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The Wandering Poles

Geology makes use of the fact that fossilised magnetism in igneous rocks, puport to document the field strength and direction of the geomagnetic field during the Earth’s evolution allowing the theory of plate tectonics, for example, to develop. Other examples … Continue reading

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For reasons I have yet to work out, but the WordPress editing app has problems with numbered list formatting, specifically turning it off and on. Turning on is a no brainer. Turning it off is another matter entirely.

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Coriolis Conundrums

One of the problems thinking with one or two ideas, or just one idea, in the physical sciences, that of the omnipotentence of gravity, is that a rather limited number of explanations become possible and which can then be miltiplied … Continue reading

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Running Windows on a Mac platform creates all sorts of problems, especially of the hardware type when starting Windows on a virtual PC freezes the Mac, so I spat the dummy and purged the Mac of Windows software etc.; unintended … Continue reading

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Hissink’s Universe

Some decades ago I had a couple of letters or essays published in the Australian Geological Society’s magazine The Australian Geologist (TAG), on some opinions on classical Euhemerism and Velikovsky, (I think), which ended badly as I unwittingly wandered into … Continue reading

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Belief versus Knowledge

I’ve previously written that belief in something means that you only think that when you don’t know but perhaps the distinction between the two hasn’t been as well put, so here is another explanation. Suppose I am a farmer and … Continue reading

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Global Warming, Again

The late Carl Sagan was very involved in the Velikovsky Affair, and wrote the following: Yet to the present day mainstream science continues to repeat the fallacy that CO2 is a greenhouse gas; it isn’t. So Dr. Kongpong U-yen’s 2016 … Continue reading

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