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You only believe in something when you don’t know. Update: So you build a machine according to an interpretation of data and you design it so that when A is done P is the result. You believe A will produce … Continue reading

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Coulomb’s Law

Coulomb’s law means instantaneous electrical forces. This is not observed; probably because of Newton’s prior thoughts. Electrical forces exist in the time domain since they are perceived via motion. We really do need to understand the process of thinking more … Continue reading

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Religious Minds

Religious minds are those which submit totally to an authority what ever that authority might be, whether some or other god, holy book, ideology or theory. Irreligious minds don’t. Questioning authority is thus blasphemy, whether theological, scientific or ideological. Scientific? … Continue reading

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Geological Chronology and Time

I keep forgetting that mainstream science is divided by chronological disputation into two major camps – short and long chronologists.  The short-chronologists are the religious fundamentalists who assume their holy authority is perfect and that therefore what is written in … Continue reading

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Unthinking Lefty’s

Here’s a minor extract of a debate between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders when a lady owning a hairdressing business asked how was she going to afford Obamacare if here payroll number reaches 50 people? Lower wages, or raise prices? … Continue reading

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Population Explosion

The fear of an impending global catastrophe remains with us, yet global extensive mass species extinctions have occurred in the past but  put so far back in time along the geological evolutionary path that those past events never affected present … Continue reading

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So I’ve just finished reading Bruce Lipton’s revised book “The Biology of Belief”, and in general his ideas are supported by others such as discussed in Michael Talbot’s book “Holographic Universe” etc. The take home message is simple – the … Continue reading

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