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Losing Religion

Just a short note on why my Christian friends are sad because I have not been saved. Saved from what? I guess immortality in the after life. But the afterlife is something the human brain has made up by the … Continue reading

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Do I Believe In Fairies?

The answer to that question is no, I don’t. Do fairies exist? I don’t know. Children say they do. I suspect knowledge of this is beaten out of children by brainwashing or the inculcation of culture so they stop seeing … Continue reading

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The 6000 year “age” is based on the Judaic lunar calendar, and would have been when people started counting “time”. Time is not a physical object but simply human memory of a repetitive physical motion, here moon orbiting earth. Nothing … Continue reading

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Diamonds and De Beers

Recently I was asked whether I could be interviewed about the global diamond industry  by an Australian reporter for some media organisation. I hummed and hah’d but suggested the reporter use messaging etc and I would respond. (The precise details … Continue reading

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Does It Matter ?

There’s a good internet website, Principia Scientific International, which challenges the mainstream scientific orthodoxy or group-think on climate change or global warming as it used to be called. I hadn’t read the site for over a year now but my … Continue reading

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Trees and Electricity

The naval nephew is quite observant.  The other day he mentioned that living trees seem to resist strong horizontal winds and not fall over while under similar circumstances dead trees do.  He attributed this to electricity where living trees seem … Continue reading

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More extended intensives

Dr. Pierre Robitaille ( again stresses the problems with ‘gravitational thermodynamics involving the misuse of intensive variables. It’s a topic I raised over a decade ago when I stumbled over the problem in the global warming theory. Put simply you … Continue reading

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