Cavendish Conundrums

The Gravitational Constant, G, is determined by the Cavendish Experiment, but as Rupert Sheldrake has noted in one of his You Tube lectures, Big G varies and no one understands why.


The plane of motion of the oscillating test objects is horizontal, thus eliminating any gravitational force, and restricting any motion to that of mass attracting mass etc..

In this experiment there exist 3 physical fields,

  1. Gravitational Field, oriented vertically and acting downwards
  2. Electric Field oriented vertically and the Lorentz force acting horizontally
  3. Magnetic field, oriented anywhere from horizontal at the equator to vertical at the pole, depending on the latitude of the location the experiment is being conducted, (or should I say, performed……..).

As the objects of the experiment are made of the metal lead, magnetic effects are believed to be absent.

As the motion of the oscillating system is restricted to the horizontal plane, variations in gravity at right angles to the horizontal plane cause no effects.

But variations in the electric field (vertical) will cause variations in the Lorentz force that acts horizontally, and in the same plane as the oscillation of the small mass m.  This variation cannot be due to variations in gravity.

Which leads to the suspicion that gravity is some sort of an electrical phenomenon.

We already know that surveyors plumb-bobs used to orient theodolites in geodetic surveys near adjacent mountain masses do not deflect as expected towards the mountain due to, it is guessed, an absence of mass.

And I know that a downhole survey of an angle hole drilled through artesian water saturated Canning Basin Sediments on both Pardoo and De Grey pastoral stations east of Port Hedland in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, show anomalous gravity measurements directly under the artesian aquifer that cannot be explained by Newton’s Gravity theory.

It is likely the variation in Big G is caused by variations in the Earth’s ambient electric field, implying that gravity is essentially an electrical phenomena.

Update: Oscillation ????

I was thinking about the cause of the oscillation of the suspended smaller masses while the larger masses are basically fixed in space. Here’s one explanation:

The small mass approaches the larger mass. Repulsion occurs due to like repelling like, which then feeds back via the Lorentz Force into the electric field, that then propels the small mass back towards the larger mass, which then repels the smaller mass. Again. And the system oscillates as observed. Bear in mind that gravitational attraction is extremely weak at this scale, if at all measureable, so the observed phenomena have to be explained by physical forces most likely operating at this scale. In other words the electrical force.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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