Quantum Queries

One of the persistent problems in science is the reconciliation of Newtonian objective mechanics and quantum mechanics; quantum mechanics’ domain is the atomic one.

Physical objects are independent 3-D shapes whose existence is independent of the observer.  Newton’s laws describe the motion of these objects with other objects. Newton’s equations, or laws, work and are not questioned here.

However objects are imagined to be fabricated from atomic particles; particles are not objects but imaginals.

Those particles are not objects in the Newtonian sense and his laws are thus not applicable to describing their imagined motion, if any.

No one can handle an isolated proton, electron or neutron: they are all imaginary constructs and under no circumstances an object in the Newtonian sense.

But we imagine they are objects and thus assign properties to them that are subsequently learned to be inexplicable.

It’s because of the way we think.

Einstein fabricated relativity because all his efforts were confined to the imaginal world in which he lived; he was totally in thrall of his imagination, but unlike the Red Queen, imagined a bit more than six impossible things before breakfast.

He imagined that Time was a physical thing; it’s not, and it strictly an imagined abstraction. Time is not physical. Time is simply based on the observation of a repetitive physical phenomena such as an orbiting satellite around a star or planet. Or one could look at an analog clock and wonder when it started ticking.

The problems of Quantum mechanics arise because we ignorantly extrapolate the physics of objects to the microscopic domain in which objects do not exist; Newton’s laws are not applicable at that level, and thus those “imaginals” have no shape, mass nor independent objective existences.

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Hawaii Geothermal Energy Problem


Screen Shot 2017 02 26 at 5 12 47 pm

The photo above is a spectacular image of the continuing lava flow at the Kilauea Volcano (more here) and the question what is powering this massive production of basaltic lava remain problematical.

The mainstream view is that radiogenic heat in the upper mantle etc., causes partial melting that erupts as observed in the photo above. This radiogenic heat is interpreted as a mantle hotspot, though no one is able to explain why some parts of the mantle are richer in radiogenic elements, causing the hotspot, than other parts of the mantle that are not so hot.

One of the problems with the standard radiogenic thermal model is that radiogenic decay is constant and always decreasing at a measured rate defined as the half-life. There’s another problem with the radiogenic heat model.  If the partial melting is indeed being caused by radiogenic heat, then the molten mantle should also be radioactive and the outpouring basalt observed above, should be also highly radioactive. After all, that’s the only source of heat available to the standard model. Yet chemically basalts are not radioactive, and it’s obvious the photographer above is not concerned about radiation.

So where is the energy coming from? Where is the energy stored? How is it stored, if being stored is real in the first place.

Matter that is highly compressed under enormous pressures exists as a solid phase. It’s state changes if a pressure reduction occurs, and it liquefies.

On the other hand magma is plasma, and matter can become molten into plasma if subjected to an intense energy input such as observed in electric-arc blast furnaces.

So perhaps there is a massive electric current flowing between the ionosphere and Mt Kilauea.

Perhaps we should watch Dr. Kongpop’s U’yen’s presentation again for extra clues.

One thing is sure – the heat is not being produced by a mantle Fukashima source.

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Global Warming, Again

The late Carl Sagan was very involved in the Velikovsky Affair, and wrote the following:

Sagan and Velikovsky

Yet to the present day mainstream science continues to repeat the fallacy that CO2 is a greenhouse gas; it isn’t.

So Dr. Kongpong U-yen’s 2016 EU presentation (see below) on Forecasting natural disasters  using elements of space weather, or plasma physics, shows that CO2 has nothing whatsoever to do with the weather and the scientific artefact of climate.

So why do governments and the various scientific organisations continue carping about burning hydrocarbons causing an imminent climate catastrophe, or are they using that fear of catastrophe to plan a different policy?

It reduces to an embedded memory the human race has of the catastrophic geological past as outlined and detailed by the Planet Amnesia site.

And the catastrophic past might be closer, in an historical sense, that any of us realise, because it is becoming clear that geological history, itself deduced from human history fabricated by religion, may not be what we believe it to be. It means that our ancestors were as adept at faking history as our mainstream media organisations fake the news, and hence history, of today.

Fake news and by extension history, is the outcome of excited brains stimulated by fear via the mediation of thinking.  The more deeply mesmerised individuals are with their thinking habits, the more absurd their fake news and histories become, where miracles become the norm.

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Unthinking Lefty’s

Here’s a minor extract of a debate between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders when a lady owning a hairdressing business asked how was she going to afford Obamacare if here payroll number reaches 50 people? Lower wages, or raise prices? Sanders never answered her question not because he wouldn’t, but because he couldn’t. It was beyond his pay-grade.

Here was a real-world example of Obamacare’s impact. By compelling companies with 50 or more workers to offer health insurance to everyone they employ, the law creates a powerful disincentive for business owners to expand beyond 49 employees. A business owner like Hunter faces an impossible dilemma: Either give up on growing her enterprise, or try to make ends meet by charging customers more and paying workers less.

The onerous employer mandate is one of the Affordable Care Act’s worst defects. The Obama administration repeatedly delayed its effective date; Republicans want it repealed altogether. Sanders must know that Hunter’s predicament is not uncommon, and the CNN debate gave him the chance to explain how Democrats propose to address it. But his explanation amounted to: Tough.

“Let me give you an answer you will not be happy with,” Sanders said. “I think that for businesses that employ 50 people or more, given the nature of our dysfunctional health care system right now, where most people do get their health insurance through the places that they work, I’m sorry, I think that in America today, everybody should have health care. And if you have more than 50 people, you know what? I’m afraid to tell you, but I think you will have to provide health insurance.”

Hunter tried again: “How do I do that without raising my prices to my customers or lowering wages to my employees?” Sanders: “I certainly don’t know about hair salons in Fort Worth. But I do believe, to be honest with you, that if you have more than 50 people, yes, you should be providing health insurance.” (Source) (H/T JJRay).

Socialists like Bernie Sanders simply do not understand economics. Period. Why? Because they have been trained what to think, not how to think.  State eduction, and that includes religious education, since religion is the old way of doing politics, now replaced by a secular authority, the State, is primarily concerned with ensuring people know what to think; political correctness in other words.

Being trained what to think means that most people behave as animals, reacting to instinct, and simply talking in non sequiturs. Don’t believe me? Just listen to a lefty vocalising their latest triggered state of existence. They usually utter a stream of non-sequiturs, just as Bernie did with his response to her question. Did Bernie do it on purpose? No, he simply does not get it; the question went into one ear and out of the other, accelerating to light-speed during the period of cranial passage.

Lefty’s don’t seem to understand how to think, and those that do seem to end up having psychological issues.

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Optical Luminescence Dating

It is very difficult assigning a date to a sedimentary rock, especially ones of recent origin. One modern technique is Optical Stimulated Luminescence where doses of ionising radiation are measured in quartz grains and estimates made when those grains were last subjected to sunlight. The geology department of Utah State University explains it concisely:

Optically-Stimulated Luminescence is a late Quaternary dating technique used to date the last time quartz sediment was exposed to light. As sediment is transported by wind, water, or ice, it is exposed to sunlight and zeroed of any previous luminescence signal. Once this sediment is deposited and subsequently buried, it is removed from light and is exposed to low levels of natural radiation in the surrounding sediment. Through geologic time, quartz minerals accumulate a luminescence signal as ionizing radiation excites electrons within parent nuclei in the crystal lattice. A certain percent of the freed electrons become trapped in defects or holes in the crystal lattice of the quartz sand grain (referred to as luminescent centers) and accumulate over time (Aitken, 1998). (Source).

The source of the ionising radiation is the crucial factor, as well as the mechanism of forming the individual quartz (and feldspar) grains.

The concept ‘geologic time’ is vague and imprecise, invariably meaning a very long time, especially if the inferred source of ionising radiation is at the trace levels. However a logical fallacy seems to be operating in this model, that of our old friend of arguing the consequent.  That the quartz grains emit light when stimulated in the laboratory is not being questioned, but rather how these grains acquired the property in the first place.

It is almost a geological axiom that quartz grains found in sediments are the result of a prolonged attritional process of transportation either in hydraulic flow regimes, creeks, rivers etc or via the process of saltation as air-borne particles in a sand-dune climate and environment.  The mechanism implies small bits of quartz being abraded off the larger crystals as these larger grains are transported over long distances.  Given that such a mechanical process winnows out any unstable ir less durable particles, then the ultimate resting place or deposit, will be essentially monomineralic, and comprised of the more resistant mineral phases.  Radiogenic nuclides are not generally known to be deposited in such environments since by definition such nuclides are unstable and not able to survive long periods of abrasive transport.

But the luminescence is real and is the result of irradiation. Lacking any alternative evidence, mainstream archaeology and geology assume the irradiating sources have to be present in the source rocks in which the tested grains are sampled from. But this is simply a logical fallacy.

It is more likely that the irradiation of the quartz grains is achieved by a different process. In this process quartz sands are the result of prolonged EM machining, in the electric plasma domain, of in-situ deep regolith material from which innumerable micro Z-pinches form quartz grains of varying size and chemical composition, obviously in trace amounts.  Plasma Z-pinches are sources of intense radiation so that quartz grains would reflect this provenance of formation.

Plasma Z-pinches are extremely powerful forces compressing matter into, initially, unstable high density phases that when freed from the Z-Pinch mechanism will then exist as radioactive, and hence unstable, nuclides that then start to transform, slowly, and dependent on the ambient electric field in which they exist, to more stable, less radioactive phases.

The standard model of OSL is based on geological gradualism in which sediments are slowly accumulated over geological time as part of the geological cycle. This model relies on radiogenic phases being deposited synchronously with the quartz grains in the sediment. That most sandstones and shales are not radioactive, is not, it seems, a problem for the mainstream idea of OSL.

The model presented here is that OSL is real but produced by the rapid deposition of detrital material formed by the operation of plasma Z-pinches during a catastrophic climate event in which the Earth’s surface was eroded, transformed into crystalline quartz, and rapidly deposited.  The measured luminescence does not come from prolonged burial as a secondary diagenetic process. but as a remnant of a primary process that formed the quartz grains in the first place.

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Sheldrake on Electric Universe Theory

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Electrons are Vortices in the Aether ?

One of the mysteries of the solar wind is how protons AND electrons travel in the same direction in the electric field.

In the model of the atom we have a nucleus, the proton, and a cloud (how one electron can form a cloud is mysterious) of electron(s).

In an electric field protons go to the cathode, and electrons to the anode. In the laboratory cathode ray tube model.

In space this does not happen.

So maybe we assume the aether and as protons spin, could it be that electrons are actually vortices formed by the proton spinning in the aether?

Then protons whizzing out of the Sun would be dragging their associated electrons with them.


Apologies if I think too much.

Update: Nothing new under the sun – it’s called the wave theory of matter.

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