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Unthinking Lefty’s

Here’s a minor extract of a debate between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders when a lady owning a hairdressing business asked how was she going to afford Obamacare if here payroll number reaches 50 people? Lower wages, or raise prices? … Continue reading

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Science and Politics

Seems we need reminding that during the 19th century in England, the principal political debate was between the Tories on one hand, arguing for their position on the basis of the divine right of kingship, and on the other hand … Continue reading

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Human Action in Practice

I’ve always maintained that all human action is ultimately concerned with staying alive by seeking or producing food, so it’s delightful to discover that in Taiwan, with a GDP per capita at 50% US levels, also has a miniscule welfare … Continue reading

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Losers ?

So Jay Michaelson, writing in the Jewish publication “Forward” on Donald Trump’s attitude to ‘Losers’ concludes: Judaism is proudly the religion of losers. It is a faith, and now a culture, of people who remind themselves every year — every … Continue reading

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Central Planning ? Que ????

Conservative journalist Andrew Bolt posted financial journalist Terry McCrann’s latest comment about the political problems of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull here.  What caught my attention was McCrann’s sentence The central problem, though, is does anybody believe the government at least … Continue reading

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Section 18C

There is a raging debate over Section 18C of the Australian Racial Discrimination Act in Australia at present. RACIAL DISCRIMINATION ACT 1975 – SECT 18C Offensive behaviour because of race, colour or national or ethnic origin (1) It is unlawful … Continue reading

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Religious Mental Illness

It appears the Western governments are describing the various fatal attacks by Muslims shouting Alahu Akbar as incidents of mental illness; This observation has been repeated by various commentators in blogs and conservative web sites. Strangely the various authorities are … Continue reading

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