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I Believe

I believe in orange I believe in potato I believe in blue (the color) I believe in Mars (the planet) I believe in Venus (the planet) I believe in Sun (the star) I believe in Marahishi (some generic Indian holyman) … Continue reading

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Asteroid Impact 100% ???

I shouldn’t waste time reading apocalyptic announcements but when it’s blithely asserted that The Earth will be hit by a devastating asteroid capable of destroying all, or most, of life on the planet, says a group of scientists and former … Continue reading

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More on catacombs

The Etruscan people placed their dead, whether cremated or simply buried, in purposefully built tombs such as below and ornately decorated as well. The question is why.  A practical explanation is to protect the corpses from being disturbed by animals. … Continue reading

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More Giant Artefacts

The enormous trilithon in a limestone quarry in Baalbek, Lebanon seems a bit small compared to a larger one partially quarried near Yangshan in China. In both cases commentary involve wondering how these enormous dressed rocks were quarried with nary … Continue reading

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Roman Volcanoes

Tim Cullen has put another cat among the archaeological pigeons with his post on the Roman Catacombs that received wisdom attributes to Christian burial sites. My opinion is that this interpretation is BS. and the catacombs are nothing other than … Continue reading

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14th Century Catastrophe

Sacha Dobler writes an interesting website Abrupt Earth Changes that is an excellent source of mainstream and not so mainstream historical data, principally about the 14th Century AD.  He has published a free, downloadable, ebook “Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes … Continue reading

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Giant Deluges

There is presently a move afoot for another radical compression of ancient history among a group I am associated.  Somewhat unrelated is figuring out what to make of the mention of giants in ancient history from various sources such as … Continue reading

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