Chaostan and the Casey Report

According to some Doug Casey is a very successful investing hyena; his present interest is Khazakhstan, a very large country in Asia that is sparsely populated. Read the article republished by Lew Rockwell here, Haven in Kazakhstan). Doug’s concluding three paragraphs need to be studied:

Although I have no problem with people following any religion they like—it can make for stimulating philosophical discussion—problems inevitably arise when there’s religious activism in a political context. The results are invariably ugly.

In Palestine, for instance, before the Israeli takeover, Jews, Christians, and Moslems all lived peaceably. Their beliefs differed, but it made little more difference than whether they preferred vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry ice cream; cultural and religious variety only created an interesting diversity. The government was only a minor nuisance, manifesting itself mainly with taxes that no one felt an obligation to pay anyway, and people busied themselves mainly with the most benign of all activities, making money. Religion only became an issue when waves of new Jewish immigrants, who took their religion and politics very seriously, set up their own state. The rest is very bloody and troubled history, and that story is far from over.

A variation on that theme could occur throughout Central Asia. Certainly the groundwork is being laid by rabid proselytes from the world’s two major missionary religions. My guess is that religion will become a major cause of bloodshed here in the future. It looks, however, like the Muslims have a considerable lead in the religious sweepstakes.

Doug is too coy – the major proselytising missionary religions are Islam and Christianity to which I would also add Socialism and its green arm the Climateers.  These groups are the principal troublemakers on the planet.

Post Script: The notion that some are chosen seems to be based on the fact that any survivors of some enormous catastrophe, such as what terminated the Roman Period, would regard themselves as being chosen to survive by the terrible prodigy that caused the mayhem and destruction.  The survivors of the WWII atomic blasts assumed this chosen-ness.  And it’s not the first time this attitude appeared among people, since the survivors of the Bronze Age catastrophes also regarded themselves as chosen. For the same reasons and then assumed, arrogantly, that being chosen, they have the divine right to rule the rest of us.  That’s the dominant attitude among the socialists though they may not explain their divine -right in such ways. Rather they would assert that it was history that is propelling them into this situation; the God explanation in other words.

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Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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3 Responses to Chaostan and the Casey Report

  1. Thx1138 says:

    Yep you got the gist of it right there.


  2. PeterMG says:

    I agree. Have been following your posts with interest as I think that a timeline is begging to appear that in time when science gets its act together will allow mankind to heal some of the division that belief has created.

    I am currently in Cyprus for my daughters wedding. I have visited Cyprus many times over the past 30 years as my in laws retired here. My mother in law was an archeologist of some note and uncovered a number of treasures here in Pafos. But it has only been this trip with knowledge of the electric universe and the alternative Roman termination that what I see here makes sense. The whole area (and perhaps the entire island) is buried by 6 to 10 foot or more of material of differing grades all neatly layered.

    I’m originally from Rotorua in NZ and have seen many volcanic deposits and what I see here looks nothing like what you see from explosive volcanos. And I can’t see how a tsunami could have covered the island. Time for a major rethink.


    • Go and watch the latest Starwars movie, Rogue One. The destruction of Jeddah produced a massive torrent of disintergrated rock, of all sizes, and driven by electrical forces in the case of the Earth’s violent past. This churning mass of loose material would have rounded the boulders and formed conglomerates and etc etc.

      The crucial fact is that these massive lithic deluges are driven by electric charge separation, and thus have a powerful force driving it. Tsunamis, on the other hand, are not driven but are simply shock waves that with distance and time, will dissipate.

      However a Rogue One blast together with water could be the explanation for the cultural memories of tidal waves or oceans washing over landmasses. I have to study Ted Bryant’s work on Tsunamis.


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