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Whirling Lava ?

Here’s an interesting video of whirling lava just after an earthquake. The standard explanation is that thermal uplift causes the rotational motion.  This is physically impossible and a nonesense. It’s fake science. The whirling vortex is produced by a field … Continue reading

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Water & Electricity

Physicist Eugene Bagashov reports on some recent experiments with water in the following two Youtube videos. Some years back, before I retired in 2009, I suggested to aspiring Perth University post students at an Aus. Inst. Geoscientists students seminar that … Continue reading

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Hawaii and Volcanic Activity

Martin Armstrong’s software system, Socrates, forecasts some serious cooling to 2024 by a decrease in the Sun’s output and an increase in volcanic activity on the Earth. If we consider the solar system to be a series of electrically interconnected … Continue reading

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Gravity Again

I’ve been relaxing listening to some Brahms symphony streaming down the internet on the hi-fi and reading some old posts Tim Cullen published on his Malagabay Blog, in particular the post Miles Mathis – The Fourth Phase of Water. It … Continue reading

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Asteroid Impact 100% ???

I shouldn’t waste time reading apocalyptic announcements but when it’s blithely asserted that The Earth will be hit by a devastating asteroid capable of destroying all, or most, of life on the planet, says a group of scientists and former … Continue reading

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Fake Diamond News

It must be a slow news month (it’s the Christmas holiday period after all) and the Geology website reports Unique Diamonds Discovered in frozen lava sample from Kamchatka. Except that the largest diamond found was 700 microns or 0.007 mm and … Continue reading

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Expanding Earth Theories or Models

One of the main objections to the Carey model of earth expansion was Carey’s invocation of the creation of mass inside the Earth’s core to fuel interpreted earth expansion. Creation of matter from nothing is not scientific, but earth expansion … Continue reading

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