I have friends, or more truthfully acquaintances, who are members of one of the Christian evangelical sects who live from messianic arrival to the next messianic arrival, all the time praying that next time it will happen and they will be lifted up to heaven.

An odd image for sure but its provenance has to have some basis in history and mankind’s memory, or subconscious memory if we wish to be Jungian.  The three religions that have this belief are the Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and all three appeared out of the mists of time during the 1st millennium.  Which leads to the idea that the messianic or ending times meme originated during that period as some physical event.

Given the role of the Comet of Justinian in the destruction of the Roman Empire, in terms of the Heinsohn Event or phantom 700 years, it occurs to me that a simpler explanation is possible.

If Justinian’s Comet (JC) was a destructive cosmic interloper that interacted with the Earth electromagnetically via the magnetospheres and plasmaspheres, causing global havoc killing of much of the biosphere including humans, then the possibility of a large bright orb in heavens causing people to be uplifted to heaven, the rapture, could be explained by a sudden, enormous increase in electric charge potential between JC and the Earth.

Is it coincidence that the faithful always look to the heavens (or sky) to view their god? And could it be a deep seated racial memory of earlier times when a destructive cosmic interloper disrupted the Earth’s ionosphere causing a short term electrical crisis that caused people to suddenly be carried aloft which any survivors interpreted as being carried to heaven?

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Deja Vu

Every so often I see something I know is novel and which I could not possibly have seen before, as something familiar and one of those “I’ve seen this before” moments.  This occurred last week when I received some DVD’s of the popular British Midsomer Murders detective TV series, and was watching an episode from series 19,  initially with dismay that I had purchased a DVD I did not need to purchase.

Knowing I could not possibly have watched it as I don’t watch TV at all, (but have one simply play back DVD’s etc.), I watched the episode, and wondered why it was so familiar – the experience of Deja Vu as it’s known. It’s also the experience of ‘I’ve been here before’ moment that some have.

This experience is inexplicable in terms of the mainstream standard model our culture believes, that of consciousness being an epiphenomenon of the brain.  As facts are facts, it is always the theory or belief system that has to be faulty rather than the physical facts. How can the experience of Deja Vu be explained?

By assuming life as one unified existence comprised of uncountable individual 3D phenomena all linked together at the quantum level but experienced as individual objects in 3D physical reality. While we are separate individuals in our 3-D existence, deeper down at the subconscious or quantum level we are all interconnected as one whole, and the experience of Deja Vu then becomes a fleeting common memory of some other individual watching the TV show but which I accidentally experienced since the other and I, at this fundamental level, are the one and same.

Think of individuals as isolated radio transceivers tuned to a specific frequency that forms our reality. Occasionally individuals stray off frequency and experience things that seem impossible. Or in Carver Mead’s case waking up at 1am with a solution to some scientific problem that literally came out of nowhere.

This subconscious quantum world could be called the spirit world that is continuously forming physical reality and is the life force that animates individuals and all things. It cannot be separated from the physical world and many believe it can but this is actually a sophisticated belief invented by the human brain via the process of thinking.  Life could also be understood as a flowing river in which vortices appear, dwell and then disappear back into the moving water. You could view a human birth in a similar manner, but most of us don’t and prefer to believe the pseudo-reality imagined by our brains, similar to the matrix as portrayed in the cinema movie of the same title;  that we are unique permanent creations destined for either heaven or hell in the after life.

Thinking itself, while necessary, becomes all consuming when it becomes an unconscious habit. Those totally enthralled by their mantras, prayers and rituals, acting only within the limits imposed by their authority via their beliefs, are the religious, enslaved by the beliefs that are imbedded or fossilised into their brains by the process of constant repetitious thinking as an unconscious habit from education and inculcation.  Here the brain is a physical mechanical object that is easily trained and mesmerised into one or other beliefs by persistent repetition of ideas and thoughts via education and religious instruction.

The religious also believe in an after life and behave accordingly, treating physical reality as a mere waystation on the way to spiritual utopia, paradise or heaven. So they don’t care much about the here and now since they will have salvation in the after life. This belief dominates the Occidental or Western world, and is represented by the proselytising faith of Communism with its various sects of religions including the Abrahamic faiths and socialism. Some believe in utopia in the after life, others in the here and now and they are all essentially religious, and hence of fossilised brains.

It’s when you stop thinking that you might hear that which is drowned out by the noise of that thinking.  And searching for it won’t uncover it since we are using the very process of thinking itself to be free of. As one Indian guru pointed out, it comes to you, you not to it. And if your brain is distracted by the noise of its own thinking, then it won’t hear anything. It is the process of dealing with the duality of observer and observed created by the process of thinking that needs to be understood, and thinking about it won’t solve it. If thinking is a means of distracting the brain from reality, then not thinking might reveal what? That’s something no one can describe for you, and which no religion can supply you, since all religions are the products of the problem one has to be free of.

The promise of a utopia tomorrow.

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Geological Modeling

One of the more interesting activities retired geologists spend time on is figuring out geological history.  There seem to be two approaches, the first starting from the present and working backwards along the chronological path and the second by starting from the…beginning ?????????????

I start from the present and work backwards to figure out what went on in the past.  This approach may not be the norm and perhaps an outlier. Some say an extreme outlier.

Others start from the end of the chronological string and if religious start with nothing and then propose various ways nothing transforms into something.  The university at which one gains proficiency in this methodology is located in the upper levels of The Matrix. A good supply of blue pills is needed for the undergraduate in order to survive the ordeals of Matrix Academia.  Even humanists believe in the astronomical Big Bang belief, so there’s an awful lot of people who think back-to-front in the Matrix. I know. Been there, done that.

So any geological model of the Earth’s evolution starts with what assumptions?

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Fabrication of History

Life at the farm has returned to normal and one startling observation made was the ease with which progressives or lefties, collectivists, etc, fabricate “history”.  I personally experienced it this Christmas when, in total absence of any evidence, a looneyport insisted some conclusion fabricated from whole cloth was actually true.  It wasn’t and there was also no diplomatic retreat either from the looneyport’s position. In fact there was a total lack of awareness on the looneyport’s part that anything that was stated was false.

These are of the eyebrows raised type of experiences for it leads to the, not wholly unreasonable, suspicion that much of history that the academic looneyports write might also be partially made from whole cloth.

This situation is not new either since the global media itself is often dominated by the phenomenon of “fake news”. And academically this has been demonstrated by the book trilogy “The Fabrication of Aboriginal History” by Keith Windschuttle.

This leads to the disquieting observation that if the political left, or religious if we want to be catholic about it, are so disposed to fabricating reality and thus history, how much credence can anyone assume for any historical narrative? Only if the narrative has a physical counterpart in the archaeological or geological stratigraphy; aka the Heinsohn Method.

So when a reader comments on Tim Cullen’s Malagabay website and links to a map produced during the 15th century CE showing a vastly different topography for Europe than what is assumed today, I have to stop and review the evidence.

What evidence is there that the Little Ice Age (LIA) was not little but a lot larger?

  • The LIA was associated with Ted Bryant’s “tsunami” deposits around Australia.
  • The LIA was associated with the extinction of the New Zealand Moa

Why did British Admiralty send Captain James Cook on a task of observing the transit of Venus during the 18th century CE?

If the LIA was such a horrible event, why did it coincide with the Renaissance in Europe? Or was the narrative of that period of renewal fabricated as well?

And what type of mind is it that believes its fabrication from whole cloth is real?

Put less diplomatically, why do the religious or faithful assume they are so, dogmatically, right?

I’ve always had the nagging impression many Australian aboriginal narratives were describing the immediate past and now seem linked to the Little Ice Age. Which suggests the present day topography was only recently formed during the LIA.

More on this to follow but do read Jef Demolder’s intriguing information. His website is not in English, by the way,

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Snap Frozen Heffalumps

The Martin Armstrong Economics site has yet again focussed on the problem of explaining snap freezing wooly mammoths and mastodons that retain their last meal(s) in their stomachs.  To the mainstream it remains a mystery.

Credit Armstrong Economics: (presumably some artistic licence is used here – LH)

To readers of this blog not so much so.

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Years ago when I came across a book “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot, followed on by Eric Lerner’s book “The Big Bang Never Happened” and Amit Goswami’s “The Self-Aware Universe”, circa 1993 CE, I attempted to understand it by using a virtual reality model using a computer.

The model was simplicity itself. A stick person was computed standing alone in space that was rendered as a black background.  One has to stand on something, so a 2D surface was created that extended to infinity in all directions; a virtual flat earth perhaps. Converting the 2D plane to a 3D sphere solved the illegality of infinity and that created a new problem. If the stickman was standing on a 3D spherical surface and was peering out into the black sky or heavens, what was he looking at?


How was this space created?

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Religious versus Scientific Thinking

Stated simply religious thinking always questions the data and never the theory.

Conversely scientific thinking questions the theory and not the data.

Religious minds are thus invariably dogmatic and totalitarian, depending on the nature of the religious authority, be it theological or ideological.

It is the difference being enslaved to a belief system, or being free.

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