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Biblical Bulldust and Velikovsky

Ron Unz manages an interesting website “The Unz Reciew” and occasionally sails close to the wind when commentary focuses on controversial topics.  His American Pravda editions are thought-provoking and often cause scales to fall off my eyes. It was researching … Continue reading

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Official Science

Believe it or not but the science of geology is not a discipline possessing equanimity of thought; it is riven between biblical fundamentalists, biblical liberalists or other wishy-washy religious faiths, and a third group best accused as empiricists or data-driven … Continue reading

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Government IS the problem

Some points made: Socialism is what empowers government. The super rich bribe government in order to continue and fast track their business decisions, to even being allowed to do business in a socialist state. Government cannot even manage a bubblegum … Continue reading

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More on catacombs

The Etruscan people placed their dead, whether cremated or simply buried, in purposefully built tombs such as below and ornately decorated as well. The question is why.  A practical explanation is to protect the corpses from being disturbed by animals. … Continue reading

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Fabrication of History

I keep carping on about the fabrication of history using the extant exposition of this phenomena of Windschuttle’s trilogy of The Fabrication Of Aboriginal History.  In those books Windschuttle shows how history ends up being fabricated by well meaning  politically … Continue reading

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Physics and Metaphysics

Physics is all about explaining the observable and metaphysics the unobservable. Consider the simple Newtonian gravity model: Newton’s equation for the gravitational force is from example 1 above, F = (G x E x M)/d^2 where Ed and Md are … Continue reading

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NCGT Vol.6 No.1

NCGT Journal Vol.6, No.1 has just been published. How long it will take to demolish Lyellianism and Darwinism is unknown but considering Geological Uniformitarianism and Darwinism are the logical outcomes of liberal creationism, the demolition will take some time, and … Continue reading

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