fourth state is also plasma, and deposit large volumes of sediments intercalated with volcanogenic sediments from the associated volcanic eruptions such catastrophes would generate.  The strongly electrified clouds of eroded lithosphere, or rock, would also entrap any life forms in their way, and because such motion is totally within the domain of electromagnetic phenomena,  gravitational effects can be simply ignored, (as Pollack shows in the above YouTube presentation). Such massive clouds of eroded material would behave according to the principles of magneto hydrodynamics, and would most likely dump the larger excavated blocks in the oceans, while electric repulsion would keep the finer fractions suspended.  These electrified lithic slurries would for all intents and purposes be lithic-tsunamis, and hence the mechanism for the deposition of gravels and sands presently attributed to electrically neutral tsunamis.

One expects charge fractionation to occur during the process where finer particles become separated from the larger ones resulting in graded beds of sediment, or heterogeneous gravel deposits if the process was violent and rapid. In other words the process of electric-arc erosion via the principles of magneto hydrodynamics would have all the features attributable to hydraulic flow regimes and essentially indistinguishable from their non-plasma present day counterparts.


And this “plasma” event is not a cyclical one but perhaps a unique event given the fact that a linear progression of evolution seems to have occurred on the Earth and its biosphere.

Areas of the Earth’s crust that were marginally affected by the electric-arc machining by the Rainbow-Serpent should correlate with gross bulges in the geosphere, while areas more directly affected, where the old regolith has been completely stripped and exposed bare rock, would me correlated with gross depressions in the geosphere, it being essentially a pear shaped oblate spheroid.

Whether the oceanic basins were sculpted from a fixed volume of the Earth, or as part of a differentially expanding Earth, is not known at present.

One final point – Velikovsky pointed to the massively fossiliferous Siwilak Hills abutting the Himalayas in northern India.  I wonder if the sediments forming the Siwilak Hills were originally a massive laterally moving lithic plasma slurry that on ‘landing’ continued to move as a massive turbidity current pushing up the Himalayas? So it wasn’t India that collided into the Himalayas but only the appearance it did because of the unknown role of the Siwilak Hills sediments.

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Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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