Expanding Earth Theories or Models

One of the main objections to the Carey model of earth expansion was Carey’s invocation of the creation of mass inside the Earth’s core to fuel interpreted earth expansion.

Creation of matter from nothing is not scientific, but earth expansion theory still depends on this mechanism.  The latest interpretation can be found in James Maxlow’s model in which “magnetically-charged” protons and other ions constantly enter the Earth”

Near Earth satellite observations, carried out since the start of the space-age, now show that plasma from the Sun, in the form of magnetically charged electrons, protons and other ions, constantly enters the Earth. This input of magnetically charged particles may then be playing a major unrecognised role in the elusive search for a viable mechanism accounting for matter increase within the Earth, resulting in an increase in Earth mass and hence radius over time.

The proposed causal mechanism for increasing Earth mass and radius on an Expansion Tectonic Earth involves an on-going input of magnetically charged electron and proton particulate matter originating from the Sun. These ionised particles enter the Earth and recombine as new matter most likely within the 200 to 300 kilometre thick D” region, located at the base of the mantle directly above the core-mantle boundary. This particulate matter generation process then represents the basis for formation of all new and existing elements and mineral species present on Earth. Source.

Plasma actually does not contain magnetically charged particles but consists of matter in the ionised state.  However the idea of a particle being “magnetically charged” is problematical. A particle being electrically charged is no big deal, it’s what electrically engineering is about. But magnetically charged?

Perhaps confusion occurs with magnetically field aligned electric currents, but then those are known as Birkeland currents, and also no big deal for plasma physics. Except Birkeland currents terminate in the ionosphere and not the Earth’s surface. That said, electric charge then passes through the Earth’s atmosphere, in both directions, via lightning and the slower electron creep from the surface into the ionosphere, and coupled with the diurnal emission of protons from the oceans, (Pollack EZ water mechanism), causes the motion of the Atmosphere, and hence weather. Lightning strikes onto the solid earth may allow ingress of solar protons but these plasma discharges don’t seem to penetrate into the earth too far. Rather it seems electric charge acquisition is constrained to the Earth’s surface and those areas that exist in the ionised state such as  the oceans forming extensive zones of EZ water, or water in an ionised state.

Perhaps there is a reason most geologists steer clear of geophysics and hence become confused when encountering new phenomena; My experience suggests most working geophysicists don’t understand plasma physics either.

There is then the problem of explaining how ionised matter is able to penetrate the earth’s crust, pass through upper mantle to accumulate in the D-Region at the mantle’s base to form new matter.  Ionised matter, in the form of magma, regularly escapes from the Earth via volcanos, but the underlying mechanism remains obscure. There does not seem to exist a reverse mechanism of allowing electric charge entering into the Earth, or reverse volcanism, as it were. A sheet of paper is enough to stop a low energy electrons, and a couple of meters of lead a high energy electron or Beta particles. Protons face similar problems passing through matter in the non-ionised state but at higher energy levels.

The problem with earth expansion theory is coming up with a viable physical mechanism.  Part and parcel of the problem is dealing with gravity but the instant we deal with ionised matter, gravity becomes irrelevant. Even Einstein seemed not to understand this, given that he tried to combine both gravity and electromagnetic forces in his unified field equations. An impossibility given the difference in magnitude between the electromagnetic and gravity forces.


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Scythian Situations

I’m reading Ginenthal’s first of the Pillars of History series again in which it is shown the Sumerians never existed and were actually the Chaldeans, (Gunnar Heinsohn’s interpretation).  Associated with this argument was the identification of the Scythians who had enormous burial chambers into which not only the royal members were interred but also their retinu and horses etc. How cruel such a practice must have been.  Maybe not.

Perhaps these large burials were created as the aftermath of an enormous climate and geological catastrophe that killed large numbers of people and their livestock and the dead, lock, stock and barrel were all interred in a common grave but whose purpose is comprehensively misinterpreted by modern archaeologists?

The other scientific fact Ginenthal focuses on is the Sumerian manufacture of sculptures and artifacts from the stone Diorite.  This is an enormous feat for a Sumerian Bronze Age culture worthy of the designation “miracle”.  I had a stone wall built as part of the house two years ago and my stone mason and I had quite a good belly-laugh over the idea of the use of bronze tools in stone dressing and masonry.  You would have to be kidding, but then the religious always tend to the miraculous to explain the inexplicable.

Which basically means ancient history is a crock if it is disconnected from its stratigraphic and scientific support.

Which leads to the question obliquely approached by Tim Cullen about the parting of the Red Sea during the 1st Millennium CE and here how much fakery is codified in the Old Testament that drove Velikovsky down the wrong track.

The survivors of the Bronze Age catastrophes must have been psychologically damaged goods in fear of the planetary gods that disrupted their existence for ever, and who were the historical, and one suspects hysterical, pagans.  It is likely that the monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam evolved out of the 1st Millennium Middle Age   historical confusion associated with the Heinsohn Horizon and the Roman Termination Events (RTE).

Given the appearance of Islam and its similar focus on a fiery hell, I wonder whether that’s the memory of the RTE marked by the dark earth layer, rather than plagiarism from the other two Abrahamic faiths.

The parting of Arabia from Ethiopia to form the Red Sea seems plausible as part of a global tectonic event that also formed the Atlantic  Ocean that Columbus and others assumed was but a short trip to India west wards.

The New Zealand Maori attribute the extinction of the Moa to fires from the Sky, and this event could be the Little Ice Age that had most destruction in the Pacific hemisphere and thus not noticed by the Europeans apart from the massive loss of life from the cold.


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Geographical Conundrums

Gunnar Heinsohn’s latest work, Discussion Issues, in Polish and English, in which he summarises the 700 year historical hiatus, roughly from 3rd century CE to 10th C CE, during which the Roman Empire collapsed, quoted the greek geographer Strabo:

“fleet sailed from the mouth of the Rhine eastward as far as the lands of the Cimbri, to which, up to that time, no Roman had ever penetrated either by land or by sea, and the Cimbri and Charydes and Semnones and other peoples of the Germans of that same region through their envoys sought my friendship and that of the Roman people”, p 7.

Today leaving the mouth of the Rhine to sail to Cimbri, or Denmark, etc, one sails northward, not eastward.

Which makes no sense assuming the present course of the Rhine River, which flows northwards from Bonn and Cologne, and then westwards to the Channel via the Netherlands.

Given the anachronistic occurrence of a Roman aqueduct, now buried under environmental rehabilitation protocols for the Garzweiler Lignite Mine, under interpreted Miocene sediments, there is a good chance that the Rhine might have historically coursed to the north to the western end of the Baltic Sea, and that the Cimbrians might have lived further eastwards.

An alternative might be the Rhine’s present location but that in Roman times the diurnal rotation was quite different so that what is north now was East then; a 90 degree careen that would result in some catastrophic geological conditions. At minimum such an event would have destroyed the Western Roman empire, but one would need a bit more factual, in situ evidence of this scenario.

To make matters interesting, the Thunderbolt site’s Space News “Another Impossible Exoplanet” arrives at the predictable conclusion that no one knows how planets form etc and that our ideas of gravity and gravitational accretion are incapable of explaining astronomical observations.

TBolts No Idea how planets form.PNG

Those of us in the Plasma Universe discipline are not so baffled as our mainstream peers, and to round it all off there is also the wacky belief that on November 11 planet Nibiru will be seen in the heavens, (which you can Google or Youtube at your leisure).

A planet of Nibiru’s alleged size might be sort of visible a day or so before its prophesied appearance, no?

Which leads me to muse whether our mainstream scientific theories of Astrophysics, and hence geology, might be the problem rather than the baffling observed physical in situ evidence? We un-religious find it easy to change our minds, and hence our theories, when the facts change.

Update: Link to GH Discussion Issues, pdf, added above.

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Darwin and Velikovsky – Ginenthal

I’ve finally finished reading Charles Ginenthal’s last book, published posthumously, about a new theory explaining biological evolution.  Not so new in that others have previously proposed it, but in this work Ginenthal supplies a lot of physical evidence in support of the “Saltational” or catastrophic evolutionary model where physical catastrophes, as evidenced by the extensive fossilization of life forms in sediments, caused new life forms to appear, themselves then becoming memorialised as the next candidates for fossilization during later global catastrophes.  Evolution not as random iterations over vast expanses of time, but abrupt changes caused by geological traumas, as it were.

Update: Thousands Of Americans Scream At The Sky To Mark Trump Anniversary. -AKA Reliving the Bronze Age Climate Catastrophes

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Time and Chronology

It seems that to be truly scientific one needs to be able to mathematise ones theory numerically.  In geology that means designing an absolute time scale so that an absolute chronology can be set up.

This has been achieved and is exemplified by an Earth age of some 4.5 billion years and an older Universe of 13.8 billion years initiated by the Big Bang. This chronology assumes the axiom that there was a TIME EQUALS ZERO.

This is pure unadulterated Creationism of a most liberal kind that even the Vatican approves.  The alternative is the short chronology of the biblical/talmudic  fundamentalists who have axiomised it to some 6000 years in the past.  This is not a popular global view but none the less some scientists seem devoted to it.  In fact most people tend to assume either a liberal or fundamental position on chronology.

There is a third position adopted on this blog, that the Universe always existed, and will continue to do so. Individuals come and go, but Life continues.

And be certain, when male and female conjugate and produce offspring, they are not creating new lives, but simply replicating themselves. But new egos are indeed formed, and these seem to be the souls the religious believe to have an independent existence in the afterlife.  Except they are artefacts that exist in the afterlife that is in the Matrix, and while some of us need Blue Pills to enter the Matrix, others no longer need to, having been permanently blue pilled and converted as permanent inmates.  They are the religious among us.

You can recognise them by their inability to change their minds.

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Overnight seemed to have found me a possible explanation for the explosion of Cambrian life forms in the fossil record.

Keen observation of the environment today shows conclusively that life forms are not routinely fossilised into sediments, but are totally recycled back into the environment and the various local ecosystems. No where on the Earth’s surface are fossils being formed.

I spent most of my professional geological life traipsing around the countryside collecting heavy mineral samples in the search for kimberlites, some of which could be instant sources of wealth from the very occasional contained diamonds.  One fact I never saw was the accumulation of biotic debris as starting points of fossils. Dead animals aplenty I saw, but those remains were quickly dispersed into the environment to disappear forever but not as a physical memory embedded in rock.  Like the plover’s eggs reported earlier, life forms simply disappear back into the environment, and it’s only that I have a memory, that these things are at all remembered.  But memorialised as fossils? Not under the present circumstances.

The fossilisation of any life form requires its rapid death and cessation of internal putrefaction or decay of its tissues by its hosted microscopic life forms.  Rapid entombment in sediment seems to be necessary from observation, but the present Uniformitarianism model is quite incapable of providing such a mechanism by design.  However swamping life forms with a deluge of electrified slurry produced by a prior catastrophic erosional event, seems a useful area of investigation.  The role of the plasma model is to not only to rapidly kill the animals themselves, but also to kill off the internal bacteria those animals host, in order to stop putrefaction.

This suggests that in preCambrian times the Earth was totally blanketed by a thick regolith which hosted a tropical-like paradise on its surface, possibly under the warmth of a brown dwarf star suggested by supporters of the Saturnian configuration.  There may have been shallow epicontinental seas. This precambrian Earth had a flourishing biosphere that might have been the source of the story of the Garden of Eden.  This earthly ecosystem would not have left any fossilised remnants or accumulations of biotic debris, but worked as a continuous recycling system.  There were probably no mountains and no active erosion of the regolith blanket until, out of the blue, a catastrophe happened that changed the Earth’s environment forever.  This event formed the first fossilised sediments that we have identified as the Cambrian Explosion.  These fossils were encased in deposits derived from the newly eroded regolith that left stripped off outcrops of fresh crystalline basement which would later be interpreted as the stable Archaean cratons.

The crucial element of this geological model is that life forms are only preserved in situ under massive catastrophic deluges of electrified slurries derived from the plasma erosion of vast volumes of regolith. Degassing of the Earth’s interior would also occur supplying additional water and the atmosphere, that must have previously in place to allow life forms to exist. Localised degassing would presumably allow the formation of topographic depressions into which newly eroded sediments could accumulate.

The proliferation or explosion of Cambrian life forms is memorialised in the stratigraphic record as the first fossilisation event caused by a global climatic and environmental catastrophe of which humanity seems to have some deeply suppressed memory as the Garden of Eden.

Crucially the fossils embedded in, say, the Cambrian strata, are not to be interpreted as a sequenced record of slowly evolving life, but a record of rapidly killed off surface life forms derived from various local ecosystems, proximate and distal. The sequence of strata and life forms contained therein are a record of depositional sequence, and not of some evolutionary descent. Land animals buried under overlying strata containing marine animals is not an example of marine transgression, but simply a record of who was killed off first and then followed on by the next catastrophic wave of deposition.  It could just as well have been marine covered by aeolian deposits, and hence the basis of a different evolutionary descent.  The mechanism is one of a coupled erosion and deposition via the activity of plasma excited by external inputs into the ionosphere.  It all happened, more or less, at once.

It is important to realise that fluvial deposition, as presently imagined, is incapable of transporting large volumes of sediment laterally over great distances. Flowing water is not driven by some powerful engine (presumed to be gravity) but simply the movement of liquid to locations of equilibrium.  Explosive, plasma charged volcanic eruptions like Mt St Helens are propelled laterally by massive electric charges associated with the erupting plasma.  Such mechanisms can transport massive volumes of condensed matter laterally.

Just how new species appear will be considered in later posts since I need to understand Ginenthal’s proposed model.

Afterthought: I should stress I do not support the theory of Darwinian evolution as it’s not supported by the evidence and just as importantly, I don’t support the Creationist model either as it is also not supported by evidence; both are supported in rhetoric, however. More importantly, the belief that something could be formed from nothing, is simply nonsense.

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Ginenthal – Darwin and Velikovsky – 2017 Latest book.

I’m presently reading the late Charlie Ginenthal’s book refuting Darwinism.

One point made is the inability of the Darwinists to take on board the various criticisms of Darwin’s theory – itself based on the other Charlie’s Principles of (Empire) Geology.

The problem of course is that to reject Darwin’s theory means rejecting Lyell’s theory of uniformitarianism as well, since the two theories, Darwinism and Uniformitarianism, are much like Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, the inseparable twins.

There’s another reason that creates even more emotional angst among the Darwinist Faithful – if Darwin is wrong, then, gasp, the only thinkable alternative has to be Biblical Creationism.

Really? If we observe that most scientific academics list seriously to port, and thus tend to suffer from group-think and the primacy of belief over fact, then their inability at intellectual innovation, which results in only having one or two ideas with which to think, will necessarily limit the number of explanatory alternatives.  This happens when researchers are dominated by ideology rather than empirical facts.  Truly, when the facts change, the Darwinists simply cannot change their minds.

This is because humans can be grouped into two camps – a small minority who are free, and the rest who are enthralled by one or other ideologies. Those who are free are free to think outside the box, mainly because of the absence of a box in the first place.  The rest have to think inside the box, or matrix, and hence end up believing their thoughts are reality.  They are the unfree or the religious and experience serious cognitive dissonance when encountering the ideas presented by the free or non religiously minded.  It’s dismissed as heresy and because they actually only recite, rather than think, alternative theories are not available to them.

I only got a copy of the book today (1 November) and about half-way through.  I’ll comment on it on a later post here.

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