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Humpty Dumpty Moments

A Kibbutz is a collective and as socialistic as one could imagine. Self identifying as Israeli is as nationalistic as one could be. So members of an Israeli Kibbutz are what? National socialists? Which leads to the use of the defense … Continue reading

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Darwin and Velikovsky – Ginenthal

I’ve finally finished reading Charles Ginenthal’s last book, published posthumously, about a new theory explaining biological evolution.  Not so new in that others have previously proposed it, but in this work Ginenthal supplies a lot of physical evidence in support … Continue reading

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Ginenthal – Darwin and Velikovsky – 2017 Latest book.

I’m presently reading the late Charlie Ginenthal’s book refuting Darwinism. One point made is the inability of the Darwinists to take on board the various criticisms of Darwin’s theory – itself based on the other Charlie’s Principles of (Empire) Geology. … Continue reading

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A quick glance at a pie chart summarizing the world’s religions is a useful reality check for those eager to proselytize whatever it is they wish to convert the rest of humanity to. 84% of humanity believes in a supreme … Continue reading

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More Fabrication of History?

A recent Property and Freedom Society talk by Sean Gabb on the utility of the Classics, namely the study of Greek and Latin, and their cultures, mentioned that the Greeks and Romans were most of time under the influence of … Continue reading

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Changing Climate Changes

A popular view that one or more cometary impacts affected the Earth 12,900 years ago, initiating the Younger Dryas period, triggering rapid climate change, seems to have been debunked by recent research according to the GeologyPage website. One line of … Continue reading

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Gravity and Oceans

Introduction The Google Earth software has turned out to be an excellent tool for observing the Earth’s surface features though it cannot be considered the direct equivalent of an optical camera since much image processing is needed to produce the … Continue reading

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