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Earth Rotation Physics

What drives the Earth’s daily rotation? The mainstream view attributes it to the spinning accretion disk during the solar system and hence the earth’s creation 4.6 billion yrears ago. This mechanism is nothing other than a perpetual motion machine. Some … Continue reading

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Getting Religion

The highlight of the week is This Week In Pictures on the Powerline Blog. This week a nail was emphatically driven into the nature of religion. During the Pagan times the gods were many and some the planets.  The statements made … Continue reading

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Catastrophic Reality and Religion

Winter is a useful time to attend to unimportant matters since the seasons and weather stop any useful work outside. Brain exercise then becomes dominant and to while away time reorganising the hi fi, figuring out how to get output … Continue reading

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The Melvin Effect

  Last night I did not sleep well, and woke up in an uncomfortable state that usually meant a dose of Isordil to lower the blood pressure. That happens when atmospheric disturbances occur in the area in which I live. … Continue reading

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Trees and Electricity

The naval nephew is quite observant.  The other day he mentioned that living trees seem to resist strong horizontal winds and not fall over while under similar circumstances dead trees do.  He attributed this to electricity where living trees seem … Continue reading

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Shapes, Flakes and Liths

Snow flakes came in all sorts of exquisite shapes So do Coccoliths Which causes one to wonder if there is some connective forcing between them. Many decades ago Texan sedimentologist Robert Folk sampled some sand dunes using sticky tape.  He … Continue reading

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Miocene Conniptions at Wattsupwiddat

There’s a bit of fun centred on the Miocene Geological period at the Watts up With That website by David Middleton concerning the extrapolation of the Miocene period as a possible scenario for the looming Carbon Climate Change Challengeing future. … Continue reading

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