I’ve recently noticed a new geological phrase in use – “Deep Time”, for example:

Do we junk notions of ‘deep time’ and geology as a way of understanding the world simply because the depositional record is incomplete in places?


Time is an artefact and not a physical object. It is actually memory in action, without which we could not comprehend moving objects. But it is not a physical anything so it cannot lave length, or size and certainly it cannot be ‘deep’ in a physical sense. Perhaps in a metaphorical sense and then its practitioners would be denizens of The Matrix, that imaginary mindscape fabricated by the reality-fleers where time has been reified.  The Matrix is the world of space-time, the fourth dimension invented by Albert Einstein, a permanent resident of The Matrix.

Space is the absence of matter and physically “nothing”. Space-time thus becomes the product of nothing times memory, and you would need to have taken leave of your senses if you believe this nonsense.

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Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers. Chief Editor, New Concepts of Global Tectonics Journal. Research Director, International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Centre (WWW.ievpc.org)
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3 Responses to Time

  1. tempestnut says:

    The more read and learn about the past the more I realise that time and our extrapolating todays measure of time backwards is one of the major things that leads us to get time lines so wrong, and this leads to dismissal of almost all discussion that does not fit the rigidly enforced and inflexible measure of time. I have just finished reading Cosmos in Collision by Theodore A Holden and Troy D McLachlan. If there is any truth in their hypothesis, then our historical timelines are way out.

    Putting together everything from the electric universe, from this blog and Malaga Bay and Gunnar Heinsohn, not to mention the above two authors just to name a few I have the following observations.

    We can only measure time and attribute reasonably accurate times, days or years back 500 years or so year to when Pope Gregory changed the Calendar. Beyond this for the next 500 years everything becomes an approximation with even some so called cast iron dates and times likely to be wrong. Beyond this and the Roman termination event all bets are off.

    Humans being what they are could not go from highly developed such as the Romans and disappear altogether for 1500 years as they would have us believe, losing all ability to record history without there being an event that wiped everyone and almost everything out.

    The hardest part is not realising that almost everything is wrong, but wondering how on earth do we get everything back on the right track. What will it take? another Birkeland current scorching the earth and hope that some tiny part of our knowledge remains after. I hope we are keeping hard copies of everything stored in a safe place (multiple safe places that everyone knows about) to be recovered after the next big event, which cant be to far away.

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    • Agree that pre 1582 CE calendars are nonsense. This means the OT is a medieval fabrication. Having biblical prophets being accurate in their prophesies, (the art of telling the future), implies being overwise after an event, and hence the history has to be a post-facto fabrication from whole cloth. And there I was thinking the NT was nothing other than a Roman Empire slave management manual.

      I’m not that pessimistic since Gunnar’s methodology is correct and all we need to do is rank the stratigraphic evidence in order of precedence, A before B before C etc. Peoples with no archaeological strata to them have to be purged from the history.

      So if the Romans knew of the Chaldeans but not the Sumerians, then the Sumerians are fictions like the Goths and Huns of later historical fabrications.


  2. melitamegalithic says:

    Quote tempestnut: “Humans —– could not go from highly developed such as the Romans and disappear altogether for 1500 years ——-, losing all ability to record history without there being an event that wiped everyone and almost everything out.”

    Not quite, it can happen. The past two millennia were an ‘era of obfuscation’, where ideas/knowledge/theories not in agreement with a prevailing dogma of self-made authorities were not tolerated. The best and mostly famous were the events of book-burning, – and ancient culture destruction, -; to deprive and stamp out knowledge diffusion, leaving only the ignorant dogma.

    There is a dark age from around 535 to 1200 where some surviving knowledge passed from one culture to another. It is a dark age, but still evident around the Med. Another point is that a culture can lose an edge, in just two generations, what it had gained over several centuries; example marine engine and ship building to the far east from Europe. In some instances it only takes the passing away of a couple of key brains.


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