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Gravity Gambles ?

The Chinese space station, Tiangong-1 is predicted to hit the Earth sometime soon during April 1, plus or minus 7 hours, or whatever. How long have we been using Newton’s equations for motion?  You’d think we might have been a … Continue reading

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Blau Delft Plates ?

A Dutch team of geoscientists has compiled an atlas of the Earth’s internal structure revealed by seismic tomographical modelling which can be looked at here.  The modelling is based on Plate Tectonic theory.  In this theory oceanic plates are subducted … Continue reading

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Nobel Black Holes

Wal Thornhill has criticized the recently awarded Nobel Prize for the discovery of gravity waves. Such bizarre ideas as black holes, warped space-time, massive singularities and similar thoughts are simply the products of brains locked in a self-formed mathematically defined … Continue reading

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Prophesy and the Scientific Method

Jo Nova posted a blog on Modern Astrology in NY Tinmes: Justin Gillis says Eclipses show all Scientists are always right about everything. Apparently the intrepid NY Times jounalist, Justin Gillis, reckons that by predicting the solar eclipse over the … Continue reading

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The Scientific Method

This is becoming repetitious but it’s worth doing because it seems clear that what we call science isn’t, and has, instead, started to become a religion or issue of faith. In mineral exploration searching for buried mineral deposits involves using … Continue reading

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Climate Change Prophesies

I was reading a post by John Ray over on Greenie Watch in which he details a claim of over whelming evidence for climate change by the usual suspects. Events in the future don’t generate evidence in the here and … Continue reading

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Coriolis Conundrums

One of the problems thinking with one or two ideas, or just one idea, in the physical sciences, that of the omnipotentence of gravity, is that a rather limited number of explanations become possible and which can then be miltiplied … Continue reading

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