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Hawaii Geothermal Energy Problem

¬† The photo above is a spectacular image of the continuing lava flow at the Kilauea Volcano (more here) and the question what is powering this massive production of basaltic lava remain problematical. The mainstream view is that radiogenic heat … Continue reading

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Continental Undrift

Above is a prize winning Japanese rendition of the Earth’s land surface showing minimal spatial distortion compared to the standard Mercator projection. Fitting South America onto Africa now becomes a bit of problem for not only continental drift theory but … Continue reading

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Tells and Mesas

Tim Cullen at Malaga Bay posted up another thought provoking comment concerning Arabia, and used a photo of a Tell. On seeing this I immediately recognised the geological implications, (this one being Tell Barri in Syria). Tell Barri¬†(By Zoeperkoe / … Continue reading

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The Bloody Obvious from The Scientific Method

I’ve been in the mineral exploration and mining industry for most of my professional life, except for a short period during the early 1980’s when, unlike my peers, many who either left the profession or drove taxis to put bread … Continue reading

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Velikovsky, Freud and Geology

Geoscience Canada, Volume 2, Number 2. April, 1975, Page 109 Velikovsky, Freud and Geology George Grinnell Department of History, McMaster University, Hamilton,Ontario “Thus from the Geological evidence,” Velikovsky writes in the back of Earth in Upheaval, “we came to the … Continue reading

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NICE and Oil

The only reason NATO and the Anglosphere are in the Middle East is to secure the oil. It seems the New York Times, among others, doesn’t understand the motive for the latest killing of civilians in France by muslims a … Continue reading

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Orlando and Oil

Thierry Meyssan has penned an interesting opinion that “The Drop in oil prices upsets the geopolitical chessboard“. His interpretation is based on the fallacies of Peak Oil theory initially proposed by M. King Hubbert, but based on the earlier economic … Continue reading

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