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Holographic Plovers

A few weeks ago the farm was host to a pair of nesting plovers supervising four eggs like the ones depicted below. Nesting and nursing plovers also tend to defend its hatchlings rather vigorously. The plover family were all present, … Continue reading

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More Fabrication of History?

Frontpage Mag published a rather controversial article, “Taboo Truths About The Comanche” by Danusha V. Goska on 11 October 2017. It is based on archaeological data supporting the evidence of cannibalism in North America during the period 900 AD and … Continue reading

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Changing Climate Changes

A popular view that one or more cometary impacts affected the Earth 12,900 years ago, initiating the Younger Dryas period, triggering rapid climate change, seems to have been debunked by recent research according to the GeologyPage website. One line of … Continue reading

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Anachronistic T-Rexes

I’ve previously suggested that the enormous and long walls such as the Great Wall of China  constructed by our ancestors, along with walls around cities and moats around castles, were more to do with keeping wildlife out than anything else. … Continue reading

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Plate Tectonic Problems?

I received a heads-up on a recent published paper in Geophysical Research Letters by Wang, Kusky and Capitanio, titled Ancient Continental Lithosphere Dislocated Beneath Ocean Basins along the Mid-Lithosphere Discontinuity: A Hypothesis. The hypothesis is purported to explain the presence of anomalous … Continue reading

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Gravity and Oceans

Introduction The Google Earth software has turned out to be an excellent tool for observing the Earth’s surface features though it cannot be considered the direct equivalent of an optical camera since much image processing is needed to produce the … Continue reading

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Inca Instances

One of the more mysterious occurrences over the world are the so-called Inca Walls, precisely quarried and dressed stones forming walls and other constructions principally in the South Americas.  These stone walls are more widespread than one realises with remnants … Continue reading

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