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Big G

Rupert Sheldrake has pointed to the gravitational constant not being a constant but that it varies over time.  It actually varies rather precisely at 5.9 years and matches the Earth’s rotational speed cycle of 5.9 years.  Mainstream physicists do not … Continue reading

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Hawaii Geothermal Energy Problem

  The photo above is a spectacular image of the continuing lava flow at the Kilauea Volcano (more here) and the question what is powering this massive production of basaltic lava remain problematical. The mainstream view is that radiogenic heat … Continue reading

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Optical Luminescence Dating

It is very difficult assigning a date to a sedimentary rock, especially ones of recent origin. One modern technique is Optical Stimulated Luminescence where doses of ionising radiation are measured in quartz grains and estimates made when those grains were … Continue reading

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Sheldrake on Electric Universe Theory

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Electrons are Vortices in the Aether ?

One of the mysteries of the solar wind is how protons AND electrons travel in the same direction in the electric field. In the model of the atom we have a nucleus, the proton, and a cloud (how one electron … Continue reading

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Waving Gravity

Modern science is pre-occupied with the job of measuring gravity waves. Measurement explicitly means collecting data in the time domain. Gravity however, is instantaneous. It cannot be described or measured in a time domain. There are thus no gravity waves. … Continue reading

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Methane and Diamond – Proof of Abiotic Oil

Science has published a paper by Smith et al, (Large gem diamonds from metallic liquid in Earth’s deep mantle) in which, inter alia, they note one inclusion containing methane, They found that a few of the offcuts contained grains of majorite – … Continue reading

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