S-Waves, Liquids and EZ Water

S-Waves are periodic undulations in an elastic solid in which particle motion is at right angles to the direction of propagation. These waves cannot travel through gases or liquids.

Raleigh waves are surficial waves no deeper than one wavelength in the material, and are similar to S-Waves and occur on solids.

Ocean waves are presently interpreted as Raleigh Waves. Except that a Tsunami could hardly be described as a Raleigh Wave. And if water is a liquid a problem exists.

S-Waves are propagated via elastic media that is one physical object. So what’s going on with ocean waves.

Gerald Pollack has re-discovered that water exists in four physical phases, solid, liquid, gas and liquid crystal, the latter phase being colloquially described as EZ-Water or Exclusion Zone Water where protons and particulate matter are expelled by water in contact with hydrophilic boundary conditions. EZ water is contrasted from bulk water in that it has an ice-like molecular structure that behaves as an elastic liquid crustal. Bulk water has no crystalline structure and thus cannot propagate S-Waves.

The ocean-atmosphere boundary is one natural example and from pH measurements  this zone is approximately 500 metres deep and also experiences diurnal variations in thickness. The world’s oceans are thus effectively coated by a variable thickness surface EZ layer that acts physically as a unitary elastic object that can propagate S-Waves.

Ocean waves are thus not Rayleigh Waves but S-Waves, and also cannot carry a sedimentary load.

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Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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16 Responses to S-Waves, Liquids and EZ Water

  1. malagabay says:

    Ocean waves are thus not Rayleigh Waves but S-Waves, and also cannot carry a sedimentary load.

    Except, of course, when the ocean wave starts to “crash” or has “crashed”…

    Therefore, from my perspective, it’s all about:
    1) The height of the waves.
    2) The number of waves.
    3) Where the waves begin to “crash”.
    4) Where the waves terminate.


    • The video shows the tsunamis as being driven and not losing any energy as the water mass travels upstream. I thus wonder if tsunamis are actually dark current mode plasma phenomena driven by protons? Which makes me wonder whether submarine earthquakes are electrical discharges and because it’s water, we are actually observing massive electrically charged water in motion instead of ‘mere’ waves.


    • Overnight thinking mode: I am now wondering whether what is being observed in the Japanese tsunami videos above is the lateral movement of EZ water, rather than bulk water, in the Pollackian sense.

      As the tide ebbs out as a response to the arrival of the tsunami wave that is actually a flexure in the more rigid EZ water layer, then the water returning does not seem to be of the usual, cascading tumble of water usually associated with surf-waves on beaches but as a moving horizontal slab of liquid crystal water, that moves laterally up the channels, with movement facilitated by slippage among the hexagonal platey structure of EZ water.

      Material sitting on top of the substrate (bedrock, alluvials, dirt etc.), will be picked up and moved laterally.

      But if the water was bulk water, and structurally chaotic, then the water would not necessarily move things long but also tumble over the obstacles. This supports the idea that the tsunami wave front is actually EZ water, with almost frictionless sliding along the internal hexagonal plates. Ironically this mode of motion cannot erode bedrock.


      • Edward says:

        Slightly off topic but let’s not forget that while the earthquake may be attributable to tectonic stress, the timing of the quake was in fact triggered by a (rare) x-class flare on March 9th two days prior to the tsunami. The ionosphere was “ringing like a bell” when it hit earth two days later.

        “X-FLARE: March 9th ended with a powerful solar flare. Earth-orbiting satellites detected an X1.5-class explosion from behemoth sunspot 1166 around 2323 UT.”


        The aurora borealis was in rare form that night and visible quiet far south in many US States. (Lake Superior shown below)


      • Quite so, it’s the solar plasma perturbation that triggered the earth-quake. Which makes me wonder just what is happening underground. Of course if you believe plate tectonics, further thought on the matter is unwarranted. But I don’t, never had come to think of it. I wonder if earthquakes are subterranean electric discharge equivalents of thunderclouds.

        Additionally if the Z-Pinch model is correct, that the Earth is evolving from a fizzled out stellar parent that is now re-equilibrating with its environment by the process of degassing and losing internal charge like a leaky capacitor, then quake’s might be caused by the sudden release of gas and charge, presumably protons (I recently discovered that science still has no idea of the nature of the electron, particle/wave, nor the structure of the atom – incredible).

        Or, the situation is a slowly degassing planet modulated by surges in the solar wind circuit.


      • Edward says:

        Louis > “I wonder if earthquakes are subterranean electric discharge equivalents of thunderclouds.”

        In my science-based yet still somehow deeply heretical opinion, YES, that and much more.

        It’s not just that luminous earthquake clouds often appear immediately before and directly overhead of the fault lines indicating an electrical phenomenon is present (hundreds more including satellite photos upon request)…

        It’s that the piezoelectric properties of numerous mineral crystals under stress is an UNDENIABLE SCIENTIFIC FACT. Put pressure (tectonic or otherwise) on common rock crystals and electric currents will be produced. What is omitted is that if you subject these same rock crystals to electric (or EM ELF) charges the same crystals will readily vibrate becoming at the very least a ‘lubricant’ if not the primary acting force of an electrically induced earthquake.


        Piezoelectricity, a polarization of charge produced by an applied stress, occurs in many minerals. It is particularly strong in quartz. Aggregates of piezoelectric grains are themselves piezoelectric if the grains are suitably aligned. Such aggregates may be said to have a piezoelectric fabric.”


        I could go on but as you can see I don’t have to… and YES the implication is that a solar CME, flare, or coronal hole discharge can be, and often is, the driver of earthquake activity (and other very very weird and dangerous events) back here on earth.

        And yes the zeta pinch implications are absolutely surreal. Especially for the survival of anything that is alive on the planet. If you are willing to allow “Crazy” World to be briefly escalated to “Batshit Crazy” World I would be happy to explain using NASA sources.

        I call it “The Big Zap”.


      • Edward,

        Batshit crazy ! I like that. Right now I’m focussed on the gravity drill hole problem trying to explain how the downhole survey gadget recorded negative gravity fields under the artesian aquifer, Right now I am bogged down in Michael Clarage’s latest presentation/paper. So earthquakes are relegated to the pending state. Piezo effects I’m familiar with but quartz bearing rocks 700 km down?


      • Edward, being batshit crazy, I would appreciate your explanation of that since reading Clarage’s paper I’ve since noted an earthquake emphasis which may have a bearing on the DH-gravity problem.


      • Edward says:

        Just checking out Claridge on Ben’s site Suspicious Observers.
        “Earth as Electrical Transformer”. Just started. This has much to do with The Big Zap.

        If you have a link to his paper you are reading perhaps I will have some batshit crazy observations to impart or some directions to point you in for additional insight. My horizons are a mile wide but often only several inches deep so be advised.

        ~ Edward


      • Edward says:

        And for the record I believe an ‘antigravity’ electrical effect does exist. Straightjacket and anti-psychotic meds time I’m afraid.


    • Edward says:

      Stumbled over this little gem from the past…

      In 1942, Hannes Alfvén wrote in a letter to the journal, Nature:

      “If a conducting liquid is placed in a constant magnetic field, every motion of the liquid gives rise to an E.M.F. which produces electric currents. Owing to the magnetic field, these currents give mechanical forces which change the state of motion of the liquid.”


      The entire area was a dog’s breakfast of electric energy and motion that day Louis. The solar wind x-class flare component and the knock-on effects in the ionosphere (“ringing like a bell”), the piezoelectric component from the deformation and sheer stresses on the plates and the for visualization purposes the whole shebang ended up moving half a football field laterally and a 5 storey building vertically.

      “The March 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake that decimated Japan and its Fukushima nuclear reactors with a monster tsunami altered the seafloor off the country’s eastern coast much more than scientists had thought. Analysis released today in the journal Science indicates the ocean bed moved as much as 50 meters laterally and 16 meters vertically.”


      How it all panned out I don’t have a clue but last time I checked seawater was a great conductor.


      • Edward,

        Have a look at Gerry Pollack’s 2015 presentation to the EU conference – it’s about the Earth’s oceans and the emission of protons from the oceans on a diurnal basis, and one explanation for the Earth’s rotation.


  2. Thx1138 says:

    So here we all are on the same page.! All discoverers of new truth throughout history have had to suffer the social construct of being guano crazy.


    • Edward says:


      I now find myself in the continual act of deconstructing everything I though I knew. 7 years of post secondary ‘education’ largely down the shitter and not a soul who thinks I am even remotely sane except perhaps for a couple of my fellow ‘lunatics’ over here and I assure you that I will do my best to render that a temporary situation lol! I think Louis is going to have to filter my future posts better unless he lives in a very remote part of the Australian outback.

      You really have to abandon any emotional attachments to what you think you know and find a way to release yourself from your own ego and not be afraid of being wrong in order to get closer to discovering what you will then correctly or not believe to be truth. It’s a damn difficult thing to do at first but gets a little easier with practice.

      It was Socrates who instructed us to always warned us about the uncritical acceptance of orthodoxy and uttered those famous words… “The only thing I know is that I know nothing”. A brilliant man among many brilliant men of that time. We should be deeply ashamed of what our institutions of ‘higher learning’ have become today.

      Yes Thx1138… we are all on the same page and it is a wonderful epic voyage of discovery that we all get to embark on. And I for one am actually thankful for their complete egotistical ignorance and am also glad I wasn’t the geologist who had to do the write-up on that in-the-ground 53 million year old perfectly preserved metasequoia wood lol!

      Later everyone… lot’s to read and 536AD has kept me awake last night. ~ Edward


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