Giants ?

Update: Seems the linked video has been censored.

Many cultures have narratives concerning the existence of giant humans during the past, and the web channel Mystery History, has uploaded a short video on the topic.

The presence of enormous quarried stone megaliths as well as megalithic structures and buildings constructed for larger sized “humans” is, to this author, blindingly obvious. What jars the sensibilities of settled science is the conflict of this evidence with settled theory and dogma, especially the belief in biological evolution as championed by Richard Dawkins, for example. Evolution is actually slow-motion Creationism, and retains its role of preferred explanation in settled science because it is compatible with the Western Judeo-Christian cultural narrative.

The author of the video did make one interesting point in that he proposed a past global catastrophe that changed the environment so much so that the biological species adapted to the new conditions of greater gravity so that giant life forms co no longer function, or live, and adapted by becoming smaller. No new species, or breeds, appeared, just the old ones changing to the new environmental conditions.

One fact not understood is the geological belief that life forms are continuously preserved in sedimentary rocks by accidental burial. This idea is nonsense.

If we assume the Earth was originally a highly weathered rain forest world with abundant life forms, having a gently undulating topography not dissimilar to Venus, and with epicontinental shallow seas, a vegetation world like the Star Wars Yoda’s home of Dagobah, then life forms will not accumulate but would be continuously recycled in the biosphere.

The Cambrian Explosion inferred from the abundance of fossils in sediments is nothing other than the extinct buried remnants of various life forms extant before some global catastrophe killed them and caused an environmental change which the survivors then had to adapt to. No earlier fossils existed because fossilisation of life forms is a strictly catastrophic event in which the life force has to be almost instantly stopped before putrefaction and decay occurs. Which means that the fossilisation event also had to terminate the various bacteria and other microscopic life forms that macro species are formed from. The only known physical force having the capability of instantly killing life is Electromagnetics via the plasma medium. Electrocution in other words.

It is likely that life has always existed, in a universe with no start nor end, continuously adapting to changed conditions and environments, with no new species formed, but new breeds appearing as adaptation.

But as long as the religiously devout still cling to their core belief or faith in Creation, whether 6000 or 4,500,000,000 years ago, from which earth formed from an accretionary gravitational process, and life appeared spontaneously 600 millions years ago as the Cambrian Explosion, then settled science will remain totally settled in self imposed ignorance.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers. Chief Editor, New Concepts of Geoplasma Tectonics Journal. When the facts change, I change my mind: What do you do? (attrib. J.M. Keynes)
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13 Responses to Giants ?

  1. Fabio says:

    the video is not available


  2. The state of IsRaEl has worried me for some time now.
    Jews are actually welcome in Australia and many other countries. The bankers established this attempt at balkanization, presumably in their pursuit for oil from Baku and after subsequent discoveries, the entire “middle east”.

    The name is wrong! The Ten tribes lived in IsRaEl.

    Two tribes lived in Judea, a sort of Purdah (?), possibly with the strongest, Judah, the Lion, guarding the sneakiest, the Kohanim, source of a priesthood, Saducees and Pharisees (Parsi?)?

    The disapora meant a break out by the bankers, who were the hated moneychangers who are said, albeit in the New Testament, a fiction, to have close links to Temples, the priestly precincts.

    How come we never hear of the Kohans? The Kahns, Cohens, Cohns, etc, just “Jews”? Are they a banker conspiracy, a gang like the Rathkeale “travellers” or “tinkers”? They still believe in debt slavery? They get to choose which corporations dominate an industry and ensure domination of mass media by Khazar/Kohans?


  3. cadxx says:

    Deep freeze is surely another option for pre-fossilisation?

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    • The obstacle to conventional fossilisation is ignoring putrefaction that starts when “life” leaves a body. The trick is to also “kill” the bacteria and microbes etc., and the only way I can imagine this happening is with a sudden inrush of protons that transform the organism’s EZ water or plasma, to ice. Once everything in the organism is iced up, putrefaction is stopped in its tracks. Raise the temperature or energy state and putrefaction or life restarts spontaneously.

      I don’t understand the actual process of dying when “something” leaves the organism,. but if everything is interconnected at the quantum level, then life isn’t dying, but continuously recycling like vortices appearing and disappearing in a flowing river as shown in the Schauburger videos on water. It also explains why the materialists are right when they assert that the spiritual domain isn’t there or can’t be measured. Much the same as a molecule of water trying to measure the ocean of which it is part. It can only do that if space is constructed between it and the ocean so that it can see, objectively, the ocean as a separation entity. Our mistake is thinking in the existence of discrete objects or particles when physical reality, as Carver Mead shows in his work Collective Electrodynamics, is one continuous weave function and particles only appear when we try to locate them by the activity of thinking. This means the Universe is holographic and not an inert, inanimate created objective assembly of entities or particles. This particle model of the Universe has been constructed by the activity of thinking and the development of narcissistic qualities in humans, and seems to occur when humans are isolated from reality and spend all their waking time in the cage they constructed and carry with them.

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      • Louis, humans are an agglomeration of animals. We have more non-human cells within our personal borders than human ones! Skin surface, gut surface etc. You know this. These do not die when our energy body, think of a quantum computer, leaves to return elsewhere. But do they affect our awareness?

        The idea of original sin is simply that our meat pyjamas, worn at birth or before, obstructs our awareness by that energy body, of the true nature of the universe. Yet as the universe is also made of matter, to alter it, we need those pyjamas!

        You are correct in rejecting religion, as a power structure. All human structures are suspect, as power corrupts…. But awareness of the true aspects of this universe are actually opposed to religion. The worst trick by christian teachings and Goethe, is that “we” have a “soul”. We are the soul and we have an animal body! That will one day decay beyond the path of recovery. Our soul is just another body, containing something else: awareness. Everything is made from an original awareness, including energy and matter. LOGOS, in Greek.

        If EMF in our environment increases, so do our responses. We are sensitive, as are most animals. EMF affects the energy body more than the matter body.

        I hope this helps the reader. The universe is merely a great game, far more so than Britain, India and Russia.


    • No…. When the Mammoths died, instantly, with grass in their mouth, it was due to a 99% vacuum. Outer space. No atmosphere. An inrush of EMF, protons, hot hydrogen atoms sterilised surfaces, as plasma does. The snow formed from the water vapour that had been in the atmosphere.

      Once these frozen bodies are warmed, they do not reveal or proceed to, fossilization, as Louis, says.

      Fossilization means that some or all of the organic object has been replaced by ?transmutation? of matter. We really do not know for sure how long it would take, but a form of EMF maintains the organic structure, long wnough to allow replacement fo thos organics that would decay, with silicaceous material, sometimes making opal, suggesting water may be an integral part of the process.

      I would love to know more


  4. Fabio says:

    A lot of species of certain eras were giants. Canidae up to 2 meters tall and 1 ton heavy, etc. Can you imagine a dog of this size nowadays? It would be impossible for its skeleton and muscles. Mastiffs, for example, often inflamate their joints due to their weigth. Along the time, maybe there were changes of gravity or of atmosphere’s density (what could explain giant arthropods and thin feathers of the first birds) or both.

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    • Continental crust is the old Earth surface, before being expelled from Eden. With the expulsion, came expansion. 60+% on the surface, means that surface area increased 150% from the old Adam. Much of Eve, Luna, was surface crust, but magma also.

      That surface area, 250% of the old, meant a much thinner atmosphere, with much less pressure and probable loss of oxygen a most reactive gas. Animals surface area to volume has limits and these were exceeded. Gravity may have increased also, how ould it not? But as I maintain gravity is the repulsion of the Aether, the blocking of the repulsion by a larger Adam/Earth would not have massively increased. There may be an upper limit on gravity as weight of a human etc. Maybe 2x or less than what we now experience?


  5. cadxx says:

    Louis, I think you will like this: ‘Causes of the Ice Age and Nova, the Greatest Secret of the United States’

    Louis: Further research and Doug Vogt’s model is a sort of holographic one in which consciousness is called information. I’ve purchased his latest iteration of his theory so I’ll hold off until I have read it. It will be a useful distraction from the XML study course I have to complete. Thanks for the heads-up, much appreciated.


    • Heh heh, thanks for the heads-up I sort of remember reading precis of some of his ideas a long time ago. The problem is placing catastrophic solar events on a uniformitarian chronology. Very difficult, if not impossible, to explain, though he’s on track with the scaling factor. Seems totally ignorant of plasma physics, though, so his explanations are controversial. Nova behaviour is a fact however, and I suppose our sun will also, so it depends on one’s creation myth how one psychotically deals with it. The scenario is a bit oxymoronic as well.


  6. cadxx says:

    Regarding the video, I particularly liked the description of how glaciation *works with heat*, something I’ve subscribed to for years. And then the CIA doc stood-out ‘when everything the public knows is wrong, we will know that the CIA has done it’s job’. What came to mind was the late Lloyd Pye’s book titled “Everything you know is Wrong”. Lloyd was ex security services – coincidence? I met him in the flesh some years ago and I have some pictures somewhere.
    Regarding the electric universe: I’m all for it and as I research I become more convinced. However, I find it difficult to give credence to a supposed non-mainstream project that uses particle physics – the biggest scam of the last century – as proof. It’s a crazy world.


    • I came across a 2003 interview of Carver Mead in which he argued that in the Quantum domain it’s all electromagnetic waves, no particles. He mentioned 10ft long electrons and some were working with 1ft neutrons.


      The reason mainstream physics continues with particles is because they can’t apply Newton’s equations to waves. It’s incomprehensible for them. Now mind you, I worked in under ground mining operations and developed a 3D skill from mapping. We usually show frequency as a sine-curve etc on a 2D surface, or piece of paper. What boggles my brain is trying to imagine this in 3D from the 2D representation.

      Crucially what is trying to imagine 3D? Our brains using memories. It’s how we think, regurgitating memories into grammatically defined patterns of thought or speech in order to communicate. Our understanding of the EM spectrum is based on 2D pictures but what is it like in 3D ? I stumbled on one explanation when I initially came across Talbot’s holographic Universe book. I used a computer analogy.

      Assume a computer and you and I are attending our personal VDU and keyboard. We create, or code, a stick person each, and on my VDU I see you, but not me, and you, vice versa.

      What are we standing on? Nothing, blackness. Is there space? No, it’s all black. We then construct a flat plane on which we stand. This plane extends to infinity in all directions but its not thick, it’s only X & Y. We cannot have infinity though peering into the black sky, the location above the flat plane, could be called looking to infinity, mainly because we don’t see anything because it is all black.

      So we transform the flat plane into a spherical surface or sphere on which we both stand. Your virtual self sees me and I you. What’s the distance between us? Zero, We need a third object who sees both of us to see space between you and I. And we are a zero distance apart because we are formed from code or memory in the computer.

      You walk to the antipode of the sphere we are standing on, so we are 190 degrees apart. I can’t see you and neither you, I. How far apart are we in reality? We cannot know as we cannot see each other but we can communicate with each other since we physically happen to be next to each other in the computer lab. The separation exists only in the virtual world of the computer.

      We embellish virtual reality and become totally engrossed in it to such an extend we are no longer aware of sitting next to each other in front of our VDU’s. We now imagine ourselves in our virtual world and soon start to assume it is real and have forgotten reality in the computer lab.

      This is what seems to have happened to humanity – we have become mesmerised by the machinations of our brains constructing virtual reality, a Matrix reality as it were, Because we sense space between ourselves and other objects in our virtual world, we also assume that this relationship has to exist in the Quantum world. But our stick-person identities are not separated from each other in the underlying computer lab domain. The separation only occurs in the imaginal world. Except the scientific materialists believe that The Matrix is real, having lost perception of the underlying reality because of the “noise” the brain makes in the activity of thinking.

      Non-local connection, aka Bell’s Theorem, is proven fact. It does not mean that there is no physical reality as John Gribbin concluded from the experiments verifying non-local connection, but that the underlying reality is consciousness itself, of which we have disconnected from.

      Organised religion, drugs, etc. are all efforts to reconnect with the underlying reality and they will all fail because all are using the very means that caused the disconnection in the first place; thought.

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