The Utopians And The Realists

I’ve tended to categorise people into two categories, those who see what they believe, and those who believe what they see; the former are utopians while the latter realists.

There is also a strong belief that humans are a special lifeform based on some divine spiritual sanction that elevates them above the animal kingdom.

But humans are also animals and because they also have learnt to think, think they are superior, and act accordingly.  It is clear that it is man’s devotion to religion that results in this self-proclaimed superiority. But how did religion first arise? Gunnar Heinsohn (GH) has offered one view of this based on Velikovsky’s, and other’s, study of ancient history.

Essentially, and in the dim past, humanity were animals, hairless monkeys as U.G. Krishnamurti once described us, and perhaps lived, along with other species, in some sort of primitive Garden of Eden.  Then something happened and a catastrophe occurred much as GH describes in his book, The Creation of The Gods: Sacrifice As The Origin Of Religion, the first humans would reacted as any animal would have to incomprehensible violence and destruction. Frightened almost literally out of their minds, what humans survived noted that the males had erect phalluses, people lost control of their bowl-movements, and people simply screamed at the destructive portents in the heavens.  Not having learnt to think, the survivors had no understanding of what happened to them.

In modern times animals generally tend to quickly forget fatal catastrophes, and humorously described as like having a 10 minute attention span of a goldfish in a bowl. The difference between humans and animals is that humans developed memories, and while everything seems to have a memory, only humans seem to have become enslaved by them.

The Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti pointed out that the very act of thinking is an escape from the here and now. While it is necessary to think, and it is this ability of the human to also abstain from instinctive behaviour according to Ludvig Von Mises, by choosing to act, to continuously think all the time is a habit no different to being addicted to physical drugs, or some obsessive physical behaviour.  Habituated thought expresses itself as religion or ideology, and when the habit becomes unconscious, then the human starts to dwell in the make-believe world of his imagination where imaginals seem more real than reality itself.  Such humans only see what they believe and they are very much in the majority divided into sects, cults, identities, religions, ideologies and what ever other identity that becomes invented by a mind fearful of not thinking.

And all because of some innate fear of the present submerged in our subconscious.

The act of thinking is the means by which we escape the here and now – since all thoughts are based on acquired memories, thinking then becomes the extrapolation of the past into the future, and the belief in utopianism is simply the intellectual equivalent of a “high” that demands continued stimulus.

So what is intelligence? It’s the ability to perceive the essential from the inessential, and not the possession of an elevated IQ.  Only psychologically disturbed minds fabricate things that don’t exist or events that never occurred. Such minds  believe in six impossible things before breakfast, or imagine that space is curved, and that time is physical, or that dividing by zero is real, and that the square root of -1 is also real. Such minds become obsessed with mathematics and the imaginal. Fully distracted by their intellectual habits, they no longer hear their primal signals from their disconnection from physical reality.

Such minds I term as religious, where belief transcends reality.  It matters a lot that one understands how we think, and our ignorance of this that seems to have led to the crisis we have today when the various utopians around the globe are slowly discovering that there are no free lunches, that wealth has to be continuously created by production, but who believe that the fabrication of money by printing and credit expansion can bring about wealth. (Apart from their slowly awakening realisation that they have run out of other peoples money). And of course the collective amnesia we all, to some or other degrees, have as a species.

The ones you don’t want to listen to are the utopians, whether offering you a free lunch in the present, or one in the hereafter, along with various virgins and other miracles.

For more perspectives study the writings of Jiddu Krishnamurti (JK) and U.G. Krishnamurti (UG) (no relation) about the nature of thought, its role in our lives. Another important source at the individual level is Arthur Janov’s work described in his book The Primal Scream; Janov’s work will lead to a better insight into GH’s work and how traumas become submerged into the collective subconscious memory. And of course Michael Talbot’s book “The Holographic Universe”, along with Eric Lerner’s book, The Big Bang Never Happened, and Amit Goswami’s “The Self Aware Universe” should help in avoiding a few intellectual pitfalls.

I think they way I do because I came across JK’s writings when I was a teenager. The crucial factor is to understand how we think, because the mess we are in as a humanity is a direct consequence of the results of our present-day thinking.

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The Fourth State Of Matter, Matters A Great Deal

Plasma physics is based on the fact that there are four states of physical matter, solid, liquid, gas and plasma, the last being ionised versions of the first three.

Gerry Pollack has identified a fourth phase of water, EZ water that is characterised by being electrically negative, and proton deficient, hence high pH values.  EZ water is formed by incident EM radiation at physical interfaces such as atmosphere-ocean, water-rock, etc.

No one thinks of this EZ water being plasma, which it surely is. Nor does anyone recognise the presence of atmospheric protons emitted by bulk water at the beginning of the day when sunlight impacts the Earth’s surface, energising the oceans by causing charge separation and the formation of massive horizontal electric fields that power the surface winds. Study the following presentation by Pollack.

Pollack has not factored in the possibility that the inrushing polar Birkeland currents are the primary drivers of the earth’s rotation, in conjunction with his EZ water mechanism.

If this weak water plasma is a normal state for the earth’s surface, then periodic surges in electric charge from external factors would cause more violent atmospheric disturbances and destruction.

Given the catastrophic nature of the Earth’s geological past, during which the major topographies were formed by the erosion effect of electric-arcs, that process would generate vast quantities of lithic plasma that would be swept over the Earth’s surface, including water whose fourth state is also plasma, and deposit large volumes of sediments intercalated with volcanogenic sediments from the associated volcanic eruptions such catastrophes would generate.  The strongly electrified clouds of eroded lithosphere, or rock, would also entrap any life forms in their way, and because such motion is totally within the domain of electromagnetic phenomena,  gravitational effects can be simply ignored, (as Pollack shows in the above YouTube presentation). Such massive clouds of eroded material would behave according to the principles of magneto hydrodynamics, and would most likely dump the larger excavated blocks in the oceans, while electric repulsion would keep the finer fractions suspended.  These electrified lithic slurries would for all intents and purposes be lithic-tsunamis, and hence the mechanism for the deposition of gravels and sands presently attributed to electrically neutral tsunamis.

One expects charge fractionation to occur during the process where finer particles become separated from the larger ones resulting in graded beds of sediment, or heterogeneous gravel deposits if the process was violent and rapid. In other words the process of electric-arc erosion via the principles of magneto hydrodynamics would have all the features attributable to hydraulic flow regimes and essentially indistinguishable from their non-plasma present day counterparts.


And this “plasma” event is not a cyclical one but perhaps a unique event given the fact that a linear progression of evolution seems to have occurred on the Earth and its biosphere.

Areas of the Earth’s crust that were marginally affected by the electric-arc machining by the Rainbow-Serpent should correlate with gross bulges in the geosphere, while areas more directly affected, where the old regolith has been completely stripped and exposed bare rock, would me correlated with gross depressions in the geosphere, it being essentially a pear shaped oblate spheroid.

Whether the oceanic basins were sculpted from a fixed volume of the Earth, or as part of a differentially expanding Earth, is not known at present.

One final point – Velikovsky pointed to the massively fossiliferous Siwilak Hills abutting the Himalayas in northern India.  I wonder if the sediments forming the Siwilak Hills were originally a massive laterally moving lithic plasma slurry that on ‘landing’ continued to move as a massive turbidity current pushing up the Himalayas? So it wasn’t India that collided into the Himalayas but only the appearance it did because of the unknown role of the Siwilak Hills sediments.

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Tsunamis & Deluges

There seems to be a fairly popular belief that tsunamis, or seismically initiated hydraulic waves, are capable of mass transport of sediment including enormous boulders, gravels, cobbles, sands and silts, as inferred from various sedimentary strata and unlithified accumulations of gravels etc.  But it’s another example of arguing the consequent, that because these deposits are sediments, ergo they were transported by water.

The problem with tsunamis is that they are not waves being continually driven by an oscillating force, but waves produced by a transient disturbance and as such run quickly out of motion on land fall.  The fact is that flowing water tends to flow over the bedrock and while picking up silt, these waves are not being driven as a hydraulic current, hence they might move impediments in the direction of the wave front, and cause much destruction to man-made constructions, they cannot however pick up gravels and similar material and then transport these suspended loads any significant distance.

What tsunamis lack is motive power to maintain horizontal motion. The problem is that on landfall the water goes in all directions and thins out in these directions, dropping anything it might have picked up at an early stage. Tsunamis are then unable to deposit large volumes of sediment.  The difficulty in explaining the vast deposits of sand, silt, gravel and clay is that these deposits are invariably accompanied with typical hydraulically produced structures such as current bedding, ripples, cross bedding, etc., all leading the observer to conclude that water was the agency which produced these sedimentary deposits. Not necessarily.

It’s a general observation that volcanoes are mechanisms for depositing volcanogenic sediments such as tuffs etc, often interbedded with lavas and what not. In contrast are flood basalts that, as the name implies, are the products of enormous volumes of lava being exuded via fractures laterally. Where did the other sediments come from?

It is important to realise that tuffs and other volcanogenic ejecta are essentially plasmas, ionised molten material or magma, and their physical motion described by the laws of electromagnetism. (EM).

It is generally believed that sandstone, comprised of sand-sized grains of quartz, is derived from the erosion of quartz bearing rocks, initially granitoids and gneisses. But these acidic rocks by chemical weathering don’t yield millions of grains of quartz and other resistant particulate products, but weather to clays with minimal quartz grains. Vein quartz does survive this chemical weathering process, as observation will testify.

As no present-day agency is known to move large volumes of disaggregated rock into topographic depressions to form sediments such as the King Leopold Sandstone in the Australian Kimberley region, we find ourselves lacking a key of the present day processes to explain these sediments.

It is my contention that these vast deposits of sand etc. often intercalated with volcanogenic sediments, are the result of catastrophic electro-machining of the Earth’s surface by persistent impacts of planetary scaled cosmic thunderbolts which, as the Australian Aboriginals assert, created the present-day landforms. Since these land forms involved the erosion of the bedrock, it seems likely that the exposed cratonic areas were stripped of their regolithic blanket by electro-machining producing vast quantities of ionised slurries of ‘sediment’s, sands , clays etc, which being subjected to the massive electric charge gradients at the Earth’s surface, would be continually deposited in electrically favourable depressions, either previously formed by the EM machining mechanism, or as topographic lows resulting from subterranean degassing. Horizontal charge separation would have more than enough motive power to transport billions of tons of sands, silts and clays.

But this scenario is anathema to the evolutionists and geological gradualists, since it invokes a modern external force that was previously identified with a biblical God, which itself was an abstraction invented after the original planets involved in the catastrophic electro-machining of the Earth’s surface as asserted by the Australian Aboriginals by their mythical Rainbow Serpent agent.

But the various geologically recent chevron deposits and similar gravel deposits are not the result of tsunamis, but of tsunami like slurries of water rich plasma that being powered by the enormous electrical charges associated with production of the plasma slurries from the eroded land surface. A bolide impact producing a tsunami can’t result in gravel deposits, but an equally catastrophic plasma impact period eroding the Earth’s surface and producing plasma slurries charged with water can produce these surface deposits.

More on this topic later on.



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Fossil Fuel – The Conundrum

I have given up asserting coal, petroleum and natural gas are fossil fuels. The target audience seems deaf or in this politically correct climate, hearing challenged.

These commodities are called fossil fuels because our culture, which is based on the Judeo-Christian world view, views biological life as a minor epiphenomenon of a created, inanimate Universe. Demographically some 4 billion individuals seem to believe this, whether Judaen, Christian or Muslim. These three great faiths are also monotheistic, and hence, intrinsically, totalitarian faiths.

The previous post on Gunnar Heinsohn’s (GH) lecture about the fake-history of the 1st Millennium CE, in which some 700 years of chronology were fabricated to explain the survivor’s understanding of their particular circumstances informed by the book of Revelations (of John), where the prophets of old foresaw a final battle after which utopia would exist at the end of 1000 years, showed that the Roman world was catastrophically terminated by a global event that included massive fires producing black or dark earth horizons in the stratigraphy, as well as producing the chernozem soils elsewhere.

I accept GH’s revision of the 1st Millennium as well as his earlier, just as controversial, revision of Pre-Christ Middle East history in which he concludes, for example, that the Sumerians never existed but were the alter-egos of the Chaldeans whom the Romans knew of, but who did not know of the Sumerians. The basis for GH’s revision is archaeological stratigraphy and it’s lack of physical evidence in the ground of many asserted ancient peoples.  The writings of the late Charles Ginenthal detail these revisions but not completely agreeing with GH’s revision; such is the practice of science.

The methodology is simple – no archaeological evidence for a people or civilisation in the soil profile, then those peoples didn’t exist. The presence of stratigraphical unconformities in any archaeological sequence will be of little help to the GH hypothesis.

It is quite obvious that the enforced adoption of Christian Communism (GH’s phrase) during the early Middle Ages, and later, was to allow humanity in the Old World to survive.  Other cultures around the globe didn’t and resorted to cannibalism and other extreme modes to survive.

GH has shown that this 1st Millennium Crisis also caused a wholesale loss of knowledge that we are only now starting to recognise, and it becomes clear why the biblical literalists believe what they do.

People could be divided into two basic groups, those who see what they believe, and their actions driven by whether phenomena fit or do not fit their preconceptions of the world; a function of what they have been taught. Such individuals are expert in recitation of authoritative texts and other literary sources.  They are driven essentially by their minds and thus egos and any freedom of thought specifically constrained by authority – you may think this but not that.

The other group, much smaller than the one above, only believe what they see. Such individuals are data driven, placing emphasis on objective, literal primary human observations.  This immediately leads to determining whether the biblical Old Testament was factually correct, or true, or as the Lyellians asserted, allegorical and thus literature.  In a sense the biblical fundamentalists were partially correct in assuming the Old Testament narratives were literally true but the hiatus in knowledge caused by the Roman Termination Event created an intellectual unconformity in the chronological stratigraphy.  Like Charlie Lyell, and the other British Charlie, Darwin, chronological and geological unconformities can hide all sorts of possibilities ones needs when fabricating history. The biological species Charlie, could not explain how one animal species led to another, and those missing species were thus put into the chronological hiatuses represented by geological unconformities.  Good courtroom rhetoric but bad science.

Lacking knowledge of the past as documented by their immediate ancestors who were killed off, or died shortly after the RTE, the survivors then used their own memories and hence language, to explain extant physical reality. Given that the descendants of the survivors were probably illiterate, as possibly were their parents, since any survivors of an urban environment would be those who knew how to fend for themselves, rather than their masters, re-establishment of social order occurred on the basis of Darwinian selection, (one idea that Charlie probably got right), that he who had the gold made the rules, or he who had the largest number of thugs also made the rules.  (The State is simply a euphemism for the current occupants of institutionalised thuggery and theft).

These ignorant survivors would thus need to explain things the common man observes.  While the Greeks seem to have recognised the origin of petroleum from rocks, the Christian view of specific creation was quite different as detailed in the book of Genesis. I should say the Jewish sources since in my view Christianity is the New Testament, and the Old Testament, Jewish lore.

This leads us to the linear model of creation, firstly of an inanimate Universe followed by a second creation of life.  Modern science, after placing this idea on the rack of political correctness, then fabricated its racked version of ideological conformity as Uniformitarianism, our present day societal paradigm. Specifically uniformity of thought limiting explanations to the processes only observed in the present, and ignoring any hiatuses of knowledge that occurred during the past.  The model explicitly depends on the idea of a beginning of time, when T=0; the absolute beginning that the Oriental mind is unfamiliar with, since its world view, derived from peoples who seem not to have suffered as much as the Romans, as subsequent invasions by Greeks under Alexander, or from Muslim hordes from the West, attest, seems more primal or original than their conquerors.

The present-day meme of Darwinian Evolution of the Earth’s biosphere is predicated by theological presumption, and thus an artefact.

It is not real.

And it is funny that an ideal about scarcity of a physical thing becomes a scarcity in the mindlessness of its proponents simply because they remain ignorant of their own past, the in-situ stratigraphy, and prefer instead the la-la land of their co-religionists.

Update: Oh, oil, coal, are products of the Earth’s mantle, and, as the late Tommy Gold realised, biogenic. To which I would add, from the get-go. But try convincing a member of a monotheistic faith of alternatives to his/her authorial sources. One against four billion? No, I don’t think so.

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1st Millennium Summary Of Chronology

Gunnar Heinsohn (GH) prepared a recorded video lecture for the Celestial Crisis Conference held in Toronro, 2016 :

Essentially 1st Millennium chronology has been inadvertently expanded by some 700 years by interpreting one global catastrophe as three separate events. This historical revision demolishes any retro-calculation of celestial motions and for that matter other dating techniques. In addition geology has also been subjected to the same fate of being racked or stretched beyond reasonableness by Lyell, Darwin and their supporters.

GH makes an interesting observation of the “Revelations of John”, one version published here.  Given that all ideas are essentially recollections of memories and thus intrinsically of the past makes John’s Revelation a potential eye-witness account of the 1st Millennium Crisis GH identified rather than a future forecast or prediction though it was probably edited to resemble a prophesy rather than an actual account.

GH has removed 700 years from the 1st Millennium and also shortened antiquity significantly as well, and the trick is to figure out how geology relates to this historical revisionism.  Suffice it to say that the Alpide/Pleistocene event terminated the Roman period as well as the Maya and other circum-Pacific civilisations. This is based on the stratigraphic evidence in the brown coal mining pits near Cologne, Germany described elsewhere.

This extreme shortening of geological chronology should not be taken as support for intelligent design or short biblical chronology let alone Lyellian long chronology deemed acceptable by the liberal creationists who prefer Darwinism and a Big Bang 14 billions of years ago.  The underlying assumption I take is monistic idealism, that the Universe and Life are inseparable and simply exist, have always existed, and will always exist.  Our historical perspectives are thus artefacts or interpretations.

So study GH’s lecture and realise then the origin(s) of our present day manic meme of CO2 induced climate catastrophism.  It’s the political left, those who only see what they believe, who have consistently fabricated physical reality as fake history then as they do now.  It is the mind set that believes its imaginations are real and physical reality a malleable individual narrative with no objective existence.  They are literally out of their minds.

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Climate Change Prophesies

I was reading a post by John Ray over on Greenie Watch in which he details a claim of over whelming evidence for climate change by the usual suspects.

Events in the future don’t generate evidence in the here and now, so what are they on about? Science isn’t about explaining the future but about explaining the present using existing knowledge.

Climate Change Belief is actually a prophesy of things that might happen in the future and its proselytisers are thus prophets or soothsayers. Scientists they are not, though they may seem to be from their use of scientese, a pseudo-language used by fake-science charlatans to give the appearance of seeming to be expert.

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The Third Grave Error

Newton’s third law of motion states:

When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.

If this were the case there would not be any motion since any increase in force (aka tendency to move another object) would automatically be resisted by the second body as defined in Newton’s 3rd Law. It would be more apt to call Newton’s 3rd law as the law of immotion.

I’ve always wondered how Newton, or anyone for that matter, arrived at this description of physical reality, for clearly he seems to be describing a state which is the opposite of his first two laws that are laws of motion.

At first sight one suspects Newton is describing inertia but this is illogical because once inertia is overcome motion ensues and the 3rd Law becomes irrelevant.

So I wonder if Newton was guilty of the logical fallacy of arguing the consequent, that static objects are not moving because one is stopping the other. Or that two bodies attracted to each other cease moving when they touch because of the 3rd Law.

It seems that if bodies move because of some innate attractive tendency in the volume of matter which forms a shape or body, and when this body moves towards and stops moving once contact is made with a second body possessing the same innate qualities of attraction, then this is because of the 3rd Law.

Which seems to be a refutation of the theory of gravitational accretion, in that once two bodies make contact with each other, no further motion become possible.

Update: And the bodies need not even be in contact if one reads the Law explicitly, merely that if gravity of one body exerts a force on a second body, then it will be equally resisted by the other body. I wonder if Newton understood what he was describing.

Update 1: Reading Wikipedia’s entry on this topic, it is stated that Newton’s Laws apply to point masses. These are non-physical objects and in fact are not physical objects at all but locations possessing a force attributable to mass.  Obi-wan’s Force is more believable.

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