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Electron Waves

I’m studying Carver Mead’s book “Collective Electrodynamics” and it seems electrons are waves and not particles.¬† The necessity for particles is so that Newtonian Mechanics is possible but the notion of matter attracting every other bit of matter in the … Continue reading

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Alternative Views

I came across an interesting website summarising many taboo topics including Velikovskian themes, Tesla history and associated ideas, some rather ancient, leading to the observation that there isn’t all that much new under the sun. I’m still bogged down in … Continue reading

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Ginenthal – Darwin and Velikovsky – 2017 Latest book.

I’m presently reading the late Charlie Ginenthal’s book refuting Darwinism. One point made is the inability of the Darwinists to take on board the various criticisms of Darwin’s theory – itself based on the other Charlie’s Principles of (Empire) Geology. … Continue reading

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Anachronistic T-Rexes

I’ve previously suggested that the enormous and long walls such as the Great Wall of China ¬†constructed by our ancestors, along with walls around cities and moats around castles, were more to do with keeping wildlife out than anything else. … Continue reading

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The Scientific Method

This is becoming repetitious but it’s worth doing because it seems clear that what we call science isn’t, and has, instead, started to become a religion or issue of faith. In mineral exploration searching for buried mineral deposits involves using … Continue reading

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Living and Deading

Over the decades I have become used to hitting wildlife with a 4WD truck and accidentally deading (to misuse a Blue Bottle neologism – Goon show and all that) the animal.¬† Not killing but deading. Similarly jumping out of a … Continue reading

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1st Millennium Summary Of Chronology

Gunnar Heinsohn (GH) prepared a recorded video lecture for the Celestial Crisis Conference held in Toronro, 2016 : Essentially 1st Millennium chronology has been inadvertently expanded by some 700 years by interpreting one global catastrophe as three separate events. This … Continue reading

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