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Whirling Lava ?

Here’s an interesting video of whirling lava just after an earthquake. The standard explanation is that thermal uplift causes the rotational motion.  This is physically impossible and a nonesense. It’s fake science. The whirling vortex is produced by a field … Continue reading

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Does It Matter ?

There’s a good internet website, Principia Scientific International, which challenges the mainstream scientific orthodoxy or group-think on climate change or global warming as it used to be called. I hadn’t read the site for over a year now but my … Continue reading

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Scientific Objectivity

I’m a Hi Fi tragic and reading the latest post on Audiostream by Herb Reichert , Audio Without Numbers, Herb mentioned Interestingly, objectivists like behavioral psychologists do not believe consciousness exists. They can’t see it or measure therefore it is not real. … Continue reading

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The Cool Greenhouse Gas

S. Fred Singer has written an interesting article or post on American Thinker in which he proposes that Carbon Dioxide actually cools the atmosphere. This phenomenon was previously mentioned by astronomer Hilton Radcliffe when he referred to a South African agronomist … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Life Forms

A long, long time ago I worked for a small Australian mining company that had a 20% stake in a small diamond mining operation near the massive Argyle AK1 diamond mine in the North East Kimberley region of Western Australia, … Continue reading

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NCGT Vol.6 No.1

NCGT Journal Vol.6, No.1 has just been published. How long it will take to demolish Lyellianism and Darwinism is unknown but considering Geological Uniformitarianism and Darwinism are the logical outcomes of liberal creationism, the demolition will take some time, and … Continue reading

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Electron Waves

I’m studying Carver Mead’s book “Collective Electrodynamics” and it seems electrons are waves and not particles.  The necessity for particles is so that Newtonian Mechanics is possible but the notion of matter attracting every other bit of matter in the … Continue reading

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