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Historical Revisionism

One of the reasons geologists don’t involve themselves with human history and the geological record is a result of the dominance of the Darwinian Evolution paradigm and its antecedent, Lyellian geological uniformitarianism. In this paradigm humans and their civilisations are … Continue reading

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Earth Expansion – Spontaneous or Driven?

One of the more peculiar facts surrounding diamond is its apparent crystalline stability at the Earth’s surface, and behind the De Beers’ famous marketing jingle Diamonds are Forever. Why don’t diamonds spontaneously break down into graphite? Why are diamonds used … Continue reading

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Hot Earth Lacking Heat Source

Real Clear Science published an article lamenting that science can only explain half of the Earth’s internal heat. They believe that the earth’s heat sources are from radioactive decay products and residual heat when the planet was first formed. Some … Continue reading

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Expanding Earth & Misplaced Plasma Theory

One of the problems facing Earth Expansion Theory (EET) is the absence of a plausible physical mechanism to produce expansion. The largest obstacle the EET’s have is countering the mechanism of gravitational accretion that the gravity model assumes to occur … Continue reading

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Total silence on the drill-hole gravity problem described at Malaga Bay. Obviously the gravitationalists are stumped.

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Hydritic Earth Theory

Hydritic Earth Theory seems another of those fringe theories confronting Plate Tectonics and like the latter suffers from Lyellianism, that: “In Earth Science, a most fundamental premise is that the chemical composition of the planet is the basis for its … Continue reading

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Out of Place Soils

Most of my professional career as a diamond exploration geologist was traipsing over the country sampling soils and drainages for kimberlitic indicator minerals, and successfully too I might add. ┬áSome preliminaries though: The geological profession can be categorised into two … Continue reading

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