More Climate Hysteria, Polar Wandering and Extinction

The geomagnetic field is believed to be generated by an internal dynamo mechanism and usually represented graphically by a bar magnet. Except that when we want to magnetise something, say a lump of ferrite to make an audio loudspeaker magnet, we place the ferrite inside a coil of copper wire and attach a large battery to the coil to generate a massive transient electric current that induces a magnetic field, or dipole, in the ferrite which then becomes magnetic. It’s the only way known to make magnets and thus magnetic fields.

  1. The Earth has an overall negative electric charge at its surface. Fact.
  2. It has an outer shell of positive electric charge that is the ionosphere. Fact.
  3. Further out into space there are two co-rotating Van Allen Belts, an inside one with positive charge, and an outer one with negative charge. Fact.
  4. Moving electric charges are called electric currents. Fact.
  5. Co-rotating electrical torii produce magnetic dipoles. Fact.

The Earth’s resultant geomagnetic field is thus the sum of at least 4 dynamic, co-rotating shells of electric charges, resulting in its quadrature nature. The outer Van Allen belt and earth surface rotating negative electric charges form the normal component of the geomagnetic field. The co-rotating positive charges, the inner Van Allen belt and ionosphere, form the inverse magnetic field. Together they form the dynamic composite geomagnetic field that is modulated by space weather. Polar wander occurs when either the normal or inverse magnetic fields change in strength. (There is a belief that the subsurface MOHO might represent another positive electric charge from thermionic emission but this cannot be tested in situ and hence not included in the model proposed here).

At present the resultant geomagnetic field is normal but as the solar magnetic field decreases in strength, (current drop) indicated by sunspot activity, the Earth’s normal field starts to weaken and allows an increase in the atmospheric positive electric charges to occur, thereby further strengthening the inverse field component. The relative changes in the normal and inverse magnetic fields then results in apparent magnetic polar wander. Physically the Earth remains rotating around its present axis and does not move.

The magnetic polar wandering isn’t caused by some unknown changes in some fictitious internal dynamo either, but from the logical outcome of the changing electric charge of the two major rotating charge shells that the Earth is centred in, the surface-ionosphere plasma double layer and the Van Allen Belts. The internal dynamo model was appropriate 100 years ago when no one knew of the solar wind, solar plasma and the Van Allen Belts. Today the facts have changed but the scientific problem is that we didn’t change our dynamo theory in the light of the new data or facts. As the famous British economist John Maynard Keynes put it, when the facts change, he changes his mind; what do we do? It’s called psychological habituation, or scientific stasis might be a better description. It should also be realised that the polar wander inferred from the paleo-geophysical data does not mean the continents moved. The present crustal motion from GPS data seems more due to thermal relaxation and shrinkage than to the horizontal motion from plate tectonics.

An increase in atmospheric positive electric charge, generally an increase in protons, from whatever source, will also cause additional physical disruption of the atmosphere caused by the catastrophic motion of large volumes of positive electric charges driven by various horizontal surface electric fields. Increase in atmospheric positive electric charge thus causes large changes in the weather systems as presently observed. And accompanying those changes in weather are the wandering poles. (Wandering who?)

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and massive atmospheric storms are probably caused by changes in the earth’s internal and external electric charge states, modulated by changes in the solar system dynamics, or space weather, which are then driven or forced by variations in the galaxy’s dynamics. And like the proverbial flea on the end of the elephant’s tail, we can’t do anything about it.

The geological record is thus replete with extinct life forms, preserved in the various sediments as the remnants of previous catastrophes as controversially documented in the biblical Old Testament, for example. Are these changes cyclic? Probably. Will they occur in the future? Maybe, if the past is a key. But who knows? The future is, after all, unpredictable, and the past cannot really tell us what the future holds.

The fact is the Earth is undergoing continual geological change as it degasses and reacts to the waning compressive forces, the plasma z-pinches, that formed it. The Earth’s biosphere is thus continuously adapting and changing in response to these changing environmental states. The newborn initially appears compatible with the physical environment it is born into, but behavioural habits start to build up as the life-form matures, to then become progressively incompatible with the changing environment; this process is biological ageing and hence biological evolution via procreation. Physical ageing is our response to climate change while paranoia and fear our psychological response to the same climate changes our ancestors experienced and which we dimly sense as a traumatic species collective subconscious memory we seem unable to free ourselves from and which has morphed into religion.

Biological species adapt to population culling catastrophes by population explosions so enough will survive to continue the process of evolution once the latest catastrophe wanes into the collective memory. Most life forms forget the past except humans who seem unable to free themselves from that past. (This memory is not Sheldrakian memory, by the way). We do this by becoming habituated to some specific pattern of thinking. Thinking is the continuous retrieval and repetition of memories until the process becomes automatic. Psychological addiction as it might be described, and no different to being addicted to chemical drugs. Constant thinking also causes us to isolate ourselves from reality by retreating either into our platonic mind caves and focussing our attention internally, or like young people isolating themselves from reality with ear-pods and music players.

The Earth’s climate is changing because the Earth is geologically changing, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

We are not causing climate change but it is changing us. And we will become as extinct as our ancestors who, and not extra-terrestrial aliens, built the megalithic structures, pyramids and polygonal stone works that litter the surface of the Earth and which continue mystifying us. We are them, as they say, except we don’t realise it because our cultural creation myths, based in fear, and assuaged by our metaphysical beliefs, led to the framing of the geological uniformitarian meme or paradigm during the 19th century. This has resulted in a completely disconnected, nonsensical geological framework devoid of catastrophe that has become the Western World’s cultural creation myth.

Species extinctions are normal and the means by which Life adapts to macro climate changes. Climate change is thus evolutionary. However, our metaphysical beliefs in the existence of abstract souls, egos, me, I, Id, are delusionary. But we believe them in order to escape the collective traumatic memories our species acquired from our ancestors during their catastrophic past. Our primary fear is losing our minds, souls or egos, not realising that those abstractions were the very means by which we initially used to cope with the Bronze Age catastrophes in the first place.

Gould and Eldridge were right, biological evolution is indeed punctuated. But to cope with all this depends on how quickly one can lose one’s religion, and the primal ancestral fear of climate change.

Update: I have purposefully ignored telluric currents as contributing to the geomagnetic field because these need to be aligned along the Earth’ equator and there doesn’t appear to be any evidence for this. Plate boundaries might be the locus of telluric currents however. And my apologies if the model here is too simplistic.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers. Chief Editor, New Concepts of Geoplasma Tectonics Journal. When the facts change, I change my mind: What do you do? (attrib. J.M. Keynes)
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4 Responses to More Climate Hysteria, Polar Wandering and Extinction

  1. THX1138 says:

    Rare tornado forms at 13,200 feet in Bolivia – Possibly one of the highest-altitude tornadoes ever observed — Earth Changes —


  2. Delighted to find out the charge of the Van Allen belt is as I had imagined it. Graeme Bird here by the way. Is there something similar going on in the Sun’s Corona?

    I’ve developed an idea that might turn out to be old hat. Probably related to stuff that you told me a dozen years ago. I’ve got this idea of the homosphere and then above it that gasses line up in accordance to molecular weight. Thats mainstream so far. So that you end up with helium than hydrogen near the top layers. Then you get protons then electrons. So that at this point you get charge separation indirectly as a function of gravity. Simply because electrons are lighter than protons and that we therefore have charge separation indirectly as a mere side effect of gravity but it turns out to be an even bigger deal almost than the gravity itself.

    When I would glean a lot of stuff from you a dozen years ago I didn’t understand much of it at the time. So I may be simply reinventing stuff you already pointed out I’m not sure.

    But anyway I have a bit of a twist to it. The charge separation leads to charge buildup. Which because space, or rather aether is a resistor, leads to heat buildup … so far this may be in line with stuff I read here a long time ago or asked you about at Marohasy’s place.

    But the twist I’ve put on this is that this charge and thermal energy buildup is PRISTINE ENERGY. You see I’ve deep-sixed this idea of the conservation of mass and energy. To me this is not merely wrong, it cannot be right, for were it true there would be no mass and no energy. So it remains for us to figure out where all the new energy is coming from and where it disappears to.

    So I’m saying energy is produced anew by this charge separation, and also we see new energy in the orbiting of two or more large bodies. Any thoughts Louis?


    • Graeme,
      I’ve changed my thinking substantially the last few days after watching some of the 2019 EU conference in Bath, UK. The focus is on the quantum domain and the behaviour of protons, electrons, and quarks etc one level further down.

      I’m assuming monistic idealism as a starting point. Consciousness is the quantum domain from which 3-D reality is formed as a continuum. I do not divide reality into quantum-3D-metaphysical either because these domains are human constructs. The universe seems to be a holographic plasma one where everything are waves modulated by consciousness, whatever THAT is.

      No one has ever isolated either electrons or protons. Why? Because they are not discrete particles. Discrete particles are bounded volumes of matter separated by space. What is space? Is it physical? No, space cannot be physical, as it is imagined by consciousness which is forming the reality we exist.

      One trick I use to use FM radios when the signal is weak is to grasp the antenna and lo, signal becomes stronger. How? By induction, which means we are mainly space. Wal Thornhill uses a good example of the atom – nucleus is a golf ball in the middle of the sports stadium, and the electron is a shell well outside the stadium. What’s between the nucleus and 1st E shell? Space.

      Charge separation is not seen but definitely sensed, as I occasionally discover when I remove the battery out of the quad RV vehicles on the farm. I think charge separation is driven by consciousness, and probably is consciousness itself. We could assume ghosts are diffuse plasmas? That’s probably where the energy comes from. It is mind boggling as well, so I don’t think too much on it. Boggling an addled brain seems not a useful thing to do.

      Also what we call mind, or consciousness is simply the outcome of thought habits that are piled on top of a more subtle consciousness that drives the organism. Karl Pribram decades ago discovered that a stimulus like a pin-prick is sensed first by the human body’s subtle consciousness, and then after a second or so by our attention or senses. As our consciousness is also enfolded from the quantum consciousness, we seem to have two minds as it were. The waking identify we normally think as consciousness, and the subconsciousness that is the quantum level. That’s why I use the 2-way radio metaphor.

      As for orbiting planets, I don’t know. What is strange to me is the observation that the Earth is locked in place but buffeted by the solar wind drawn as a bow shock wave etc. Fact is, why doesn’t the solar wind push the planet outwards? Gravity? No way – the soalr forces are > 10^42 than gravity. Unless it’s all a wave function and the planets are resonance structures in some underlying continuum.

      We need to rethink this from scratch using the wave function/consciousness as the start.


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