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Sahara Blues

Jimmy Bright has posted an interesting update on the Sahara Desert formation with ancient cities and other unknown civilisation structures buried under the sand. The YouTube video is below. For me it’s back tyo square one, though the Saharan desert … Continue reading

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America Before – Some Initial Comments

I skimmed Graham Hancock’s latest book, America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilisation, available, inter alia, Kindle, and noted some interesting facts concerning the early Spanish and Portuguese discovery of Central and South America; The driving force for the … Continue reading

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Revelations and Catastrophes

An interesting post on the Unz Review by Linh Dinh quoting. Inter alia, some passages in the Book of Revelation: With its eschatological Bible, the West is constantly haunted by its death and hypothetical rebirth. Its apocalyptic imagination is unmatched. … Continue reading

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Situation Improving

Graham Hancock has released a YouTube video about the cataclysm of ~ 12,800 years BP. the subject of his latest book. It’s interesting and I may not wholly agree with it, but the thinking is in the right direction. The … Continue reading

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Comment on Catastrophic Uniformitarianism, An Oxymoron.

I’ve finished watching the video in the previous post and as a first pass conclusion it’s seems to be another millennial prophesy of doom and gloom, but based on a more scientific analysis of observations. The problem with this scenario … Continue reading

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Catastrophic Uniformitarianism

The Suspicious Obsververs group has posted an interesting Youtube video presentation on earthly catastrophes in terms of the prevailing paradigm of uniformitarianism. Enjoy

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Comets and Catastrophes

The Thunderbolts team have posted another timely Space News, this time on cometary impacts on the Earth. Enjoy.

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