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Tanja Tales

The fire that happened at Tathra over 17 to 19 March, 2018, resulted in significant destruction of houses etc.,  and generally a sad event. I live north of the main area of the destruction and experienced, first hand, the weather … Continue reading

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Fake Diamond News

It must be a slow news month (it’s the Christmas holiday period after all) and the Geology website reports Unique Diamonds Discovered in frozen lava sample from Kamchatka. Except that the largest diamond found was 700 microns or 0.007 mm and … Continue reading

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Geographical Conundrums

Gunnar Heinsohn’s latest work, Discussion Issues, in Polish and English, in which he summarises the 700 year historical hiatus, roughly from 3rd century CE to 10th C CE, during which the Roman Empire collapsed, quoted the greek geographer Strabo: “fleet … Continue reading

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Plate Tectonic Problems?

I received a heads-up on a recent published paper in Geophysical Research Letters by Wang, Kusky and Capitanio, titled Ancient Continental Lithosphere Dislocated Beneath Ocean Basins along the Mid-Lithosphere Discontinuity: A Hypothesis. The hypothesis is purported to explain the presence of anomalous … Continue reading

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Gravity and Oceans

Introduction The Google Earth software has turned out to be an excellent tool for observing the Earth’s surface features though it cannot be considered the direct equivalent of an optical camera since much image processing is needed to produce the … Continue reading

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Hurricanes & Power

In a general sense the electric-earth circuit has solar current entering/exiting the poles and the equatorial belt where cyclonic atmospheric disturbances occur.  The principal route is equator to the ionosphere where positive charge travels – ionosphere to ground, and negative … Continue reading

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And Another Thing

There are a few ‘grand’, overarching theories in geology – Plate Tectonics, Earth Expansion and more recently Surge Tectonics.  Plate Tectonics has the problem of no valid mechanism apart from the logical nonsense of having less dense matter descending into … Continue reading

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