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Getting Religion

The highlight of the week is This Week In Pictures on the Powerline Blog. This week a nail was emphatically driven into the nature of religion. During the Pagan times the gods were many and some the planets.  The statements made … Continue reading

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Whirling Lava ?

Here’s an interesting video of whirling lava just after an earthquake. The standard explanation is that thermal uplift causes the rotational motion.  This is physically impossible and a nonesense. It’s fake science. The whirling vortex is produced by a field … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Rivers ?

My latest copy of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society’s Newsletter (vol. 5, no. 6) notes that climate change may lead to bigger atrmospheric rivers. Huh? From the article: Atmospheric rivers are long, narrow jets of air that carry … Continue reading

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Water & Electricity

Physicist Eugene Bagashov reports on some recent experiments with water in the following two Youtube videos. Some years back, before I retired in 2009, I suggested to aspiring Perth University post students at an Aus. Inst. Geoscientists students seminar that … Continue reading

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In plasma physics Z-pinches are inferred to cause the, so-called, astrophysical black holes. These pinches are fairly ubiquitous wherever Birkeland currents occur. Physically the pinches compress matter by applying an intense force, the Lorentz Force. The Earth, and for that … Continue reading

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Hurricane Hiatus

The observed solar minimum and the corresponding slowing down of hurricanes over the Earth, resulting in heavier rainfall, reported here, is explicable if one uses the physics of the plasma universe. The disappearance of sunspots for prolonged periods seems to … Continue reading

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10,000 Black Holes ????

Nouveau Pseudoscientist reports: As many as 10,000 new black holes have been discovered buzzing around in the centre of the Milky Way galaxy. Black holes are points of infinite density attracting all matter around them by gravity./ Points are not … Continue reading

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