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Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.

Tanja Tales

The fire that happened at Tathra over 17 to 19 March, 2018, resulted in significant destruction of houses etc.,  and generally a sad event. I live north of the main area of the destruction and experienced, first hand, the weather … Continue reading

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Hypatia Stone

I’ve received a head’s up on  a recent Thunderbolts Space News episode featuring Peter ‘Mungo’ Jupp where I get a mention concerning an anachronistic Aboriginal narrative about diamond pipe formation in the Western Australia Kimberley region. My present guess about … Continue reading

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Loess Deposits and Kimberlites

Loess deposits are surficial accumulations of air-borne, silt-sized yellowish surficial deposits frequently cemented by carbonates.  The deposits are interpreted as the erosional products of glacial terrains on the basis of the mineralogy.  However the actual provenance of the deposits remains … Continue reading

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I’ve recently noticed a new geological phrase in use – “Deep Time”, for example: Do we junk notions of ‘deep time’ and geology as a way of understanding the world simply because the depositional record is incomplete in places? Source … Continue reading

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Quaternary Quandaries

One of the more amusing moments in my career as a geologist was the explanation,  by the senior mine geologist at the Kambalda nickel mines, George White, for my expertise in geostatistics.  His reasoning was that as Holland had no … Continue reading

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Atlantis ?

Amazing what the South American jungles hide: Laser Scans Reveal 60,000 Previously Unknown Maya Structures Hidden in the Central American Jungle! Pyramids and complex structures that I will interpret, sitting on a very long limb, to be the remnants of Atlantis … Continue reading

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For better or worse but WordPress isn’t the easiest of online publication methods to master.  I often wonder whether software engineers” actually understand how humans think and act when they code software. I suspect its because they don’t know how … Continue reading

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