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Hydritic Earth Theory

Hydritic Earth Theory seems another of those fringe theories confronting Plate Tectonics and like the latter suffers from Lyellianism, that: “In Earth Science, a most fundamental premise is that the chemical composition of the planet is the basis for its … Continue reading

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Out of Place Soils

Most of my professional career as a diamond exploration geologist was traipsing over the country sampling soils and drainages for kimberlitic indicator minerals, and successfully too I might add. ¬†Some preliminaries though: The geological profession can be categorised into two … Continue reading

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Quartz Sand Silliness

I was checking up on the meaning of the phrase “Granite-wash” that is the source rock for natural gas in Oklahoma and Texas.¬† It seems that some deep drilling was done years ago and the hole stopped in molten sulphur … Continue reading

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The Fourth State Of Matter, Matters A Great Deal

Plasma physics is based on the fact that there are four states of physical matter, solid, liquid, gas and plasma, the last being ionised versions of the first three. Gerry Pollack has identified a fourth phase of water, EZ water … Continue reading

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Tsunamis & Deluges

There seems to be a fairly popular belief that tsunamis, or seismically initiated hydraulic waves, are capable of mass transport of sediment including enormous boulders, gravels, cobbles, sands and silts, as inferred from various sedimentary strata and unlithified accumulations of … Continue reading

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Fossil Fuel – The Conundrum

I have given up asserting coal, petroleum and natural gas are fossil fuels. The target audience seems deaf or in this politically correct climate, hearing challenged. These commodities are called fossil fuels because our culture, which is based on the … Continue reading

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The Third Grave Error

Newton’s third law of motion states: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body. If this were the case there … Continue reading

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