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Alternative Views

I came across an interesting website summarising many taboo topics including Velikovskian themes, Tesla history and associated ideas, some rather ancient, leading to the observation that there isn’t all that much new under the sun. I’m still bogged down in … Continue reading

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Darwin and Velikovsky – Ginenthal

I’ve finally finished reading Charles Ginenthal’s last book, published posthumously, about a new theory explaining biological evolution.  Not so new in that others have previously proposed it, but in this work Ginenthal supplies a lot of physical evidence in support … Continue reading

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Nobel Black Holes

Wal Thornhill has criticized the recently awarded Nobel Prize for the discovery of gravity waves. Such bizarre ideas as black holes, warped space-time, massive singularities and similar thoughts are simply the products of brains locked in a self-formed mathematically defined … Continue reading

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The Continuing Fabrication of History……….

History is essentially codified memories as either written or, just as powerfully, as oral traditions.  Humans seem to have developed a fascination with history and in our Western Culture the beliefs associated with the Abrahamic religions are the ruling paradigms. … Continue reading

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Memory & Muses

Mulling over the implications of a holographc universe and the anecdote describing the late Lyall Watson’s experience in Indonesia, The Kangaroo Mystery, I realised other implications, especially those associated with observing motion. Comprehending motion is essentially a process of memory. We … Continue reading

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I’ve become familiar with John Rappaport’s ideas encapsulated in his Matrix concept, and receive a weekly email of his most recent thoughts; this week’s blog on “Is the individual an outmoded idea?” is intriguing as it gets to the core … Continue reading

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The Kangaroo Mystery

On Saturday 18th March 2017 at the farm I observed a young Kangaroo going through some conniptions as if it was experiencing an epileptic fit,  jumping around erratically and uncontrollably; at least to this observer.  And, of course, no independent … Continue reading

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