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Belief versus Knowledge

I’ve previously written that belief in something means that you only think that when you don’t know but perhaps the distinction between the two hasn’t been as well put, so here is another explanation. Suppose I am a farmer and … Continue reading

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Global Warming, Again

The late Carl Sagan was very involved in the Velikovsky Affair, and wrote the following: Yet to the present day mainstream science continues to repeat the fallacy that CO2 is a greenhouse gas; it isn’t. So Dr. Kongpong U-yen’s 2016 … Continue reading

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Henry Thornton Post 3 Jan 2017

Just published here.

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The Political Left’s Violence

So the political left tends to be violent, and the question is why, this op-ed discusses. The answer might be rather simple. Violence is, at its core, an unthinking reaction to dissonant information, a sort of animal reaction to some disturbing … Continue reading

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Continental Undrift

Above is a prize winning Japanese rendition of the Earth’s land surface showing minimal spatial distortion compared to the standard Mercator projection. Fitting South America onto Africa now becomes a bit of problem for not only continental drift theory but … Continue reading

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Section 18C

There is a raging debate over Section 18C of the Australian Racial Discrimination Act in Australia at present. RACIAL DISCRIMINATION ACT 1975 – SECT 18C Offensive behaviour because of race, colour or national or ethnic origin (1) It is unlawful … Continue reading

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Economics 001

Looks like supply side economics theory is on the rise, so I thought I would describe it as simply as possible. In order to consume, one first needs to produce. Intuitive? Probably not, so here is a simple explanation. You … Continue reading

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