Medieval Madness or Mainstream Mountains of Muddles

Sacha Dobler has written on the Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th Century . In its latest version the postscript is a translated excerpt from a Konrad von Megenberg, 1349 The Book of Nature, 2. Part: earthquake p. 110-112 English. The opening sentence raised my eyebrows:

3ä. Vom Erdbeben. (about the earthquakes)
It happens often here and there, that earthquakes occur and make castles fall, and often one mountain crashes onto another.

Crashing mountains? The only recent geological mountain crashing example in Europe, (for Medieval Europe is where these observations happened), is the nappe forming the Alps.  A nappe is a large body of rock that was laterally moved horizontally, or thrusted, over underlying rocks during the Tertiary period, and presently explained by Plate Tectonics theory.

Medieval humans observed this?

Possibly since there is also the anachronistic occurrence of a Roman Aqueduct buried under Miocene sediments in the, now rehabilitated. Garzweiler lignite open cut mine.

The translation also mentions the role of Mars with this destruction.

The Medieval author also mentioned:

You should also know that the earthquake caused many miraculous things: a vapour coming out from the earth by the earthquake is responsible for transforming human beings and other animals into stone and in particular into stones of salt. This mostly happens in the mountains, where the people are digging for salt. …

This miracle is taught by the masters Avicenna and Albertus [Magnus]. I was told by master Pitrolf, the chancellor of duke Friedrich in Austria, that on some alpine meadows, situated in the higher mountains of Carinthia, about 50 petrified men and cattle had been found (turned into stones). Even the milkers would sit beside the cows, both transformed into pillars of salt. (my bolding LH).

People being turned into stone from contact with an earthly vapour? Turned into pillars of salt?

This seems much like another EZ water phenomenon where a deluge of positively charged plasma vapour instantly freeze biota into ice, or stone. How to determine it was salt? Perhaps partial melting caused a surficial deposition of emitted solutes (salt) on the outside of the frozen statue-like frozen humans, that the curious might have tasted to see what strange rock these cows and humans were?

It reminds me of a tragic accident in the Andes years ago (~1982) when a director of De Beers, (Louis G Murray), whom I had worked for, was found frozen solid with his pilot, in a helicopter high up in the Andes.  LGM, as we affectionately called him, was apparently on a photo-shooting expedition in the Andes when it happened. They were found frozen solid still strapped in the seats of the helicopter with no explicable evidence for an accident, if it was an accident. More likely, considering the altitude, they were overwhelmed by “vapours” or plasma, that instantly froze them, much like the victims of the medieval catastrophe described above.

Vapours? More likely electrified plasma attracted to the peaks of the Andes and to this writer a more satisfactory explanation than the one at the time, which was a pronounced “QUE” ??? In other words no one at the time could explain LGM’s death, or the incident that caused it.

So instantaneous freezing, or lithification, of living biota by an overwhelming deluge of proton rich plasma is highly probable and able to explain the process of fossilization by literally short circuiting the bacteria and micro-life-forms that biota are assembled from, stopping any putrefaction in the process.  There is a reason why ice ages and species extinctions are associated, and not because of the temperature, but of the deluge of proton rich plasma onto the earth’s surface associated with an interplanetary interaction as deduced by Velikovsky.

The heresy here is that it happened just before the Medieval period and was the global catastrophe that terminated the Roman Empire, and the rest of civilisations around the Earth.

This suggests the Middle Dark Age was the Tertiary tectonic event.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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