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Kelloggs Cornflakes

In 1969 I worked as a mineral sampler/field assistant on an offshore heavy mineral exploration project at Tweed Heads, NSW; I was  billeted in the local motel whose owner also had a piggery. Breakfast was delivered each morning on a … Continue reading

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Another Example Of Pseudoscience

A number of inexplicable earthquakes occurred near Mineral, Virginia in the US that has researchers baffled, since earthquakes are not supposed to occur in the middle of tectonic plates away from subduction zones. Rather than question the prevailing paradigm of … Continue reading

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Moooo! My Calf is missing!

I’m bogged down understanding ice-cap physics and ‘geology’ and Greenland is the present focus of work. I’ve always wondered at what rate snow is deposited on the Greenland ice cap and how snow deposited at the peak of the icecap … Continue reading

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Paradigm Threatened

Looks like the Velikovsky Affair has resulted in another victim, A. J. Peratt, author of the text ‘Physics of the Plasma Universe”, now in its second edition. David Talbott describes, in future posts, how it all came about. This is … Continue reading

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Grave Waves

It seems there is excitement at the laboratory, for the scientists have discovered that two spinning black holes have produced Gravitational Waves Black holes are ‘non-things’ from which nothing can escape, so they can’t emit gravitational waves, and if they do … Continue reading

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Bored Horses ?

Jo Nova posts that dogs and horses are becoming bored as a result of climate change according to some animal loving luvvie in Britain. Carolyn Menteith, a dog behaviourist who was named Britain’s Instructor of the Year in 2015, says Global … Continue reading

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Radiogenic Decay Problems

Radiogenic nuclei decay at a rate calculated by the half-life rate where statistically 50% of the unstable nuclei decay to more stable isotopes by emitting particles, alpha, beta and gamma radiation, per unit of time. Say we start with 100 … Continue reading

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