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Lunar Lunacies

Historical revisionism seems to create all sorts of unintended consequences such as a digression described by Tim Cullen at Malaga Bay where he suspects the Julian Calendar, first implemented by Julius Caesar in 65 BC, seems to have been based … Continue reading

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Medieval Madness or Mainstream Mountains of Muddles

Sacha Dobler has written on the Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th Century¬†. In its latest version the postscript is a translated excerpt from a Konrad von Megenberg, 1349 The Book of Nature, 2. Part: earthquake p. … Continue reading

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Geographical Conundrums

Gunnar Heinsohn’s latest work, Discussion Issues, in Polish and English, in which he summarises the 700 year historical hiatus, roughly from 3rd century CE to 10th C CE, during which the Roman Empire collapsed, quoted the greek geographer Strabo: “fleet … Continue reading

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Ginenthal – Darwin and Velikovsky – 2017 Latest book.

I’m presently reading the late Charlie Ginenthal’s book refuting Darwinism. One point made is the inability of the Darwinists to take on board the various criticisms of Darwin’s theory – itself based on the other Charlie’s Principles of (Empire) Geology. … Continue reading

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More Fabrication of History?

Frontpage Mag published a rather controversial article, “Taboo Truths About The Comanche” by Danusha V. Goska on 11 October 2017. It is based on archaeological data supporting the evidence of cannibalism in North America during the period 900 AD and … Continue reading

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Gravity and Oceans

Introduction The Google Earth software has turned out to be an excellent tool for observing the Earth’s surface features though it cannot be considered the direct equivalent of an optical camera since much image processing is needed to produce the … Continue reading

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Inca Instances

One of the more mysterious occurrences over the world are the so-called Inca Walls, precisely quarried and dressed stones forming walls and other constructions principally in the South Americas.  These stone walls are more widespread than one realises with remnants … Continue reading

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