Climate Change Pseudoscience

An incontrovertible fact is the existence of atmospheric downwelling infrared radiation that is interpreted to come from CO2. Much intellectual gymnastics are used to use this fact as a feature of the Greenhouse Effect of our atmosphere. It is based on the belief that infrared radiation that is absorbed by CO2 is remitted as downwelling infrared radiation causing warming.


The observed atmospheric downwelling infrared radiation is caused by the flow of electric currents through the atmosphere. (The atmosphere is defined as the physical object between the Earth’s surface and the base of the Ionosphere). That IR radiation does not come from CO2.

Joule heat atmosphere

In other words there is no greenhouse effect since molecules of gas are not thermal batteries. The image was copied from an excellent presentation by Ben Davidson at the 2019 Observing The Frontiers Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

And the fatal flaw in climate science? By restricting the energy input to the Earth as the total solar irradiation, TSI, and assigning the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum to the human contribution to climate change.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers. Chief Editor, New Concepts of Geoplasma Tectonics Journal. When the facts change, I change my mind: What do you do? (attrib. J.M. Keynes)
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6 Responses to Climate Change Pseudoscience

  1. cadxx says:

    Kinda on the same tack, I have had three people lately who have written to me or I to them or both about the origins of our modern electrical technology. Having explained that all of our electrical technology originated in the Victorian era, none of them were in any way phased by the news. Now when I consider that we are bombarded with ‘how modern science has provided all of this’ that no one bothered to ask a single question but just accepted what I told them. What the hell is going-on?


    • Understanding how humans actually think seems to be the path to your question. Briefly, thinking is talking to ourselves internally. Talking to oneself vocally, aka as a soliloquy, is simply thinking out aloud.

      So what are we doing? Recalling sounds that are mapped to written words arranged according to the rules of grammar. Words are thus sonic memories which we can recall and do so automatically since it has become an habit.

      Habits are physical activities that have, from repetition, become ingrained or embedded into our brains until the activity becomes autonomous and subconscious.

      The human brain can only operate one task and if one is thinking, attention is then “focused” internally into our head, and not to the brain’s surrounds. Eyesight then becomes out of focus since the brain is not engaged in interpreting a visual cue.

      Have you noticed many thinking people have poor eyesight? (Further clues can be found in the Bates Method of alleviating visual defects). We also do not see with our eyes so much as it is the brain that looks and sees.

      Which raises the question of who is looking? Or maybe it is “what” is looking? And be aware that this question is being framed by a thinking brain, so one needs to be aware of the presence of circular reasoning or circular thinking.

      Most people are unaware of the content of their thoughts, which we see as no self-awareness. Such unaware individuals tend to think automatically by repeating learned or habituated thought patterns or ideas when stimulated. Cognitive dissonance occurs when a stimulus seriously affects their belief. Bear in mind that thinking is a bio-electrical phenomenon and has to generate a “thought field” that can’t “mesh” as it were, with dissonant external thoughts.

      Which implies one only needs to change one’s own thinking patterns to effect change in the environment we exist, rather than become an evangelist.

      Evangelists, whether Marxist, Christian or Muslim are individuals who cannot change their minds, and thus seek to change the other by persuasion or by force if persuasion fails. Usually fear is used to persuade others, and then the thought inducing the fear IS the problem, and physical violence only the last step of the process. So religious people putting the fear of God into you are actually violent people, since all human action is predicated by thought or applied will.

      What distinguishes the human from the animal is the human ability to abstain from instinctive behavior. In a perverted sense the Judeans are right when they dismiss most of humanity as cattle or animals. So it is human thinking that is the cause of our problem, not so much the content of our thoughts, but the fact that we are constantly thinking all the time, having become addicted to thinking, and thus enslaving our attention in a psychological cage that some have called The Matrix.

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      • cadxx says:

        Is the Matrix the cause or the effect?
        In each reply I referenced Wiki’s “Timeline of electrical and electronic engineering”
        This is without doubt the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed on Wiki. It clearly shows that all of the electronic technology we have today was born during the reign of Victoria 1837 to 1876. It was not until 1897 that Thomson arrived at the electron ‘theory’ having been offered a Nobel prize to do so. Which (according to Nature journal) ‘gave birth to the multi-billion dollar electronics industry’. How does anything manage give birth to something already born? How did Thomson arrive at the electron without using electronics that was not supposed to be there until he invented electronics? What it actually gave birth to was particle physics non-science that became a constraint on electrical inventiveness – science – education – mindset – brain-fog. I’m not prepared to believe that this was accidental.


      • The Matrix seems to be an effect generated by human thinking. It has no life on its own and better compared with the religious ideas of heaven or paradise.


    • Dan_Kurt says:

      RE: “all of our electrical technology originated in the Victorian era” cadxx

      If you haven’t looked into or heard of Eric P. Dollard, now is the time. In this Google is your friend although I rely on Duck Duck Go.

      Physics went off the rails early in the 20th century. Electricity made the wrong turn with the passing of Charles Steinmetz & Tesla being thwarted. Dollard has been stymied his entire career & he is old now but still preaching to those who will listen.

      Dan Kurt

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      • cadxx says:

        Thanks Dan_Kurt
        I know and love Eric P Dollard and also Ken Wheeler. Ken’s book can be found on my Books and Doc’s page for free.


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