Standard Solar Model – How Bizarre Can They Become?

The latest ploy in astrophysics involves using global warming responsible for the Earth’s present physical state since 2-3 billions of years ago. Or that’s the wacky explanation Dr. Pierre Robitaille summarised in a YouTube presentation of Sky Scholar concerning the faint, young star problem.

The problem is even more fundamental: its origins lie in the widespread belief in biblical creation, but of the liberal variety in which the Earth has been dated to have formed 4.6 billions of years ago. But as pointed out in the video, the ages of the Sun and Earth can never be scientifically determined. The standard solar model is a nonsense.

It never occurs to our scientific hordes that their basic beliefs are the problem and not the inability of physical reality to comply with their artificial laws and rules.

This also raises an interesting problem of the nature of science per se. In order to be scientific observations have to be explained in terms of extant or existing knowledge and using this methodology a coherent world picture is slowly developed. Scientific papers are thus published to expand and widen the scientific enterprise. This depends on whether the starting principle is correct, and for our Western Culture, Biblical or non-biblical, Big Bang creation, depending on which creationist camp one is in.

It seems there are two unchallengeable axioms, the astrophysical Big Bang and Newton’s Law of Gravity. This makes the world’s scientific enterprise a religion, supported by an ever expanding corpus of literature confirming the present day paradigm that additionally incorporates the fallacy of global warming or climate change.  It is a science produced by traumatised brains of the survivors of the earth’s various geological catastrophes. It’s theological nature is explicable since the earliest universities were formed by the Church itself.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers. Chief Editor, New Concepts of Geoplasma Tectonics Journal. When the facts change, I change my mind: What do you do? (attrib. J.M. Keynes)
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1 Response to Standard Solar Model – How Bizarre Can They Become?

  1. Kirkwood Paterson says:

    Yes! Give them one miracle, that’s all they need.


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