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The Scientific Method

This is becoming repetitious but it’s worth doing because it seems clear that what we call science isn’t, and has, instead, started to become a religion or issue of faith. In mineral exploration searching for buried mineral deposits involves using … Continue reading

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Expanding Earth & Misplaced Plasma Theory

One of the problems facing Earth Expansion Theory (EET) is the absence of a plausible physical mechanism to produce expansion. The largest obstacle the EET’s have is countering the mechanism of gravitational accretion that the gravity model assumes to occur … Continue reading

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Cavendish Conundrums

The Gravitational Constant, G, is determined by the Cavendish Experiment, but as Rupert Sheldrake has noted in one of his You Tube lectures, Big G varies and no one understands why. The plane of motion of the oscillating test objects … Continue reading

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Electrons and Electric Fields

The famous Millikan oil-drop experiment involved observing suspended minute oil-drops falling under gravity and then under an applied electric field which stopped the downward motion. There are quite a few descriptions of the experiment on the Internet, this being one of … Continue reading

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Cul De Sac’s

I’ve found myself in an intellectual cul-de-sac after discovering the solar wind is comprised of protons and also electrons travelling in the same direction in the solar electric field.  Either the space probes are simply picking up the presence of … Continue reading

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Total silence on the drill-hole gravity problem described at Malaga Bay. Obviously the gravitationalists are stumped.

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Solar Gravity ? And Science Marches on

It seems NASA has been busy studying the Sun with the latest technology and imagery enhancement to conclude that the solid sun is comprised of a calcium-ferrite core 4,500 km underneath the photosphere as described in great detail here. There … Continue reading

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