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Loess Deposits and Kimberlites

Loess deposits are surficial accumulations of air-borne, silt-sized yellowish surficial deposits frequently cemented by carbonates.  The deposits are interpreted as the erosional products of glacial terrains on the basis of the mineralogy.  However the actual provenance of the deposits remains … Continue reading

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Quaternary Quandaries

One of the more amusing moments in my career as a geologist was the explanation,  by the senior mine geologist at the Kambalda nickel mines, George White, for my expertise in geostatistics.  His reasoning was that as Holland had no … Continue reading

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Atlantis ?

Amazing what the South American jungles hide: Laser Scans Reveal 60,000 Previously Unknown Maya Structures Hidden in the Central American Jungle! Pyramids and complex structures that I will interpret, sitting on a very long limb, to be the remnants of Atlantis … Continue reading

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I have friends, or more truthfully acquaintances, who are members of one of the Christian evangelical sects who live from messianic arrival to the next messianic arrival, all the time praying that next time it will happen and they will … Continue reading

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Geological Modeling

One of the more interesting activities retired geologists spend time on is figuring out geological history.  There seem to be two approaches, the first starting from the present and working backwards along the chronological path and the second by starting … Continue reading

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Fabrication of History

Life at the farm has returned to normal and one startling observation made was the ease with which progressives or lefties, collectivists, etc, fabricate “history”.  I personally experienced it this Christmas when, in total absence of any evidence, a looneyport … Continue reading

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Snap Frozen Heffalumps

The Martin Armstrong Economics site has yet again focussed on the problem of explaining snap freezing wooly mammoths and mastodons that retain their last meal(s) in their stomachs.  To the mainstream it remains a mystery. To readers of this blog … Continue reading

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