Medieval Madness or Mainstream Mountains of Muddles

Sacha Dobler has written on the Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th Century . In its latest version the postscript is a translated excerpt from a Konrad von Megenberg, 1349 The Book of Nature, 2. Part: earthquake p. 110-112 English. The opening sentence raised my eyebrows:

3ä. Vom Erdbeben. (about the earthquakes)
It happens often here and there, that earthquakes occur and make castles fall, and often one mountain crashes onto another.

Crashing mountains? The only recent geological mountain crashing example in Europe, (for Medieval Europe is where these observations happened), is the nappe forming the Alps.  A nappe is a large body of rock that was laterally moved horizontally, or thrusted, over underlying rocks during the Tertiary period, and presently explained by Plate Tectonics theory.

Medieval humans observed this?

Possibly since there is also the anachronistic occurrence of a Roman Aqueduct buried under Miocene sediments in the, now rehabilitated. Garzweiler lignite open cut mine.

The translation also mentions the role of Mars with this destruction.

The Medieval author also mentioned:

You should also know that the earthquake caused many miraculous things: a vapour coming out from the earth by the earthquake is responsible for transforming human beings and other animals into stone and in particular into stones of salt. This mostly happens in the mountains, where the people are digging for salt. …

This miracle is taught by the masters Avicenna and Albertus [Magnus]. I was told by master Pitrolf, the chancellor of duke Friedrich in Austria, that on some alpine meadows, situated in the higher mountains of Carinthia, about 50 petrified men and cattle had been found (turned into stones). Even the milkers would sit beside the cows, both transformed into pillars of salt. (my bolding LH).

People being turned into stone from contact with an earthly vapour? Turned into pillars of salt?

This seems much like another EZ water phenomenon where a deluge of positively charged plasma vapour instantly freeze biota into ice, or stone. How to determine it was salt? Perhaps partial melting caused a surficial deposition of emitted solutes (salt) on the outside of the frozen statue-like frozen humans, that the curious might have tasted to see what strange rock these cows and humans were?

It reminds me of a tragic accident in the Andes years ago (~1982) when a director of De Beers, (Louis G Murray), whom I had worked for, was found frozen solid with his pilot, in a helicopter high up in the Andes.  LGM, as we affectionately called him, was apparently on a photo-shooting expedition in the Andes when it happened. They were found frozen solid still strapped in the seats of the helicopter with no explicable evidence for an accident, if it was an accident. More likely, considering the altitude, they were overwhelmed by “vapours” or plasma, that instantly froze them, much like the victims of the medieval catastrophe described above.

Vapours? More likely electrified plasma attracted to the peaks of the Andes and to this writer a more satisfactory explanation than the one at the time, which was a pronounced “QUE” ??? In other words no one at the time could explain LGM’s death, or the incident that caused it.

So instantaneous freezing, or lithification, of living biota by an overwhelming deluge of proton rich plasma is highly probable and able to explain the process of fossilization by literally short circuiting the bacteria and micro-life-forms that biota are assembled from, stopping any putrefaction in the process.  There is a reason why ice ages and species extinctions are associated, and not because of the temperature, but of the deluge of proton rich plasma onto the earth’s surface associated with an interplanetary interaction as deduced by Velikovsky.

The heresy here is that it happened just before the Medieval period and was the global catastrophe that terminated the Roman Empire, and the rest of civilisations around the Earth.

This suggests the Middle Dark Age was the Tertiary tectonic event.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers. Chief Editor, New Concepts of Global Tectonics Journal. Research Director, International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Centre (
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12 Responses to Medieval Madness or Mainstream Mountains of Muddles

  1. cadxx says:

    “There is a reason why ice ages and species extinctions are associated, and not because of the temperature, but of the deluge of proton rich plasma onto the earth’s surface associated with an interplanetary interaction as deduced by Velikovsky.”

    I was thinking about this whilst walking the dog today. I had a file, now lost, by someone a scientist a hundred years ago. He said that ice ages require heat and not cold. To move the ginourmous amounts of ice forming water from the oceans to the northern or southern regions would require a huge amount of energy in the form of heat. He even did the math and came to the conclusion that the amount of heat required would be equal to melting the same quantity of iron.
    Any idea who wrote this?


    • John Tyndal, British physicist: Chapter 9, Earth in Upheaval by Velikovsky, “Heat Considered as a Mode of Motion”, 1883,pp 191-192. Location 2390 in the Kindle edition of Earth in upheaval.

      Tyndal’s ideas are correct – to make ice you need to supply energy. Gerry Pollack noted the same when EZ water transforms to ice by addition of protons – ice is an higher ordered state of matter than water, either as EZ or liquid crystal water, or simply structure less bulk water, and needs external energy to form.

      This is quite counter intuitive as well, but supported empirically by lab experiments and the observed fact that warm water turns to ice faster than colder water; see Pollack’s work. We assume removal of energy, reducing temperature, causes ice to form. This is based on simple observation but it’s another example of the very common logical fallacy of arguing the consequent. It’s the water turning to ice that sucks the energy out of the environment that causes the observed temperature drop.

      I’ve simply accepted Pollack’s ideas but have not thought too much on the illogicality of it.

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      • was necessary. John Tyndall, a British physicist of the last century, wrote: “Some eminent men have thought, and some still think, that the reduction of temperature, during the glacial epoch, was due to a temporary diminution of solar radiation; others have thought that, in its motion through space, our system may have traversed regions of low temperature, and that during its passage through these regions, the ancient glaciers were produced. … Many of them seem to have overlooked the fact that the enormous extension of glaciers in bygone ages demonstrates, just as rigidly, the operation of heat as well as the action of cold. Cold [alone] will not produce glaciers.”2

        Velikovsky, Immanuel. Earth in Upheaval (Kindle Locations 2392-2399). Paradigma Ltd. Kindle Edition.


  2. cadxx says:

    Thank you for that Louis, it’s been a while (1970’s?) since I read Velikovsky.
    And so I can only conclude that the ice age theory that underpins mainstream meanderings is a complete fallacy. The miles-thick glaciation could not possibly arise from cooling.

    Also ocean depth would depend on whether the ice was on land or in the oceans – bringing us back to TPW?


    • There are too many assumptions being made, the principal one being the existence of the present oceans since the Precambrian.

      But specifically how do we identify an ice age in the first place? The persistent global cultural memory of a water dominated deluge has to have a physical geological basis. Which brings back to Lyell’s time and the geological debate, and how much credence we give to folklore and cultural myths.

      To that end I’m researching Mick Harper’s ideas of applied epistemology as described in his book “The History of Britain Revealed”. Our present day geological conundrums are a direct consequence of the intellectual approach of Lyell and his supporters in Great Britain during the height of empire.

      It seems crucial one understands Harper’s axiom What is IS what was unless proven other wise.

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      • cadxx says:

        Something that has bothered me for years: We moved into a newish house some time in the seventies. The estate had been built on a golf course and I don’t think anything had ever been there before. The back garden was like the Alps and I decided to level it and lay a lawn. Having completed most of the levelling it started to rain (as it does in the UK). The soil was pure clay and as it rained I watched sea shells appear – slightly larger than found on a beach but obviously the same species. As it continued to rain the shells slowly dissolved until there were none.
        How did seashells get into the soil of the English Midlands?


      • Sea shells ? Dissolving under rain? in clay?
        Just exactly where is this housing estate? Any coordinates, lat long?


  3. johnm33 says:

    Miles thick glaciation needs a warm ocean, the ancients, at least those who mention it, say that the Arctic had a climate like permanent spring. If you read Tilaks ‘Arctic homeland in the Vedas’ he places an ancient prescence somewhere in the north where they experienced 6 weeks of night. In Persian tales they have the Caspian connected in the north, by a river, to the great northern ocean. At that time the ocean reached far to the south occupying the west siberian plain. They also note that to get beyond the north pole they had to lower a basket of rocks deep into the ocean to drag the ships south, i assume in Fram strait. Mammoths always seem to have springtime vegetation in their stomachs, never lichen, and were at least as hungry as elephants, not fit for tundra.
    If the Arctic ocean was fed by the Gulf stream/N.A.D. the difference in heat between there and the equator would not be large enough to support a three cell atmospheric system [hadley/ferrel/polar] . A single Hadley cell would suffice, with local idiosyncrasies, some to do with mountains some with the ice sheets, which would eventually create their own local weather systems.
    There was some catastrophy which has to be accounted for,

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    • Under the present geological paradigm or cultural creation myth, this is all inexplicable since catastrophes are proscribed in the liturgy, despite the physical evidence.

      The task is to extract geology from its biblical parent since the subdivision of the sedimentary record is explicitly themed to support Darwinian evolution, and indirectly Big Bang creationism. This is not trivial. The interesting thing is that the militant secular humanists, the Richard Dawkin’s crowd, also support the 14 Ga Big Bang theory since they need to have an inanimate clockwork material universe which was too simple in the beginning but that over time became physically more complex, geologically and biologically, to get to the present. Slow motion physical evolution along Darwin’s ideas is the secular humanist creation myth.

      Written accounts of past climate need to be authenticated (ie not fake Medieval era confected histories) or misinterpreted by 19th and 20th century scholarship the empire’s academics.

      Lyell’s methodology that the key to the past is the present, is basically the same as Mick Harper’s axiom for applied epistemology – What is, IS, what was, unless shown otherwise.

      Lyell is thus right that present day sedimentation rates takes a long time, aeons if needed. But my field experience and observations show that this conclusion is problematical. Yes varves and fine laminated mud deposition occurs as observed, but the geological cycle, in which, say, granites are disaggregated by chemical weathering to yield loose quartz crystals that are then rolled and saltated down the dtrainage channels, being slowly eroded and reduced in size, etc, actually is not happening. Slow moving large rivers such as the Rhine, etc, even in flood are incapable of transporting sediment coarser than a fine silt downstream. Under present hydrological principles, it’s impossible.

      Which means that the vast conglomerates grits and sandstone strata, including the more recent muck-beds containing mammoths etc, were deposited by a no longer active physical process that were also catastrophic, (short duration physical events). Since the “God did it” explanation is no explanation, what actually happened?

      Humanity seems to have memories of it in its various myths but because the human period, according to the prevalent creation myth, is limited to 10,000 years at best, at the tail end of a longer, 4,5 Ga long geological evolution, then no answers seem possible.

      Unless the prevalent creation myth is a load of bollocks.


    • cadxx says:

      Sea shells
      The Fairway is located within the county of West Midlands which is in the West Midlands Euro Reg region of the UK. 100.33 miles North West from the centre of London, 5.42 miles South from the centre of Birmingham, 18.4 miles West from the centre of Coventry and 18.77 miles North East from the centre of Worcester.

      GPS Coordinates
      52° 24′ 19.4292” N 1° 56′ 40.056” W


      • Bedrock is the Branscombe Mudstone formation of the Lias Triassic group. So the sea shells are in the mudstone as fossils.

        In the neo-catastrophic model the mudstones would be a dumping of fine silt into some shallow sea but then if the shells are scattered throughout the mudstone, and must be chemically altered as well, or fossilised, then the shells must have been picked up elsewhere, mixed with the silts or muds and then dumped into their present location etc. I’m being simplistic here.

        Triassic sea shells seem similar to modern sea shells but the apriorism of Darwinian evolution interprets these shells as the precursors of the modern ones.

        So here’s a back of envelope Hissink Hypothesis:

        Assume the Earth was initially like Venus, flat topography, no mountains and a silicis volcanic outershell underlain by internal spherical shells of increasing denser rocks. The starting assumption is that the Earth is the end product of a stellar Z-pinch process that ceased when the driving electric current waned for whatever reason; shit happens as they say.

        On cooling degassing starts and atmosphere starts to form. Venus as CO2 atmosphere, so too the Earth in its early stages. Life not present due to physical conditions, too hot, etc.

        Proto-Earth surface starts to weather and a deep weathered enveloping mantle slowly builds up from the surface. Earth may be companion of brown dwarf star and no lateral thermal gradients, so climate is more or less uniform over the surface, No seas or oceans exist.

        Degassing continues, temperature drops, and gentle topographic depressions are formed from the differential degassing process. These depressions become lakes or shallow seas in which appropriate life forms for the PTE conditions spontaneously appear.(P-pressure, T-temperature and E – electric field).

        In this case shallow sea hosts sea shells. Planet continues to degass slowly and weaerthing mentle increases in thickness. No mountains or continents, just a luxuriant vegetated planet with abundant life forms compatible with the physical conditions.

        Shit happens and another cosmic body (CB) disrupts the system. Catastrophic interaction between CB and Earth via the plasma domain.Electric discharges preferentially focused on wetter areas, seas, and converts that region into some electrified slurry of life forms and muds excavated by plasma machining. See Starwars movie Rogue One and the destruction of the moon scenes as an approximation of the process.

        Dense clouds of electrically charged dusts and silts and suspended life forms rise from the surface during the plasma interaction between CB and the Earth and get deposited elsewhere once the forcing plasma currents wane. The process might be a waxing and waning of erosion and deposition as the Earth’s surface starts to change in nature and geometry.

        The Earth may increase in volume from either physical phase changes, high density to lower density rocks, or transformation of ultra-mafics by degassing and serpentinisation of peridotites (40% increase in volume).

        It’s over-simplistic but you should get the gist of it.

        The shells you watched dissolve under rain were probably once living in littoral zones of shallow seas, were then picked up holus-bolus with muds etc, instantly killed by electrocution, and then dumped elsewhere. Obviously not as one single event, but as rapidly repeating waves of dumped materials. This is all speculation on my part, of course.

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  4. johnm33 says:

    Tilak only read the Vedas to while away the years of his incarceration, courtesy of the Raj, he was thoroughly trashed by the mainstream, a badge of honour.
    As far as what happened goes i’m trying to accomodate what the ancients said, as i understand it, with everything that people are finding in terms of evidence. That means stepping outside of conventional science, but then my faith in that has rapidly eroded, in fact in almost everything i look into it seems there are better hypotheses than the currently accepted academic paradigms.
    I think the best explanation for some of the extraordinary geology is that prior to the catastrophy the Earth was in an orbit closer to the sun. It was already an old planet and was much cooler inside than it now is. When Venus lately the core of Jupiter disturbed the inner solar system displacing Earth, and who knows what else, the Earth became untethered from the field that controlled it’s speed of rotation and spin. The rapid slowing that resulted caused a huge rise in temperature throughout the planet, certainly enough to melt all the metals with a lower specific heat than copper. Over the eons Earth had been penetrated by an endless stream of protons which had laid dormant in the cool interior. Now with the translation of huge amounts of kinetic energy those protons began to react with their surroundings causing a cascade of exothermic reactions, expanding some rocks fourfold, creating water, and blasting huge amounts of platinum group metals into the atmosphere, raising massive ore bodies from the depths, rapidly cooking fossil carbon deposits, and metamorphosing any rocks which had no means of venting heat. Simultaneously stretching and thinning the crust, the crust being so plastic that once the spin began again new moutain ranges were caused by the centrifugal forces pressing back on the inertia previously imparted.
    The oceans rose from their beds and scoured the land rushing east and poleward, venting steam as they passed over scalding hot rocks. Huge quantities of sediment were shifted north giving us the 20 odd kilometers of sediment in the arctic, and i suspect yet to be found in the antarctica. Since this all took place in less than a day, no sooner would the oceans arrive at the poles but they would be driven south again, but this time the water would pass over land that had been cooled by the ocean and the reverse process of converting temperature to kinetic energy would occur and the oceans would freeze as they passed south, rapidly losing their salt burden and flash freezing any lifeform in them. Thus creating our present permafrost in mere hours, added to by hailstorms dropping massive supercooled eggs from the top of the atmosphere. It would take some weeks for the oceans and snow/rainstorms to calm down.


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