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Time and Chronology

It seems that to be truly scientific one needs to be able to mathematise ones theory numerically.  In geology that means designing an absolute time scale so that an absolute chronology can be set up. This has been achieved and … Continue reading

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A quick glance at a pie chart summarizing the world’s religions is a useful reality check for those eager to proselytize whatever it is they wish to convert the rest of humanity to. 84% of humanity believes in a supreme … Continue reading

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Nobel Black Holes

Wal Thornhill has criticized the recently awarded Nobel Prize for the discovery of gravity waves. Such bizarre ideas as black holes, warped space-time, massive singularities and similar thoughts are simply the products of brains locked in a self-formed mathematically defined … Continue reading

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Mexican Madness

Apparently the latest earthquake to affect Mexico has highlighted, wait for it, drum roll, or is that Marimba Rattle, Mexico’s social INEQUALITY. You have to be kidding. I knew the political left have a difficulty separating fiction from facts, but at … Continue reading

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Cui Bono ?

Dr. Gary North, economist, has posted a very short comment about 9/11 – Seeing Is Not Believing: Steel and Concrete Become Mid-Air Dust on 9/11.  Dr. Judith Woods’ work is the main source of information. She refers to Tesla’s work … Continue reading

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Cul De Sac’s

I’ve found myself in an intellectual cul-de-sac after discovering the solar wind is comprised of protons and also electrons travelling in the same direction in the solar electric field.  Either the space probes are simply picking up the presence of … Continue reading

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This chilling quote spotted in Zero Hedge two days ago: In Australia, according to judges, women and children must accept sexual assaults because it is part of the “Islamic culture” of their attackers. It would seem that in parts of … Continue reading

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