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Tanja Tales

The fire that happened at Tathra over 17 to 19 March, 2018, resulted in significant destruction of houses etc.,  and generally a sad event. I live north of the main area of the destruction and experienced, first hand, the weather … Continue reading

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Lunar Lunacies

Historical revisionism seems to create all sorts of unintended consequences such as a digression described by Tim Cullen at Malaga Bay where he suspects the Julian Calendar, first implemented by Julius Caesar in 65 BC, seems to have been based … Continue reading

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Geographical Conundrums

Gunnar Heinsohn’s latest work, Discussion Issues, in Polish and English, in which he summarises the 700 year historical hiatus, roughly from 3rd century CE to 10th C CE, during which the Roman Empire collapsed, quoted the greek geographer Strabo: “fleet … Continue reading

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Changing Climate Changes

A popular view that one or more cometary impacts affected the Earth 12,900 years ago, initiating the Younger Dryas period, triggering rapid climate change, seems to have been debunked by recent research according to the GeologyPage website. One line of … Continue reading

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Energy Imbalances and Global Warming

T’is Spring and today, Saturday 23 March, in NSW, it’s unusually hot with a total fire ban. Climate changers would insist we humans caused it. Intelligent people would realize that after a couple of weeks of extremely intense weather phenomena, … Continue reading

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Hurricanes & Power

In a general sense the electric-earth circuit has solar current entering/exiting the poles and the equatorial belt where cyclonic atmospheric disturbances occur.  The principal route is equator to the ionosphere where positive charge travels – ionosphere to ground, and negative … Continue reading

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Harvey Happenings

Looks like Hurricane Harvey dumped a lot of water onto the south eastern part of Texas causing immense flooding and destruction of property – a natural disaster if there was one.  The geological implications are interesting, though, for the sheer … Continue reading

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