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The Melvin Effect

  Last night I did not sleep well, and woke up in an uncomfortable state that usually meant a dose of Isordil to lower the blood pressure. That happens when atmospheric disturbances occur in the area in which I live. … Continue reading

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Romans, Christians and Gods

Armstrong Economics posted an interesting comment about the Romans commemorating the persecution of Christians on coinage.  From the post: QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; The Romans seem to have issued coins to celebrate everything. Did they ever issue coins celebrating the Christian persecutions? … Continue reading

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Eocene Enigmas

Update: Tim Cullen has added more unsettling aspects to this “event”. One of history’s mysteties is the presence of a Roman aqueduct at the base of the open-cut lignite mine NW of Cologne in Germany, the Garzweiler-Elsbachtal mine. Roman buildings … Continue reading

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Climate Changing

The solar index seems to be indicating a reduction in solar energy, which means a reduction in the plasma forcing currents powering the Sun and by Ampere’s Law, the currents passing through the planets and our Earth.  Like an electric … Continue reading

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Asteroid Impact 100% ???

I shouldn’t waste time reading apocalyptic announcements but when it’s blithely asserted that The Earth will be hit by a devastating asteroid capable of destroying all, or most, of life on the planet, says a group of scientists and former … Continue reading

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Oil Sands – Oily Problems

Update: The big problem is explaining how a land animal, the Nodosaur, a large armoured vegetarian dinosaur, was doing in a tree-less marine environment, in a restful pose as if simply asleep. The vast oil sand deposits in Alberta, Canada, … Continue reading

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Exogenous Roman Empire Collapse

A new book “The Fate Of Rome: Climate, Disease, & The End of An Empire” by Kyle Harper and published by Princeton University Press, Kindle version downplays the mainstream view popularised by Edward Gibbon ‘In his famous words, “The decline of … Continue reading

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