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Hypatia Stone

I’ve received a head’s up on  a recent Thunderbolts Space News episode featuring Peter ‘Mungo’ Jupp where I get a mention concerning an anachronistic Aboriginal narrative about diamond pipe formation in the Western Australia Kimberley region. My present guess about … Continue reading

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Loess Deposits and Kimberlites

Loess deposits are surficial accumulations of air-borne, silt-sized yellowish surficial deposits frequently cemented by carbonates.  The deposits are interpreted as the erosional products of glacial terrains on the basis of the mineralogy.  However the actual provenance of the deposits remains … Continue reading

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Quaternary Quandaries

One of the more amusing moments in my career as a geologist was the explanation,  by the senior mine geologist at the Kambalda nickel mines, George White, for my expertise in geostatistics.  His reasoning was that as Holland had no … Continue reading

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Snap Frozen Heffalumps

The Martin Armstrong Economics site has yet again focussed on the problem of explaining snap freezing wooly mammoths and mastodons that retain their last meal(s) in their stomachs.  To the mainstream it remains a mystery. To readers of this blog … Continue reading

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Lunar Lunacies

Historical revisionism seems to create all sorts of unintended consequences such as a digression described by Tim Cullen at Malaga Bay where he suspects the Julian Calendar, first implemented by Julius Caesar in 65 BC, seems to have been based … Continue reading

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Medieval Madness or Mainstream Mountains of Muddles

Sacha Dobler has written on the Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th Century . In its latest version the postscript is a translated excerpt from a Konrad von Megenberg, 1349 The Book of Nature, 2. Part: earthquake p. … Continue reading

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Geographical Conundrums

Gunnar Heinsohn’s latest work, Discussion Issues, in Polish and English, in which he summarises the 700 year historical hiatus, roughly from 3rd century CE to 10th C CE, during which the Roman Empire collapsed, quoted the greek geographer Strabo: “fleet … Continue reading

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