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July 4 Thoughts

Freedom is terrifying to most people because it means that they and they alone, are responsible for the actions that they take. An independent person succeeds or fails on his or her own merit. Independence by its very nature means that the possibility of failure exists. It requires a sense of adventure, confidence, and the ability to fail and get right back up again, and it seems like these things are being bred right out of the American people.

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The Melvin Effect


Last night I did not sleep well, and woke up in an uncomfortable state that usually meant a dose of Isordil to lower the blood pressure. That happens when atmospheric disturbances occur in the area in which I live. There were strong winds, and when I got up I noticed it was also unusually warm outside with the wall thermometer reading 19 degrees Celsius when at this time of the year it should be at the 6 degree Celsius level.

The Thunderbolts website has excellent Space News You tube presentations of various plasma related topics, and I decided to watch the latest while the Isordil took effect. It is linked underneath.


It seems Melvin’s home planet, Mars, is again approaching perihelion wrt the Earth, and will affect the Earth via the linear alignment of the plasma spheres of the Sun, Earth and Mars, amongst other phenomena. The last time this occurred was 2001 CE. (watch the video).

As the focus of this Space News is Mars, the continued NASA mystification why a planet with such a tenuous and flimsy atmosphere can generate such enormous atmospheric effects continues to baffle them. As the electrical-plasma domain is ignored in mainstream planetary physics, NASA scientists seem to be at a loss to explain things,  Fred Hoyle would have known what the problem is – not thinking with enough ideas.

Given the overwhelming fact that persistent global dust storms occur on Mars, along with other massive electrical phenomena, (How about that movie about Mars starring Matt Damon), one starts to wonder whether many of the NASA people, and planetary scientists in general, know how to think? They most certainly do know what to think, and it is in this capacity that it is fair to conclude that most scientists have more in common with priestly castes announcing the latest “divine” opinions from priestly deliberations of the state of other worlds, than empirically driven scientists who start from the assumption of “I dunno”.

It’s useful to take on board the idea that the authors of the Old Testament were writing about forecasting planetary driven calumnies in the heavens affecting the earth.

As Yogi Berra realised, its difficult forecasting, especially the future.

A planet on a steady orbit around its sun shows the predictable phenomena of sunrise and sunset, so forecasting where/when it will next be on its orbit is basically priestly pomposity.  Astrophysical forecasting, like Isiah’s prophesies for example, are all about future planetary motions not discernible from present day observations.  So the Babylonian obsession with Mars suggests that Mars was not on a stable, and hence eminently predictable, orbit.  After all, no one today is anxiously waiting for the next sunset to appear, since the Earth orbit is, at present, stable: it’s a given. So too the moon’s oribit.

And the present day geological effects seem to be due to this Martian influence.

And perhaps the mob’s continued obsession with astrology has an element of scientific truth to it. That in the past the planets did materially affect things on Earth as recalled by the Old Testament authors, and forecasted by the New Testaments priests in their latest roles in the Climate Change Religion.

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Whirling Lava ?

Here’s an interesting video of whirling lava just after an earthquake. The standard explanation is that thermal uplift causes the rotational motion.  This is physically impossible and a nonesense. It’s fake science.

The whirling vortex is produced by a field aligned electric plasma current that also seems linked to a prior earthquake.

Thermal uplift has a vertical vector of movement. Cyclonic motion is caused by forces at 90 degrees to the vertical uplift. Only natural physical phenomena that does that are Birkeland electric currents.

If we assume the Earth to be a leaky electric capacitor, then the outrush of electricity via volcanoes to the ionosphere could be achieved by a reduction in the Earth’s driving currents from a reduction in solar output, which means the decrease in Z-Pinch forcing current.

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Diamonds and De Beers

Recently I was asked whether I could be interviewed about the global diamond industry  by an Australian reporter for some media organisation. I hummed and hah’d but suggested the reporter use messaging etc and I would respond. (The precise details won’t be mentioned here). I never heard back from the connections and I assume the reporter did the homework and discovered I was ex De Beers and hence a source of real and not fake news.

So I was mucking about with the TV and checking the digital sound output into the hi-fi which I knew from a previous setup created a delay in the audio with the video. I used ABC 24 News as the video source and lo, the ABC reported on De Beers entering the synthetic diamond jewelry market, and as usual the story is rather fanciful. I also learnt who the reporter is. A penny dropped.

The main complaint seemed to be that De Beers will be selling synthetic diamonds at cheap prices, say $400 for 1/2 carat stone, and $800 for 1 carat stone, and thus under cutting the existing sellers, having their lewd profits decreased

The greediest sector in the diamond jewelry business are the cutting houses and retail jewelers. These seem to be upset with De Beers.  This is par for the course for them. They have a long history of greed.

Diamond mining is no different to other mining operations. The diamonds get crushed in the mills, and if a large stone, say 150 carats, pops out, we hope it gets to the primary crusher so it can be broken into more saleable pieces. When a large stone does survive the milling process it is then taken out of production and a secret selling process is used to sell the diamond privately at a price known only to the buyer, the whole sale being secret. One problem with diamond mining is that gem quality stones are not that a big percentage of the mine output, and a lot of production is composed of low quality goods that still have to be sold. Except that the cutting houses are not interested in buying low quality goods, only the top class goods. Hence De Beers initiated a selling process where the low quality goods were mixed with top quality goods, and sold as a complete parcel, the price of which would be haggled over.

One must also remember that gold jewelry can be re-melted if a mistake is made. Diamond cutting and cleaving is another matter where a badly aligned cleave could result in the diamond being destroyed into thousands of small pieces, none of which can be reconstituted into a single crystal or stone. This is why diamonds sell for the prices they do.

The world’s inventory of natural diamonds is a diminishing commodity and very few new diamond deposits have been found during the last decade. Over a decade ago De Beers estimated that natural diamond inventory would be used up by 2018, assuming no new finds were made.  As Yogi Bera noted, it’s hard to make forecasts, especially of the future.

Natural diamonds demand high prices because they are extremely expensive to mine and extract. Most of the mining costs involve wages, administration costs, and dividend distributions to State Owners. Diamond mining also includes “leakage” where the best stones sometimes, magically, never get to the company sort houses but find their way off the mine by most innovative methods, sometimes in body orifices, or other magical processes. De Beers has no control over that sector but it does represent 20% of the global diamond market. We also see leakage in gold mines and similar precious metal and gem mining operations.  The urge to redistribute wealth remains a most powerful force. Strange that no one wants to acquire nickel, iron or bauxite from the respective mining operations.

It was inevitable that De Beers would move to synthetic diamond production and sell it at a commercially realistic price reflecting production costs.  Those in the retail sector who, from greed, maximise the selling prices of diamonds jewelry would be expected to complain, and I have no sympathy for them as they are among some of the greediest people on the planet.

And no one is forced to buy a diamond.

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Belief – certainty based in ignorance or, you only believe when you don’t know.

Or when the sheep are unhappy with the shepard.

Happens when one is ;lost in the mindscape formed by one’s beliefs while locked in The Matrix.

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Does It Matter ?

There’s a good internet website, Principia Scientific International, which challenges the mainstream scientific orthodoxy or group-think on climate change or global warming as it used to be called. I hadn’t read the site for over a year now but my attention was focussed on a blog post by John Ray in which Emeritus Prof. Fred Singer now believes CO2 cools the atmosphere.

That had to be a serious heads up event and the change in opinion is documented here.

I rejected global warming theory in 2006 when I realised the iconic hockey-stick graph plot was within the measurement marks of standard meteorological thermometers.  In any case I also learnt from astrophysicist Hilton Ratcliffe that CO2 pumped into horticultural greenhouses causes the ambient air temperature in the greenhouse to drop.  The greenhouse theory is a sham in any case because the theory was based on Carl Sagan’s use of the runaway greenhouse effect to counter Velikovsky’s deduction that Venus was hot because it was a recently formed planet.

What caught my attention was another article  “A New Theory Of Gravity” by Herb Rose.

The problems with the force of gravity are that it doesn’t work in a manner similar to any other forces and there isn’t enough observable mass to explain reality without creating dark matter.

If you have to create some invisible entity to make your theory right, your theory is wrong. The law of gravity should have been discarded when the concept of energy and the conservation of energy was established. Instead potential energy was invented and various completely irrational excuses were invented to try and maintain the law.

A mass cannot produce both one hundred percent of the force and zero percent of the force in order to make things work.

The premise for the new theory to explain gravity is that energy is not a property of an object but a thing. It is one of the fundamental building blocks of the universe. Energy and matter combine to form the objects that make up the universe. Matter gives an object substance while energy gives it structure. The matter of an object radiates electrical fields while the energy radiates an energy field which we call the magnetic field. A neutron molecule is a hydrogen atom without energy. It has electrical fields but no energy field.

Just what is energy and matter? Is energy a physical thing? Or is it a concept, and imaginal? And what is matter ?  And no mention at all about electricty or charged particles per se, let alone the electric field.

Reminds me of only having one tool in the tool-box. I wonder if the energy field is actually the solar electric field without calling it as such.

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