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Quaternary Quandaries

One of the more amusing moments in my career as a geologist was the explanation,  by the senior mine geologist at the Kambalda nickel mines, George White, for my expertise in geostatistics.  His reasoning was that as Holland had no … Continue reading

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By the way

I’m reading a book “The Chronicles Of A Cassandra: The Dark Matters Of Science” by Alan Wade, (Available from Kindle etc). There is a section dealing with the Earth’s Moon.  The Greek’s and Romans spoke of an older people who … Continue reading

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Scythian Situations

I’m reading Ginenthal’s first of the Pillars of History series again in which it is shown the Sumerians never existed and were actually the Chaldeans, (Gunnar Heinsohn’s interpretation).  Associated with this argument was the identification of the Scythians who had … Continue reading

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Darwin and Velikovsky – Ginenthal

I’ve finally finished reading Charles Ginenthal’s last book, published posthumously, about a new theory explaining biological evolution.  Not so new in that others have previously proposed it, but in this work Ginenthal supplies a lot of physical evidence in support … Continue reading

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The Continuing Fabrication of History……….

History is essentially codified memories as either written or, just as powerfully, as oral traditions.  Humans seem to have developed a fascination with history and in our Western Culture the beliefs associated with the Abrahamic religions are the ruling paradigms. … Continue reading

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Inca Instances

One of the more mysterious occurrences over the world are the so-called Inca Walls, precisely quarried and dressed stones forming walls and other constructions principally in the South Americas.  These stone walls are more widespread than one realises with remnants … Continue reading

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1st Millennium Summary Of Chronology

Gunnar Heinsohn (GH) prepared a recorded video lecture for the Celestial Crisis Conference held in Toronro, 2016 : Essentially 1st Millennium chronology has been inadvertently expanded by some 700 years by interpreting one global catastrophe as three separate events. This … Continue reading

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