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Impacted Nuts

I’ve been reading some posts at Malagabay including the Drake Passage oneĀ and find it amusing that devotees of the bolide impact sect seem to invariably ignore the basic physics of impact collisions. That if the Earth was clobbered by a … Continue reading

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Coriolis Conundrums

Watching Dr. Don Scott’s presentation on Birkeland Currents in the 2017 EU conference, linked here, repeats the established fallacy that atmospheric rotational effects are caused by the Coriolis effect. Wrong. Scott is right that counter-rotation in a hurricane cannot be … Continue reading

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Prophesy and the Scientific Method

Jo Nova posted a blog on Modern Astrology in NY Tinmes: Justin Gillis says Eclipses show all Scientists are always right about everything. Apparently the intrepid NY Times jounalist, Justin Gillis, reckons that by predicting the solar eclipse over the … Continue reading

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Hydritic Earth Theory

Hydritic Earth Theory seems another of those fringe theories confronting Plate Tectonics and like the latter suffers from Lyellianism, that: “In Earth Science, a most fundamental premise is that the chemical composition of the planet is the basis for its … Continue reading

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Gender Neutral Glaciers ???????

Climate Depot has posted details about an academic paper focussing on a search for a gender neutral glacier???? What the academic retards will do to ensure their funding continues and if that’s what’s coming out of Western Universities, then heaven … Continue reading

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Climate Insanity

New Zealand seems to have interesting, in the Chinese sense of interesting times, climate scientists when they announce research to create a synthetic leaf to capture CO2 from the atmosphere. The are simply mad. (H/T Cliff Ollier) So what does … Continue reading

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NICE and Oil

The only reason NATO and the Anglosphere are in the Middle East is to secure the oil. It seems the New York Times, among others, doesn’t understand the motive for the latest killing of civilians in France by muslims a … Continue reading

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