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Venusian Mysteries

Whilst looking for a specific bookmark in my internet browser I encountered one that I forgot about dealing with the tail of Venus and the weak solar wind, linked here, and came across the following sentence: The ionosphere is created … Continue reading

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S-Waves, Liquids and EZ Water

S-Waves are periodic undulations in an elastic solid in which particle motion is at right angles to the direction of propagation. These waves cannot travel through gases or liquids. Raleigh waves are surficial waves no deeper than one wavelength in … Continue reading

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Hydritic Earth Theory

Hydritic Earth Theory seems another of those fringe theories confronting Plate Tectonics and like the latter suffers from Lyellianism, that: “In Earth Science, a most fundamental premise is that the chemical composition of the planet is the basis for its … Continue reading

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Solar Gravity ? And Science Marches on

It seems NASA has been busy studying the Sun with the latest technology and imagery enhancement to conclude that the solid sun is comprised of a calcium-ferrite core 4,500 km underneath the photosphere as described in great detail here. There … Continue reading

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The Fourth State Of Matter, Matters A Great Deal

Plasma physics is based on the fact that there are four states of physical matter, solid, liquid, gas and plasma, the last being ionised versions of the first three. Gerry Pollack has identified a fourth phase of water, EZ water … Continue reading

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Fossil Fuel – The Conundrum

I have given up asserting coal, petroleum and natural gas are fossil fuels. The target audience seems deaf or in this politically correct climate, hearing challenged. These commodities are called fossil fuels because our culture, which is based on the … Continue reading

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More Geomagnetism

A previous muse of the origin of the geomagnetic field was posted here when I suggested the Van Allen Belt as a co-rotating torus of plasma is the probable cause of the geomagnetic field. ¬†Except the Earth does not have … Continue reading

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